Camanche, Iowa Private Home – June 23, 2018

Temperature was 73 degrees with a mostly cloudy sky upon arrival.

MVP was contacted by a concerned homeowner about various unexplained activity going on in her and her boyfriend’s home. Some of the claimed activity included:

• Loud thuds that shake the whole house that happens often in the 10-11pm hour (many times at 10:47pm) with no explanation.
• Watched as shower items pushed off of lower shower shelf
• Remote for TV moved from loveseat armrest mid-air, moved out horizontally 3 feet mid-air, then dropped to the floor
• Front door creaked shut slowly, then slammed extremely forcefully, shaking the house
• Light hanging about the entrance would swing around with no apparent cause
• Entryway light swaying without any explanation
• Left phone in hallway to record during one night of activity, caught an EVP of a voice saying “Ring, ring, ring” without any TV or radio on.

A team consisting of Becky, Bryce, Diana, Amanda, Tony, and Ashley arrived at the house at 7PM to conduct a full investigation of the property to provide answers the homeowners. An interview and tour were conducted, and the team was able to listen to the EVP captured by the homeowner, and we can confirm that it does sound like a voice saying “ring, ring, ring.” After the homeowners left the premises, Bryce conducted a room-by-room temperature and EMF sweep, noting no unusual readings or spikes.

The investigation commenced around 8PM and several pieces of equipment were employed, including multiple voice recorders, cell sensors, and three K2 meters. There were several attempts to debunk many of the claims, but we were unable to do so. There was a lot of unusual activity with the K2’s as all of them were spiking all night long. We ruled out our cellphones as these are known to interfere with the K2’s. However, the K2’s were not spiking in predictable patterns and we were unable to discover the source.

We waited until the claimed 10:47PM to see if we could experience the house-shaking thud, but unfortunately, the sound did not occur. Following this, the house was quiet until the investigation was called around 11:20PM.

The following personal experiences were noted by the investigators:

Bryce – Heard some strange sounds in the basement, including what sounded like a scream that I captured on audio; can’t fully explain it, but can’t say it’s paranormal either. Caught a couple other unusual sounds in the basement but beyond that, it was a pretty quiet, uneventful night.

Becky – Only thing was I witnessed the unusual K2 activity, but had to leave the investigation early.

Tony – I witnessed the K2 activity, but also heard was sounded like a breath or exhale very close to me in the basement, which was also heard by Ashley but was not captured. Also had a chill on my back that was confirmed by an infrared thermometer.

Amanda – Throughout the evening we did try to debunk several of the claims of the family of different activity reported. I attempted jumping on the landing by the stairs to see if it would move the hanging pendent light above the entry way that the family has reported they have seen swinging. We also tried slamming the front door (which we were not able to actually slam shut because the door fit is tight) and this did not replicate the swinging. We were able to easily hear voices of neighbors outside of the home during our visit but I did not hear any of this on my own audio recordings.
We had numerous instances of K-2 meter activity. When one meter was set on the counter/ledge in the kitchen, several different times the meter did light up. The same thing happened when the meter was set by the table lamp in the living room corner. There were also several spots on the floor in the living room where K-2 activity was noted. It was not consistent and difficult to replicate. It didn’t necessarily seem like any kind of intelligent response but I also could not duplicate the circumstances to get the same result.
While in the basement I did hear a breath several times but did not have my personal audio recorder with me. I also did think I heard a voice several times while in the basement.

Ashley – No real experiences, except for seeing the K2 meters going off and hearing the breath in the basement with Tony.

Diana – I also didn’t experience anything out of the ordinary except for seeing the K2 meter going crazy.

Evidence Caught

9:46PM – Faint sound in the basement. The sound is barely audible, and may not be anything paranormal.

9:52PM – Basement scream. This was heard by Bryce in the basement, and subsequently caught on audio. Though it could possibly be audio matrixing since someone was walking around upstairs when it was caught, the sound seemed out of place.

“Nope” – caught on Becky’s recorder, a distinct answer to her question.

Evidence review revealed only a few things that were not fully explainable. Based on our experiences and the evidence caught, we cannot definitively say either way if paranormal activity is occurring in the home. We will be keeping in contact with the homeowners and will reinvestigate should the need arise. This case will remain open.

Upcoming opportunities

I am currently working on setting up a presentation locally! As soon as we have more information, I will be promoting this event! It will be fun to once again present our group to others.

A local investigation is scheduled for this month! I’m hoping to secure permission to put a report on our website, once it is concluded and results given to the homeowner.

If anyone is interested in MVP conducting a free presentation or paranormal investigation, please contact Becky Reid or Bryce Carlson for information or answers to your questions. We strive to inform others about the paranormal.

We want to help you!

MVP is actively looking for places to investigate and help give answers to what may occurring.

Our investigations are always FREE and we attempt to make them as convenient as possible for the home or building owners.

A typical investigation takes place on a Saturday night and we investigate a minimum of 3 hours at the location. Prior to the investigation we will conduct an interview and walk thru.

We strive to review all evidence and present a report to the client within a 2 week period. If a location is very active, we are glad to come back and conduct an additional investigation.

Contact us and we will return your email in a timely manner!

Steele Mansion Hartville MO November 18th 2017

By Sally Jacobs December 13, 2017

Background and Reported Activity

The Steele Mansion sits on a bluff overlooking Hartville Missouri. The property is rich in history and with local legends surrounding this mysterious masterpiece investigator Sally Jacobs reached out to the owner Arita Bohannan with curiosity as to the paranormal activity in the home.

In 1863 the property served as the headquarters for the confederacy during the Civil War. The Battle of Hartville was fought on the front lawn of the Steele Mansion and resulted in more than 100 deaths. The house was built in 1890 in the shape of a crucifix. There have been several deaths in the house in the downstairs bedroom and gentlemen’s parlor.

Reports of paranormal activity include orbs in photographs, people have heard the voice of a young child, and the water in the master bath turns on by itself.


The temperature upon arrival was 44 degrees with winds blowing between 13-22 mph. The moon phase was new moon.


MVP arrived at a local restaurant at 5PM with members Terry Enright, Tony Caudill, Sally Jacobs, Lisa C. and Rhonda G. in attendance. We had a meeting about the history of the location and the activity that has been experienced at the location. After a tour of the home the investigation commenced around 7:30 PM.

Equipment Setup

The Command Center was set up in the lady’s parlor, with Terry doing data entry and time keeping. In the building there were 5 audio recorders, 2 e.m.f. detectors, Geiger counter, 2-night vision camcorders, and a GoPro camera.

Experiments Performed

Era specific music was played and a q & a session with a Geiger counter was performed.

Personal Experiences

In the Blue Room both Tony and Terry heard what sounded like conversations coming from outside. Another investigator went to verify there was no one in the vicinity. Lisa saw what appeared to be a small shadow walking to house from outside, she assumed it was a child who was staying at the house. It was verified that owners had not yet returned but the outdoor motion light had been triggered. Sally and Terry both noted seeing a small fast shadow moving in multiple locations.

Evidence Collected

Audio clips captured on 5 different recording devices of voices not belonging to any investigators including that of a young girl. It was also noted that interesting sounds of deep bass were captured, not from any outside source. A clip of a possible cat was recorded as well, no cats were on the premises.  Video clip of Geiger counter experiment was sent to an electrical engineer who verified that the counter would not react in that manner under ordinary circumstances.


MVP was very excited to have the opportunity to investigate a house with so much interesting history. It was a pleasure to meet the family who had put so much heart into restoring this gem in the community. We believe there are peaceful spirits that still call Steele Mansion home. We would love to have the opportunity to investigate this house again.


We are planning a second investigation at Steele Mansion after the first of the year. SteeleMansion1 SteeleMansion1-2 SteeleMansion1-3

Ridge Crest Hotel West Plains MO Investigation November 25th, 2017


By Sally Jacobs December 6th, 2017

Background and Reported Activity

An employee of the hotel contacted MVP through Facebook. She explained some of the activity and gave the property owners contact information to MVP. Sally called the owner Toni Wineinger and she stated that employees had experienced disembodied voices and items falling in the kitchen. There was reports of creepy feelings in the hallway by the kitchen, the storage room, women’s restroom, and the lounge which is currently close to the public. There seems to be an overwhelming fear as the owners have had multiple employees quit from the activity that has been happening. Owner Toni has also stated another paranormal team had investigated and found the place to be haunted.


The temperature upon arrival was 28 degrees with 8 mph winds. The moon phase was first quarter moon.


MVP arrived at Ridge Crest Hotel at 6PM with members Sally Jacobs, Lisa C, and Rhonda G in attendance. The owner Toni had arranged meeting with another paranormal group that had previously investigated the location. This group claimed to have been scratched, caught EVP’s with derogatory name calling, equipment failure, battery drain, spirit box communication, smells of sulfur and perfume, hearing growls, orb activity, and a sense that a negative entity was present. They also felt that there was a protective female spirit on the premises.

We also met with two if the hotel employees including kitchen staff and a maintenance man who had experienced disembodied voices, knocking on the wall near them, and hearing growls.

The investigation commenced at 7:24 PM.

Equipment Setup

The Command Center was set up in the dining room, with Lisa doing data entry and time keeping. In the building there were 3 audio recorders, 1 e.m.f. detector, 1 Geiger counter, photography equipment, a camcorder, gopro action camera, and 2 IR night vision cameras.

Experiments Performed

Music of a specific genre, and era were played. Evp sessions were performed using e.m.f. detector and Geiger counter.

Personal Experiences


While in the storage room Rhonda, Lisa, and Sally heard a very loud crashing sound. Upon investigation we found that several large roasting pan lids had fallen from the counter in the kitchen on to the floor. We also notice the furnace had kicked on and was blowing rather aggressively as Lisa stated it was blowing her hair. We collectively agreed the movement of the air combined with the way the pans were stacked could have caused them to fall.

Evidence Collected

Audio clips captured on three different recording devices of voices not belonging to any investigators. All photography equipment failed, photos were not recovered. 2 IR night vision cameras did not record anything. This equipment was new and had not been field tested. Investigators did experience battery drain.


MVP would like to investigate the location again. We have several e.v.p’s that are interesting, including an unheard voice calling our investigators “idiots”. With the equipment failure we experienced it would be imperative to duplicate that experience to rule out human error.

After the investigation Toni contacted MVP again to report a cereal container had flew off the refrigerator in a horizonal direction and landed about 4 feet away, a food cart had rolled up hill, and several plastic bread containers had popped their lids at the same time. Toni stated she was going to put out an audio recorder for MVP to review.

This investigation is still ongoing.




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