Amanda Peters

  Amanda Peters

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My interest in the paranormal began when I was pretty young. It started as a fascination with UFOs and aliens and bloomed into interest in ghosts, urban legends, unexplained stories, and all sorts of other mysteries. I became interested in investigating these things in 1999 when I spent some time in a local apartment complex which has long been rumored to have paranormal activity. In 2004, when the TV show “Ghost Hunters” hit the air, I realized that there were people out there who shared my interest in researching and unveiling the truth behind paranormal activity. MVP member and co-founder Becky Reid and I spent some time doing a few impromptu investigations in places that interested us because of a history of claims of activity and the results were amazing. It was enough to spark the interest for Becky to help form this group. While I became too busy with nursing school to participate in investigations anymore, my interest never waned. When the opportunity finally came again for me to be able to investigate with MVP, I jumped at the chance. I look forward to putting my “people skills” to work in future investigations and helping assist folks with claims of paranormal activity in their homes and businesses.

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