Terry Enright

Terry Enright

Research and Development

[email protected]

I've been interested in the paranormal since I was about 5 years old.
 U.F.O.s, ghosts, even big foot sightings.  If someone reported seeing it,
I wanted to figure it out.  I think I watched every show I could, growing up,
such as The Other Side, Sightings, and Unsolved Mysteries.  As I grew up, I
left the Yeti, and Nessies behind but still kept the strong UFO and ghost
I became very good friends with Stephanie, from the group, and even went to
the initial start-up meeting.  I was in a band that played every weekend so
this couldn't work.  Now, I'm not so tied down and ready to go.  I hope to
someday get this down to a science; for now, I'm still learning.

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