Skellington Manor Investigation

On January 30, 2010, at 6:30 pm MVP was given the chance to perform an investigation at Skellington Manor, the former Masonic Temple in Rock Island, IL.

We met with Kimmy a friend of Mike and Penni Steen, whom are owners of Skellington Manor. Kim took members of the team through the building and showed them the different floors and told of reports of activity. Members split up into 2 teams. Team 1 was Diana, Jordan, and Becky and team 2 was Bob, Steve, and Stephanie. Team 1 stayed on the main floor while team 2 went to the 4th floor. Throughout the night, teams alternated floors and tried to hit all of the reported activity spots.The following are personal experiences that were reported by team members.

Steve writes this: Stephanie, Bob, our escort, and myself were in the process of investigating the 4th floor of Skellington manor. This floor has been considered a hot spot by the client. There were many animatronic horror displays left from the Halloween haunted house that the manor holds every year. We were doing an EVP session, and I had my IR camcorder pointed down a narrow hallway that was used by staff to get from room to room. I could see the wall at the end of the hallway, then all of a sudden a shadow slipped in from left to right, blocking out the end of the hallway. I panned my camera back and forth a little to make sure I just didn’t move the camera from it’s original position. I could see nothing, it was totally blocked out. I mentioned to the group that I could not see the end of the hallway anymore, then the camera refocused and cleared to reveal the wall again. I said to the group that I could see again, and BOOM! Something hit the camera, jolting it sideways. Of course I was excited about what just happened, and a little uneasy. Did whatever hit my camera hit it out of anger, or by accident in passing? I tend to think it was the latter, because nothing felt or seemed malevolent the whole night. All I knew is something that I could not see hit my camera. There was nothing there to bump the camera against, and I was holding the thing as still as possible. I was able to catch the shadow, and the sound of the hit on video and audio. Later that night, we had finished the investigation and had started to break down. ,I along with Stephanie, Jordan and Bob returned to the 4th floor to get Bob’s camera. We were standing in the same area where the event with my camera took place, when I looked over Stephanie’s shoulder to see a dark shadow that was shaped like the head and shoulders of a person move through the room behind her. The room in question was what we called the meat locker. It was a room in which body bags hung from the haunted house along with some fake body parts on the wall. Whatever I saw blocked out the body parts on the wall as it strolled by. I did not mention anything right away as I thought it may have been a trick of the eyes, when Stephanie mentioned seconds after I saw this, that she had felt something brush by her, hitting her hand along the way. We looked into the room to notice one of the fake body bags swinging slightly back and forth, as if something had brushed it walking by. We unfortunately did not have any equipment with us at this time, so it just became a personal experience. These are two experiences I will never forget. I honestly believe there is something to this place.

Diana writes, as for personal experiences, I can’t say that I had any except for Jordan and I possibly seeing a shadow down the end of the hall when we were in the locker room on the 4th floor.

Steph wrote, My personal experiences…

I heard some noises in response to our questions around the time in which Steve saw some distortion in his camera and before it was hit. I felt there was more than one entity around us at that time. The two guys there thought they heard what sounded like a wind chime but I did not hear it. When we went into the other room a curtain that our guide said had been closed earlier during our walk-thru was now open. There had been no one up there between those times. Towards the end of the night while me, Stephen, Bob, and Jordan were tearing down Bob’s equipment, I was speaking to the group about various horror movies and just basic conversation when I suddenly thought I saw something move very close to me in the corner of my eye. I also felt a breeze and a sensation that something had just passed me very close and very quickly. I whipped my head around to look in the direction in which it was going but saw nothing. I was standing in the doorway between the execution room and body bag room. I felt that whatever it was went from the execution room and around me into the body bag room.

Beckys report of personal experiences included unexplained noises and a possible shadow across the wall in the locker room. The group had a fantastic time investigating this historic building and trying to validate the existing claims of activity.

The following are photos that were taken at Skellington Manor. Photos do not claim to be paranormal.


Old Lockers
Unexplained glow by the Chucky room.
Something manifesting next to Becky??
Check out the circled areas
Preparing to investigate
Jordan and Diana meet one of the residents

Visitation time for Steve and Stephanie
Bob and some friends
Steve and Jordan



DW_A01263 (2)



I won’t tell anyone your secret

sound of something hittling my camera 4th floor




steve (2)

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  1. Great catch guys, I ran the EVP through my NCH and I get “I wanna know your secret” Keep up the great work and I look forward to hearing about your next investigation. Tell Steph I said Hi 🙂

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