Can Ghosts Follow You Home

A question often asked of paranormal investigators is, “Can a ghost follow you home.”  The answer to this question is, yes.  A ghost can follow you if it feels some sort of connection to you.  In some cases, ghosts are despirate.  They will latch themselves onto anyone they feel might be able to help them.  One thing.  As an investigator, I would caution others to never ask inviting questions.  Examples:  “How can I help you?” “Do you need help?” “Follow me.”  By doing this you are inviting an otherwise despirate ghost to you, because it now thinks you can help it.  A demonic spirit attaches itself to a specific person, so therefore wherever that person goes, the entity goes as well.  Demonics are one of many spirits capable of following you.  So be warned!  If you don’t like the idea of ghosts following you around, stay away from inviting questions, the occult, or attempting to make some kind of personal connection with a spirit.

Written by: Stephen Danielsen

5 thoughts on “Can Ghosts Follow You Home”

  1. I have had quite a few experiences with spirits folowing me or my wife not sure which one.It pretty much started when we started going out in 2005 and now 2010 still going on.Nothing bad has happened so far.Just your usual tv turning off radio volume getting blasted up and the wife says she has seen shadows on the wall and ceiling.I hadn’t seen any. Until I experienced something I didn’t believe her.
    That was 2006 and since then I’ve had multiple things happen heard many many weird noises and lately where we live now had things like loud bangs when no one is in the other room,today,a bag full of plastic bags came off the top of fridge that was behind some empty pop bottles and ended up on the kitchen floor.How it got there without the pop bottles moving I don’t know but it frieked me out a little.Like I said nothing bad and usually nothing has happened here unless my wife is at work and i’m at home with the dog.Is it a nice spirit u think or should I have my pastor come and pray over our apartment?I aasked it very nicely to leave and go the light that we knew it was here and it was time to go home

  2. Hi Jay, How are you for sure that this ghost followed you? Did you have activity wherever you seemed to live? If it is a ghost, my guess would be that it is trying to get your attention. If it has followed you from place to place, it may think that you could somehow help it. It maybe someone you may have known who passed away. There are alot of possibilities, but from what you explain, it does not sound malevolent. If a ghost has malevolent intention it will usually let you know it. I would hold off on the pastor for now. Keep a journal of events, and look for natural reasons for activity such as furnace and water pipes could cause the loud bangs you hear. Set the bags on the refrigerator in the postition you thought they were in, go in the other room and see if it happens again. Appliances like refrigerators vibrate alot, but if this were the case the pop bottles probably would have fell as well. Try these things, and let us know what happens.

  3. back in 2006 I bought a hamster for my daughter and in the middle of the night, the cage was launched over 6 feet and later hung by a blanket. I moved a couple months later as my daughter was being tormented by this thing. Just last night, my kitten of only 10-weeks was slammed into our wall in mid air. I have moved 3 times since the first occurrence. my boyfriend has confirmed he sees a shadow and we both have experienced doors slamming, burn smells and my daughter says something talks to her sometimes….

  4. Sounds to me like you have one nasty ghost. Where do you feel this may have followed you from? Do you feel it is attached to your daughter? Apparently this ghost has a problem with animals, but even worse it has attached itself to a member of your family. Does the activity follow you other places such as if you went on vacation somewhere or if your daughter spends the night somewhere? If there is one thing I could suggest it would be not to provoke it or get mad at it in any way at this time. According to your story, it seems to be attached to your daughter. The only person who can make it leave would be her. She has to tell it to go, but that may not work. If you are religious I could suggest a house blessing, or if not smudging seems to work in some cases. To smudge a home you would have to aquire some smudging sticks which you can purchase online or even in some religious supply stores. A smudging stick is tighly wound sage. It burns much in the same way as incense. You would light the stick and fan the smoke around the entire home, inside and out. Sage to a ghost supposedly smells like a skunk and it wards them away. While fanning the smoke tell this thing that it is to leave and never to return. Activity may increase while doing this but stay focused. In some cases this works, but in others the actvity may cease for a while until the scent of the sage is gone then it may come back. But, I would first look into a professional investigation to make sure something paranormal is happening. I am not sure where you are from Theresa but when finding a group to investigate look over all of thier investigations and try to find out how they approach things. Find a scientific minded group that has been doing this for a while. If you are in our area, you can contact us to set up an investigation if you feel comfortable with that. In the mean time write down events as they occur so you have something to show a paranormal team when they would investigate. Keep us informed if anything changes or gets worse.

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