Davenport Home Investigation #2

On Feb. 6th ,  2010 a team that consisted of  4 MVP investigators paid a
revisit to a davenport home we affectionately call “the house of
clocks.”  Investigators included Becky, Bob, Jordan, and Steve.  Upon
arriving we had gone over the client’s journal  of events which she was
asked to keep.  The client said that the home had been fairly quiet since
our last visit except for still seeing the grey mist in the bedroom, and
hearing some bumps and bangs once in a while.  After the clients left, we
gathered up our gear and set off to the bedroom, a considered hot spot from
our last investigation.  Many questions were asked with what seemed like a
few bumps and knocks in response.  We did note that many of the  mechanical
clocks in the home do make a slight thump before they chime, also the
furnace ducts make thumping noises from expanding and contracting.  What
was strange is some of the knocks came in response to questioning.
     Many of the knocks were heard by Jordan who was sitting in the
adjacent bathroom which is right off the bedroom.  She claimed that they
were coming from within the walls.  This could have been water piping, but
no water was running at the time.  Jordan also claimed to have felt cold
breezes in the bathroom as well which were later debunked as air moving
through the skylight.  Steve claimed to have seen some shadow activity
toward the closet and  bedroom door, but was not caught on video.  After
completing our EVP session in the bedroom, we had decided to take a break
and change batteries.  Steve had left his digital recorder running in the
bedroom alone.  Bob decided to go back into the bedroom alone to place a
recorder in there as well.  While placing the recorder somewhere near the
dresser, a loud and clear EVP was caught on Steve’s recorder.  We believe
the EVP says “Don’t touch that!!!”  This was the only EVP caught that
night.  What is strange about it is the voice sounds similar to an EVP
caught on our first investigation of the home.  That EVP was not included
in the first report, due to further analysis, but has been included in this
report for comparison.   We then regrouped and investigated the living
room, kitchen, and sun porch areas of the home.  Steve noticed that some of
his audio had strangely been deleted, could have been a malfunction with
the recorder.  Bob also reported having lost audio, which makes this even
     We concluded our investigation and packed up around 10:00pm.  In
analysis we found that we did not catch any of the residual voices that
were found on the first investigation.  A couple of strange pictures still
being  questioned by the group are included.  No real video evidence to
speak of.  What we have included is that there may be a presence still in
the home of what we believe to be an elderly man.  How he got there still
remains a mystery being the fact that the condos are only about 7or 8 years
old.  This presence seems to show intelligence due to it’s response to
questions, and to Bob’s actions that night.  We don’t believe him to be
malevolent in nature, nor do we believe he poses any threat at this time to
the home owners.  He may be merely confused.  Due to lack of activity and
further evidence we cannot say for sure that the home is haunted, only that
there could be an intelligent presence in the home.  Due to this
possibility the case status remains open.


angry whisper at bob clock house bedroom
unknown mine enhanced
unknownyea cold (2)
angry whisper at bob clock house bedroompart2


*Photos do not claim to be proof of paranormal activity and are
posted purely for entertainment.

Zoom H2 in action

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