Davenport, Iowa Home December 12, 2009

MVP was contacted, in November,  by the daughter of a woman that had been experiencing unexplained activity in her home. This woman had enough of the activity and now wanted answers.

A phone interview was conducted with the homeowner and the following activity was reported from the daughter and her mother:

They have lived in the house, located in Davenport  for five years. She was in their bathroom and a cat picture (that hangs above the cat box) was fine.  She turned away for a minute or so to do whatever, looked back and the picture was covered in sticky stuff and ash. Her husband  even asked what happened to it.  She said that  things happen every day but nothing as tragic as being pushed (she had to go to physical therapy three times a week after that as she was pushed hard into a wall), cats dying, health problems, etc.  The biggest nuisance are things coming up missing and then resurfacing a few days later.     She has seen a  ‘mist’ toward the ceiling at night in the bedroom.  Things come up missing, especially her jewerly.  She told me about her watch that always comes up missing.  She will go to get it, it’s not there and then it will resurface a few days later in the spot where she had been looking.  She had the same experience with a ring.  She went to go get it, not there and a few days later there it was right on top of the jewerly box.    Stuff has moved on it’s own.  Jars in the pantry will fall off even though the jars are not close to the edge.  Last Easter she knew she put egg dye in the kitchen, couldn’t find it until she went into the bathroom and there it was and she had not been in the bathroom previously.  A heavy clock managed to fall off a table one night and shattered (too heavy for a cat to knock off).  There was black ash stuff in the hall bathroom all over the walls.  One time she went to take clothes out of the washer and cardboard was in there with the clothes!  She said it was like someone had put a cardboard box in the washer.  She cleaned it out and threw it away in the garage.  The next night after getting home from dinner, dried cardboard was all over the house.  The next time she washed, there were quite a few paper clips in with the clothes.  Not long ago,  she wasn’t able to open a door, the handle just wouldn’t turn.  The computer always stops working as well as television problems when the husband is out of town. She was pushed across the room, almost pushed down a flight of stairs and felt something push her when she was on a ladder. She said the last strange thing that happened was some garland disappeared from the fireplace area (it was hanging over the fireplace).  She found it about 5 feet away wrapped up.

On December 12th, MVP arrived at the home to conduct the investigation. A walk through took place and equipment was brought in. The team of Becky, Bryce, Bob, Jordan, Stephanie, Steve, and Sarah left to get supper and then returned to set up equipment and begin the investigation. Control experiments were set up, with a watch and ring being set on a piece of paper and outlined to monitor any movement that might happen. Cat toys had been brought by several members to see if they could illicit any responses, since the homeowner feels that what is there does not like cats. Members  split up into two teams with team 1 being  Steve, Bob, and Jordan that started their investigation in the homeowners bedroom, and team 2 being  Becky, Sarah, and Steph that started their investigation in the kitchen area. Bryce remained stationary monitoring the camera that was set up in the bedroom, to catch any possible movement of objects, mists, or shadows.

The team in the kitchen proceeded to do an EVP session. During that time Becky reported seeing shadows numerous times. All 3 members heard an unexplained noise that sounded like a whisper and also heard a knock.

The team in the bedroom conducted an EVP session as well. During their session, there were numerous reports of shadows, EMF going off, cold spots, unexplained sounds, heavy feelings,  and breaks in the lazer beam. This is Bobs account of what he experienced: While sitting on a chair in the bathroom, adjacent to the master bedroom, my EMF detector picked up a very high magnetic field that seemed to be of a circular pattern and focused around the area where I was sitting. The EMF meter was too far from any electrical outlets to register the residential power and no other electronic devices were in my possesion at the time. After about 2-3  minutes the EMF meter decreased down to zero and did not pick up any more readings in that area-nor could I find any readings in that area at all. Also a number of knocks were heard in the presence of the home owners daughter prior to equipment setup and investigation. Jordan reported a heavy feeling several times and also noted the area getting dark and then lighter.

After about 40 minutes the teams switched rooms and continued their investigation.

The members decided to stay together for the next part of the investigation and all went to the lower level to conduct their investigation. During this time, the motion detector seemed to light up several times, with no known reason for it.

The investigation concluded with the members conducting a short EVP session in the living room area. The teams reported very few personal experiences.

The following audio is being submitted as EVPs that we could not explain.


six knocks dav home enhanced

that’s freaky I love it enhancedBob reacting to the EMF spike

Raaar sound


help me sound


hum enhanced


no enhanced


mama enhanced

screech enhanced




stephanies whisper

Because of the personal experiences and amount of audio captured, MVP feels that this home warrants another investigation.

Case Open

One thought on “Davenport, Iowa Home December 12, 2009”

  1. I feel that the home may have two possible spirits according to the audio evidence collected. The most prominant is that of a woman, or young woman who seems to be what we would call a residual entity. She does not seem to answer any questions directly except for the “no” wav. and that may not be a direct answer. Being the fact that the home had many antiques throughout the possibility of object attachment is possible. As far as our second possible entity, this one seems to have intelligence and what we would consider to be an actual ghost. He only spoke up once in audio, but answered a direct question. To me he sounds like an elderly gentleman with a gravely voice. We did not experience any of the object displacement as reported, but if this is happening, he is probably the culprate. How he got there we do not know at this time. I think that more history on the land and maybe the former tenants if they can be found needs to be done.

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