Greenwood Cemetery Muscatine, IA May 10, 2008

On May 10th, 2008, at approximately 8:00 p.m., team of Rick, Stephanie and Becky decided to make a trip to Greenwood Cemetery in Muscatine to find the site of the Blue Angel.

Rick and Becky examine the mausoleum.

Blue Angel MAS - Orbs and Streak of Light

The Blue Angel sits encapsulated in the Harry W. Huttig mausoleum in a remote section of the cemetery. For several years, the angel, given her name due to the blue stained-glass windows at her back, held a red rose in her right hand.The most common legend states that if she drops the rose while someone is watching, the viewer will soon meet their demise.

Others say that the statue will come alive. People also reported hearing footsteps in the cemetery when no one was around.

Years ago, the angel’s hand was reported broken. There is still speculation whether or not the hand fell off or if it was cut off.


Rick and Stephanie took pictures of the black angel and surrounding area. The team of three also used a digital recorder to try to capture some EVPS and/or any unexplained noises.

As the team was leaving, Stephanie and Becky noticed a sweet flowery fragrance by where the car was parked and tried to see where it was coming from. The hanging baskets in the immediate area held artificial flowers,
so the smell was not coming from there. As they were looking for the source, Rick noticed a fresh grave next to where they were parked.

Stephanie felt drawn to take a picture of it and captured an unexplained ball of white light  rising from the grave site. There were no lights in the area, and we were the only ones at the location. The ball of light was not visible with the naked eye.

Fresh Grave - Light


Blue Angel MAS



No EVPs were captured on the digital recorder.
Rick sent the picture of the white light to TAPS and Patti Starr to be analyzed.

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