Flowing Water And The Paranormal

Many reports of paranormal activity can be sourced to a flowing river or stream.  What does flowing water and the paranormal have in common?  In many river beds and streams are minerals such as limestone, quartz, and iron pyrite (aka. fools gold.)  These are very good storers of electromagnetic energy.  When you add flowing water to the mix, it becomes a battery.  The water acts as a conductor that brings forth the natural EMF stored in the minerals and emits it unto it’s surroundings.  And as we know, EMF is the key source of energy that is consumed by a ghost in order to exist and manefest.  The Mississippi, being the largest river in the united states, is a great example of this effect.  Many locations along this river have reported paranormal activity.  One of the most famous is the Myrtles Plantation.  In some Native American lore, water is the gateway in which the spirit enters and leaves this world.  They believed that flowing waters created a vortex, or a portal in which spirits can enter, both good and evil.  So the next time you are near a river or stream, think to yourself, there could be a ghost nearby.

written by: Stephen Danielsen

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