Private Location-QCA May 16, 2009

A team consisting of Becky, Diana, Sarah, Steph, and Steve investigated at a Private location on May 16th 2009.


There were four investigators with audio recorders running. At one point during the investigation both Steve and Sarah experienced simultaneous battery drain on their audio recorders. Shortly before the battery drain, an EVP was recorded, that sounds like it may be in a different language, which we have not been able to identify.

Steph was taking pictures and reported that the pictures taken in that particular area looked dark. Steve was standing away from Steph and Sarah when a voice was captured on Sarah’s recorder.

The group of Steph, Sarah, and Steve heard a strange noise. Steph asked if anyone was there, and then when she asked it to say something to us, there was another voice under her voice.

Later in the investigation, Steve heard a breath behind him and was able to capture it on his audio recorder.


anyone here under steph

camera problems

unknown 1 possible FL



No Other Evidence was Captured

Private Home Rock Island, IL April 4, 2009

MVP was contacted in early January 2009 from a woman who believes there is
something going on in her mother's home in Rock Island, Illinois.  She has
experienced many things herself throughout the years as well as her mother and
other sisters, as her mother had owned the home along with her now late husband
for over thirty years.  Her husband and their father did pass away in 1995 in
one of the upstairs bedrooms.  Other history of the house is not well known but
it was believed that another person did indeed pass away in the house before
this family lived there.  The house is over 100 years old.

Here is an email explaining the occurrences...

"It all started a long time ago...when I was around 16 am now 53. My friends
and I had an Ouija board ....and shortly after that it started. There is a back
room, which is storage there were some play stove and refrigerator in there and
one day they were growling. Then you would hear banging and growling on the
door coming from that room. My mom always heard it going through her drawers at
night. One time when my daughter was around 8 in the entry way there was a half
body floating in mid air had red glowing eyes.  Man it's hard to remember
everything. Mom was picking up towels on the bathroom floor and there was a
pair of pantyhose along side of them and they stood up by themselves. Freaky.
Another time when my sister lived at home she was sitting in her room putting
on her makeup and you when you feel like someone is watching you...she turned
around and there was a black smoke like figure of a man staring at her,  she
was so scared that she could not even get a scream to come out. It slowly faded
away.  Than about a yr ago my sister went to my moms house to grab some things
she had over one else was home...she came out of the bathroom and
the cable cord came off of the wall and started to wrap around her legs...she
broke loose and ran down the steps outside....there was a bad growling noise
following her out.. Now she is living back at moms and it worse then ever, she
is moving out next week. Anyway it bothers her all the time.  She was in the
bathroom the other night getting ready to go somewhere..doing her hair and
there is a ledge in front of the tub the body wash fell she picked it
up and it fell more time she picked it up and all of a sudden it
was flung across the bathroom.  My mom sees it all the time it is about 7ft
tall white smokey color with a angry saw it watching my sister
sleeping...she's not scared of it and asked it what the heck are you doing?.
My sister went into the back room 4 days ago to get something and in the corner
she saw it but it was like a picture frame (square) and she could she an angry
face she started to leave and very fast it flew right up into her face..she
booked in her room and said LEAVE ME ALONE.....she grabbed her pillow and
blankets to go sleep in the living room and it followed her actually beat her
to the bottom of the steps...the receiver on the phone was moving back and
forth from it...she once again told it to leave her along...she got into the
living room and here cell phone lit up twice from it.. finally she covered her
head with blankets until she could get to sleep..  There are a lot more stories
to this house which my sisters can testify to. I just won't go over there anymore too scared".


A team of Steph, Becky, Diana, Sally, Amy, Jill, and Stephen went to
investigation the house on Saturday, April 4th.  We arrived at the house around
6:00 p.m. and met one of the sisters and the mother/owner of the house.  Since
the mother is hard of hearing, we were not able to do a walk thru during the
interview as the sister was needed to assist in the interview.  The sister
present was not the sister who had experienced most of the things in the house
from the email.  We were not able to meet with her or the sister who has
written the email due to them living farther away and work schedules.  The
sister that was present did experience a few things, one being the growling
from the refrigerator, and some noises she heard upstairs at times while it was
empty.  She said the activity does not seem to occur around her but mostly
around the one sister.  The mother hears noises at times including voices and
loud thumps.  She could not really elaborate on these noises.  The fan in the
other room turned on by itself and it requires a physical pull on the cord to
do so.  The activity has decreased lately, both of them said but the one sister
has been moved out for little while as well.  In the interview both sister and
mother felt the entity was non-threatening which did contradict what the two
other sisters said in the email.  The mother feels anxious most of the time at
the house and does not sleep well at night although when she stays at her
daughter's house, she sleeps fine.

We had a brief walk-thru of the house after the interview which mostly centered
around the upstairs which is now empty.  This is where the majority of the
activity seems to take place according to the email and interview.  After
sweeping the area the team left the residence and went for dinner to discuss
the investigation and eat.

We arrived back at the house around 8:30 p.m.  On our arrival the sister
reported that she had went upstairs to get something while we had been gone and
heard a loud thumping noise.  She ran back down the stairs to the kitchen.

We decided to have the team stick together as the upstairs area was not big or
spacious enough to split up and do separate EVP sessions without the sound
traveling.  We started in the back bedroom, doing an EVP session and trying to
draw anything out.  A recorder was left alone in this room and we moved to the
side bedroom where the closet door was reported to move and/or open by itself
and the drawers were heard moving.  We conducted an EVP session there and
perhaps debunked the "growling" noise as there is a gutter that moves outside
the house when the wind blows that is a similar noise.  After looking around
and completing the session a recorder was left alone in this room and we moved
to the front bedroom where the father had reportedly passed away.  While
conducting an EVP session there we began to seem to get answers from the EMF
meter that was placed on the floor.  After studying the situation further we
noticed that there was a lot of energy in one area of the floor a bit away from
the EMF meter we were using.  We concluded that the ceiling fan and light from
the kitchen downstairs was causing the other EMF meter to sporadically light up
with lucky timing to our questions.  After two of the team went downstairs to
do a quick EVP session down there this was verified with the light/fan causing
the activity.

We decided to split up for a brief EVP session with four members in the back
bedroom and two in the front room while the two members were downstairs.  After
this session we decided to wrap up the investigation and talked to the mother
and sister about reviewing the evidence and that we hadn't experienced anything
outright that night.  We did feel however that whatever they are experiencing
in the house does not pose a threat to them and they should not be frightened.


After reviewing our audio we did not come up with anything that was paranormal.
 We had a few thumps here and there but felt they were random and came either
from the team or from outside.  None of the members had any personal
experiences at the home to report.  We conclude that nothing happened in our
investigation but we were only there a few hours in one night.  If the owners
start to have activity again and/or need our help we would be happy to return
to the home and perform another investigation.

Private Home LeClaire, IA January 2, 2009

MVP was contacted by a couple in LeClaire who were experiencing paranormal activity in their home. The husband and wife and their two kids are living with his mom and dad and two grandmothers. The couple’s living quarters are in the basement of the residence and the other occupants live in the upstairs area.

One of the spirits, which the couple claims to have had interaction with for some time, is that of a grandmother. The other, a spirit of a young girl, is a new one and the reason MVP was called in.

The first time the girl appeared was when the wife was sleeping. She was having a dream and in her dream someone called “mommy.” Then she heard “mommy” again and woke up but wasn’t quite sure if she had actually heard it. Then as she was lying there awake, she heard “mommy” again and rolled over expecting to see one of her kids standing by the bed, but there was nobody there. She got out of bed and checked on her kids and they were both sleeping upstairs. Then, on another night, she had just laid down for bed when she heard a child talking, even though her kids were sleeping upstairs. A child came around the corner and stood at the top of the stairs where she was, but the child was not one of hers. The child had a blanket up over her head and was swaying from side to side. The child was talking up a storm, but the woman couldn’t understand what she was saying. Then the child turned around and walked out of the room. She woke her husband up and made him go check on the kids, but they were fast asleep. The couple have both heard the child say ‘mommy’, and just the way she says it makes them think she is scared of something. She has also been heard walking around crying. The night before MVP arrived, the husband claimed that a little girl touched him on the leg while he was sleeping and said “Daddy.”


A team consisting of Becky, Rick, Diana, Sarah and Shawn arrived at the house at 8:00 PM, Friday, January 2nd, 2009. Diana and Becky conducted the interview with the wife, while the rest did the walk thru with the husband. The team was limited to the lower basement area and a short landing a few steps above the basement, because of the other occupants in the house. An EMP sweep confirmed the presence of high EMFs emanating from several of the florescent light fixtures in the ceiling, but nothing that appeared to be so high as to be dangerous.


Video cameras with IR lights were positioned to cover the areas of the steps and landing where the young girl was seen to appear, and the bed where the wife heard the voices and husband claimed to be touched. Shawn manned the other video camera to record everything else in the room. All team members were equipped with audio recorders, EMF detectors and flashlights. Because one of the spirits was reported to be that of a little girl, we placed some toys on the steps of the landing to see if she would interact with them.

The team positioned themselves on the couch in the basement and began asking questions in the hope of interacting with either of the spirits. We also placed K2 meters on the table by the couch and invited the spirits to use them to communicate with us. Later in the night, Shawn and Becky took a camera and recorder up to the landing to search for evidence in that area.


All five team members had audio recorders going during
the investigation, and we had one mobile and two still
video cameras running.

No Audio Evidence found
No Video Evidence found


No one in the team had any personal experiences during the time we were there. We wrapped up the investigation around 9:45 PM and held a conference with the clients. We instructed them to keep a log of any future activity and contact us within a week. We also left the toys on the steps, photographed them, and asked the couple to note their position in the morning. We are now waiting to hear back from the couple, at which time we will consider another investigation; possibly at a different time and day of the week.

Case Status: OPEN

River Valley District Library Port Byron, IL October 18, 2008

Port Byron Library 018

On October 18th, 2008, seven members of the group conducted an investigation at the Port Byron Library in Port Bryon, Illinois. The group members present were Becky, Steph, Diana, Amy, Sarah, Maria, and Pat.

We arrived around 6:00 p.m. and began our interviews and walk-through. From Steph’s interview with the owner, it was found that the elevator went up and down on its own and that she often felt a presence watching her in certain areas of the library… mostly around the entrance to the woman’s bathroom. While exiting the bathroom she often feels something behind her coming out of the bathroom with her. Otherwise there has been no other activity however the presence in the library is often felt quite strong. There has not been any patrons that has reported any activity to her, but often times the workers speak about the “presence”. It is believed to be one of the previous librarians of the library who had passed on.

The history of the place is that the land it is built on is Native American burial ground. There used to be a house next door that has since been torn down but allegedly, there was paranormal activity in that house as well.

Sarah reported that during the walk-through she and other members had encountered a cold spot that dropped the temp to around 27 degrees and then it went back up again to room temp.

The members split up to start the investigation… Steph, Diana, and Amy stayed downstairs and Becky, Sarah, Pat, and Maria when upstairs. Nothing was reported in the group downstairs as they made sure to cover the various parts of the library including the children’s area, which was told to us to be the previous librarian’s favorite part of the library. We experienced nothing by the woman’s room door or by the elevator area at the time.

Diana and Amy in the Children’s Room

Upstairs Sarah reported… “We had the temperature drop on command. The starting temp was around 65. I encountered a cold spot on the wall in the little hallway that the elevator opens up into. The cold spot was briefly around 30 before it returned to the starting temp. We then asked if the temp could go down to 60 degrees which it did. We asked it to go lower which it did, but would not go lower than 57 degrees.”

Becky reported… “The temperature in the upstairs part of the library by the elevator lowered. We then asked it to go lower to 55 and it started lowering in response to our requests. At one point, my right arm got extremely cold with goosebumps and my hair stood up, so someone took a picture of my arm.” MVP member Pat correlated seeing the drops in temperature at this time.”

Steph left her audio recorder alone by the elevator doors downstairs while Diana left her EMF meter next to the recorder before going upstairs to join the team.

While everyone was upstairs and conducting an EVP session, Steph heard a sound behind her right behind the “Exit” door sounding like someone was scratching on the door. Becky also heard this and came over when Steph reported that she heard it. Nothing else was heard.

Steph, Amy, and Diana stayed upstairs while the rest of the team went downstairs to investigate. A few sounds were heard from the “break room” area but they could be explained from all the kitchen appliances in the room. Before leaving the room was checked of all equipment left alone. Sarah’s audio recorder was left on one of the tables in the room with no other equipment around.

Downstairs the entire group continued to investigate parts of the library. After some time the Ouija board, which was placed in the center of the library due to it being Halloween time, was finally decided to be used after some debate among the members. MVP as a rule doesn’t use a Ouija board in our investigations but since the board was there we decided just this once to use it as a tool.

The Ouija board

Port Byron Library 005

While Steph and Diana were doing the Ouija board Becky reported… “I thought I heard books being moved on a shelf. I turned on my flashlight and pointed it at the noise. While looking down the aisle I saw something move by the globe down at the end. It wasn’t a shadow, it was like the table the globe was sitting on had been moved. When looking again after reporting the action to the other members, the table was in the proper place as if it had moved back.”

Nothing happened however on the Ouija Board itself.

Sarah reports… “Downstairs, while Steph and Diana were doing the Ouija board, one of the times Becky was flashing pictures I saw a dark shadow move in between the rows of shelves. It was not my own shadow as I was standing in front of one of the bookcases, in the center aisle, so when cars went by I did not cast a shadow. After Becky saw the weird thing with the wooden globe stand, we went and sat back in the corner. I was monitoring the temp back into the opposite corner. All of a sudden I got another drop in temperature. What was strange, the little laser dot from the gage had been on the back wall. When I got the drop in temp, the dot moved much closer to us, being maybe 5-6 feet away. There was something solid enough there that the laser was not able to pass through it for a moment.”

Maria and Pat attempted to do the Ouija board but again nothing happened other than Maria hearing a noise behind her that she couldn’t explain.

After the investigation was concluded and we gathered our equipment Sarah went upstairs alone to get her recorder. She reports… “The recorder was not of the table that I had placed it on when we had first gone upstairs. I turned on the lights and looked around then came back down to ask if anyone had moved it.”

Steph, Amy, and Diana all confirmed that they had not and had remembered seeing it on the table when they left. No one had gone upstairs after that including the owner of the library who had been in our sight the whole time downstairs.

The team went back upstairs and Sarah’s recorder was found on the opposite side of the room sticking up in the middle of a roll of duct tape. The batteries had gone dead.

Port Byron Library 014




unknown voice



A second investigation will be conducted at the library on November 2nd.

Scooter’s Bar and Grill Aledo, IL September 21, 2008

MVP was invited to meet with Mercer County Paranormal Investigators in Aledo, to do a joint investigation of Scooters Bar and Grill. On September 21, MVP team members, Bryce, Becky, Diana, Amy, Maria, Jill, and Pat drove to Aledo and met MCPI at Scooters. We ate a meal together, at Scooters, and Brenda filled us in on some of the history of Scooters. Here is the background of the history, in MCPI words:

“The brick building was constructed 1889-1890 and housed the Marquis Brothers Dry Goods store on the first floor. The Aledo Times newspaper was published on the second floor. The Marquis Brother’s Dry Goods store was housed in the structure until 1913 when it was sold for $9000, to Andrew West and Carl Almquist who ran the West and Almquist Grovery Store. The grocery store continued operations until 1931.

Kistler’s Hatchery was next to occupy the business building. Brooding equipment and an incubator capable of handling 20,000 eggs were installed, and the downtown district soon heard the sound of baby chicks. It is claimed that the night watchman, protecting the downtown businesses was given an added duty. Each night he would enter the hatchery and check on the conditions there.

A gas station operated from the rear section of the building in the1930’s.

The building first became the site for Aledo’s relaxation in 1939 when it became home to “Dutch” Greer’s Tavern. The most important tradition at this time was that it was a NO WOMEN ALLOWED bar. Not only were women not allowed, but there was no phone either. When a phone was later intalled, its number was kept secret. The men were not to be bothered.

In the early 1970’s, the establihment was known as Rasty’s Recreation. For a time they continued the unlisted phone and no women rule, but those customs passed, and soon women were welcomed with open arms. In 1988 it became Tab & Bev’s.

Scott Young, AKA Scooter, purchased Tab & Bev’s when he returned home from Saudi Arabia. He has made some changes to the building, remodeling, and expanded the bar into the adjoining building. He keeps the historic nature of the building intact, for all to enjoy.

After our meal, Brenda and the rest of their team, took us to the upstairs area, where the poker games use to be played. They showed us through the rest of the upstairs area, as well. Equipment such as video camera, DVR’s, EMF meters, and K2 meters were set up throughout the upstairs, and particularly in the former poker room. Scot,t from MCPI, set up their “Franks box”, a radio that has been adapted to continually sweep am/fm channels, in hopes of allowing spirits to interact with the device and create their own vocals through the receiver. The combined teams soon started an EVP session using the Franks box. When Becky asked the question, “are you one of the men that’s in the picture on the table?” we immediately heard a male voice answer “no”, very clearly. We later tried to get a name. Brenda asked, “what’s your name again, say it loud” and we all heard


This was a fascinating device and we all look forward to seeing it used in future meetings with MCPI. It was really neat to hear the immediate response, instead of waiting to listen to the audio from a DVR. After playing the Franks box for about 12 minutes, the 2 groups split up and MCPI members went downstairs, to allow us more freedom to explore the building.

Maria reported this: “I didn’t get anything in pictures. The only thing I thought I saw was a shadow, in profile, between both rooms. At first I thought it was my shadow from a car passing below but I could not replicate it. Don’t know what it was.

Amy did not note any personal experiences, and has included photos of the area.

Becky joined Pat, Jill, and Maria in a room upstairs and listened as they conducted an EVP session.


Overall, we had a wonderful time, and look forward to an “all-nighter” at Scootes, with MCPI, in the near future.

Rock Island Library Rock Island, IL September 13, 2008

In August of this year, Ava Ketter, the Director from the Rock Island Library in Rock Island, Illinois, invited us to do an October presentation at the library. In preparation for the presentation, MVP was asked to  conduct an investigation. The investigation took place during closed hours on Sunday, September 13th, 2008.

The team at the investigation were lead investigators Becky, Stephanie, and Chris and members Sarah, Diana, Pat, Jill, and Maria. We arrived at the library around 6:00 p.m.. After a brief tour, Steph conducted an interview with Ava, upstairs, while the rest of the team did a walk-thru and sweep of the area downstairs.

During the interview it was found that one particular employee, while working there, had experienced a few things. She reported being aware that something seemed to pass by her when nobody was ther, and seeing things move, such as a heavy chain, feeling a cold breeze, and experiencing the feeling of being watched. Ava also said that other employees, in the past, had heard some strange noises and experienced the feeling of being watched. Other experiences reported were the elevator going up and down by itself when only one person was in the building,(this even happening when the elevator had been locked), books falling off of the shelves by themselves, and footsteps heard down the aisles. Lights would be turned off, when they had been left on at the end of the night, and vice versa.

One particular librarian is thought to perhaps “haunt” the library. The librarian, had worked there for many years, practically her whole life, and was said to encompass this library as her pride and joy while alive. Another probable “spirit” was mentioned, but the name was requested to be not shared in written form.

The library was built in the early 1900s, and has much of its original structure, as well as the original “book pulley” or “book elevator” from the years it has been in operation. A lot of the activity reported seemed to happen in that particular area, and in the closest aisles of the library, behind the front desk.

The team set out in three groups and went separate ways. After investigating in certain areas, members switched groups or went off two or more at a time, to different locations. Most of the area in the library was covered with EVP sessions and EMF detectors, and the “hot spots” watched closely. The investigation lasted around two and a half hours and was wrapped up with several pictures taken and audio to review.

Here are some personal experiences that various members had during the investigation…

Pat Gullion: Maria and I walked around the main floor of the library. We asked questions and took pictures. There was a particularly dark section at the end on one of the aisles. We started taking pictures and my camera with brand new batteries died. Maria pulled up 2 chairs so we sat and asked questions. To one particular question we heard a metallic thump from the dark corner. It did not sound like the noises we heard when people went up those stairs. Maria asked another question and we heard 2 solid footsteps, without the metal creaking, associated with people walking around. When we left that aisle, my camera decided to work once again.

We traveled around more. Both of us took pictures, I saw nothing to report. Then we were in an aisle upstairs, on the mezzanine, and my camera died again. Sarah was with us and we received distinct red meter readings when we did things. We put books on the floor and asked it to light up the meter when it wanted us to stop, and it did. I mixed books up on the shelf and asked if that was upsetting and we received a response. I went around behind another aisle and asked it to light up if it wanted me to stop messing the books, and it did. This happened maybe 3 or 4 times. There was no activity on the meter around the lights or the bookshelves.

We tried again in the dark corner of the 1st aisle we where in, and we received maybe one or two more replies when messing with the books. Sarah and I then traveled around different spots in the library, by the front desk, etc. and received nothing else. My camera did not work the rest of the investigation until I was at home. I even took it with me on a day trip, Tues. the 16th, with the same batteries. I took a ton of pictures and it never stopped once.

Maria Masi: Things were pretty quiet. Pat and I were working on the second floor down a dark aisle when her camera that had new batteries quit. I took a few pictures but did not capture anything on film. Later that afternoon we again were on the second floor and Sarah had joined us with her EMF reader. We became confrontational and told anything there that we were going to mess with the books and if they wanted us to stop, please make the lights on the meter light up. It did so we stopped. Then I told it I was going to put books on the floor, and if they wanted us to stop please, light up the meter and it did. Becky and Diana came up, so I left.

Becky Reid: Diana and I were on the stairwell on the 2nd floor, where the chain is, next to the book drop elevator. She had placed her EMF on the floor and we just started an EVP session. The EMF started to respond to our questions. One instance, Diana asked it to make it beep again. She then was half way through asking it to stop, and it stopped before she could get all the words out of her mouth. We did not note any fluctuation in temperature.

Diana Smith: Becky and I were sitting in the stairwell that had the chain across it where the old book chute used to be. I had my EMF on, and had actually just done a sweep of the area with the EMF and had no spikes or readings so I set the EMF on the floor, and it started to go off periodically. Becky and I started to ask questions and it looked like it was trying to respond a little bit to some of the questions for a few minutes, and then it went away. I then did another sweep with the EMF, to see if I could get it to go off again, but never could. So I’m not sure what set the EMF off. I had my DVR going, as well, during the time we were asking questions, but I got nothing to turn up on the DVR.

Jill Foster: We (Jill & Steph) heard some interesting sounds upstairs but were not able to pinpoint anything. At the end of the investigation I was with my mom, Pat, and Sara and Pat was messing with the books and when she asked if anyone wanted her to stop, to make the EMF reader go off, which it did. This happened several more times, after asking questions about not moving the books around.

Steph Adams: I heard a few sounds that sounded like footsteps, upstairs, on the metal floor when no one up there, mostly when we first started the investigation. One was loud enough to make me and Chris both look up at the stairwell, where it seemed to come from, and go investigate it. We were unable to pinpoint where it might have come from.

Rock Island Library 001-thumbnail Rock Island Library 002-thumbnail Rock Island Library 004-thumbnail Rock Island Library 008-thumbnail Rock Island Library 009-thumbnail Rock Island Library 012-thumbnail Rock Island Library 015-thumbnail Rock Island Library 017-thumbnail


After reviewing the audio, nothing significant came up, except for an 

The team did not experience anything significant during the investigation other than EMF responses; that does not mean that previously reported experiences and activity did not occur, just that the team was not able to experience or capture the same things. For now, the case is closed. The presentation at the library will still go as planned. Look at our website calendar for details.

Villisca Axe Murder House Villisca, IA August 9, 2008

Villisca 025

On August 9th, 2008, 4 members from our team made a trip to Villisca, a small town in the state of Iowa, to visit and investigate the infamous Villisca Axe Murder home. Participants included team members, Becky, Steph, Chris and Diana, along with Chris’s friend Cliff, who is a member of Wabash Paranormal Investigation and Research Group (W.P.I.R.G.) formed in Wabash, Indiana.

Here is the history of the murders committed in the Villisca home almost a hundred years ago….

We left the Quad Cities at about 11:00 a.m. planning to arrive in Villisca around 6:00 p.m.  The team stopped at the Atlantic city Maid-Rite, where we had a wonderful experience with the owners there. The team highly recommends going there for a bite to eat.

Arriving in Villisca, we first toured the museum and learned about the town history as a whole, including the murders and victims.  We were then taken on a tour of the cemetery followed by a driving tour of the important points of the town, including historical houses of people who had something to do with the murders.  We arrived at the house to set up around 7:00 p.m. We first toured the house then made ourselves at home in the barn outside, which has a  refrigerator, bathroom, and television .  The house itself has no electricity, no running water, and has been restored to the way the house was in 1912.  When all was ready, around 8:30 p.m, we made our way into the home where eight innocent souls had been killed with an axe one dark night in 1912.

The entire group went in and Chris and Becky went upstairs to investigate the upper bedrooms while Steph, Diana, and Cliff investigated downstairs.  Steph tried to play with the ball on the floor, in an effort to get a response.  Diana attempted to rouse any of the children, as well.  Cliff used the EMF detector to detect any changes in the downstairs area and in the Blue Room off of the main living room.

The following is from Chris about what he experienced upstairs in the home at this time….

“When we first entered the home me and Becky went upstairs to set up equipment. Sitting on the floor, trying to play with the kids of the home, I saw what seemed to be a shadow that came in front of the window in the parent’s room. It stopped briefly and moved on, I can’t explain what it was at all. Shortly after I looked up and to my right, above the baby bed, there was a bright flash of light, unlike anything I’ve seen before.”

Becky verified his experience by reporting of the flash of light as well.  Whistles were caught on audio at this time and are included in this report.  When Chris and Becky came downstairs to join the team, they shared their experiences.  As Chris was entering the blue room (where girls Lena and Ina Stillinger were killed, and the axe had been found), the EMF meter began to go off.  We left an EMF meter on the dresser and audio recorders in the Blue Room and the living room after conducting a short EVP session.

After the team left the house, and Steph was standing outside, she heard a loud, unexplained knocking noise coming from the inside of the house. Cliff heard the EMF meter going off inside the house while no one was inside.

More from Chris…

“Through the course of the night, upon setting up an EMF Detector in the Stillinger room (blue room), I started getting responses to me. Other people would walk in but no one would get a response, yet if I asked if they should leave, I’d get a beep in response. There were times I was not getting a response and I said I was going to leave then, by the time I made it to the door, it would beep rapidly until I got into the room, at that time it would stop and I’d ask if she (Ina) was in there with me now, and I’d get the trademark, double beep. We set up a K2 Meter beside this meter to check if there was a problem with this meter, they both responded. I checked all drawers for anything electric, but there was nothing. At the end of the night it beeped steadily because she knew we were leaving, and at one time we asked her to focus and make it beep quickly, and it did so.”

Everyone on the team can verify the activity of the EMF meters in the blue room and with Chris.  It was startling to us all.  Upon listening to the audio at a later time, we heard the sound of the EMFs going off, by itself, especially when Chris or other members of the team would be going back into the house.  The EMF meter would be silent, then go off sporadically, as if something was checking it out or playing with it, all while the house was empty.  It would then start going off in a steady beeping manner that sounded almost frantic at times, when someone would come into the house.   Chris seemed to get the most erratic behavior and the most unquestionable responses, from the meter, when asking a direct question in the blue room.

Becky and Cliff went in, by themselves, at one point of the night and the following summary comes from Becky…

“Cliff and I entered the home and could hear the EMF going off in the blue room.  We tried to take pictures, but the new batteries died.  Both cell sensors continued to go off almost the whole time. Cliff noted that the EMF signal was going off at an adult size height in the room. The K2 meter was up to 3 light, and there was a 2.7 degree drop in temperature.  When the EMF was silent, I asked it to only go on when asked questions. It did a few times, then the temperture started to go up and the K2 went to one light and the cell sensors were silent.  We decided to go up stairs and the EMF off as cliff walked up the steps. I then felt a brush of something go over my wrist, like someone had lightly touched me. We went into both upstairs rooms with no activity to report.  When we stopped in the hall, I heard footsteps, and then comment to Cliff about them. Right afterwards, Cliff heard 3 footsteps as well. Both sets up footsteps were captured on the audio.”

At another point of the night, Chris and Cliff went into the house.  From Chris…

“While I was upstairs with Cliff, the EMF detector that had not gone off all night all of a sudden went crazy in the whole upstairs area. The battery in my camera drained, and Cliff vocalized for me to come and look at his camera. He had been taking video with the digital camera and a flashlight, the LCD image on the screen had split into 3 images and was that way a while. We went downstairs finally because the battery in both cameras died. When we got to the girls, both Cameras had battery power back, and the 3 images that was on the screen was now one single image.”

Team member Diana also had some personal experiences in the house.  Her experiences from her own words…

“The only things that I can say I experienced was, at one point when we were sitting in the living room, It felt to me like child’s fingers walking up my right arm. It was brief but there. I wasn’t moving at the time nor did I bump anything. The other thing that I saw was also when we were sitting in the living room and I was sitting in the chair that was directly in front of the kitchen and I kept getting this creeped out feeling like we were being watched so I kept my attention towards the kitchen and that was when I saw something (looked like a pair of legs, but don’t know for sure) pass in front of the stove. It was very quick, but something dark blocked out the stove. The stove was white, so you could definitely see something block it out.”

Team member Steph did not have any of the blatant experiences of being touched, as some of the other members or seeing lights or shadows, but she was witness to the undeniable answering of the EMF detector and the indescribable feeling of being watched, especially from the kitchen, while she sitting in the living room, later that night. Steph writes…

“For me the biggest experience cannot be proven scientifically but it affected me the most. While we were all in the house, and Cliff and Chris were in the Blue room talking to the girls and me, Diana and Becky were sitting in the living room I felt a presence so strongly from the kitchen that I literally was sitting ON EDGE… it’s like every nerve and survival instinct was primed on my body. It was strong like that for a good 10 minutes and I finally mentioned it and Diana said she felt it too.  I’ve never felt like that before and I can’t explain the overwhelming feeling that something was there watching me.  It was definitely from a strong male presence, probably the father.  He is who I seemed to sense the most that night watching over his kids.”

Chris and Cliff went inside the house together. While sitting outside, during the middle of the night, Steph, Diana, and Becky all witnessed a strange bright light across the street, parallel to the house.  There were no headlights, no cars, no flashlights, and no people around the vicinity . Steph even searched the area for any people in the surrounding streets.  Chris and Cliff were asked to shine their flashlights out the window, in case that is what we had seen, but their light showed nothing that resembled what we saw. Perhaps those lights could be explainable but we couldn’t explain them, and they appeared odd to us.

Towards the end of the night, the whole team entered the house again and, at first, the activity seemed to have decreased, almost at a standstill.  The team went upstairs to investigate. As we were coming downstairs from investigating, the whole team noticed the strong smell of kerosene and could hear the EMF meter going off in the Blue Room. The smell, in the blue room, had grown very musty, almost like blood.  The EMF detector started up frantically, again, when we stated we were going to leave for the night, especially when Chris spoke.  Ina (which is believed to be who Chris had made contact with), seemed to not want him to leave.  The EMF would slow down at times, as if whatever was touching it was tired, then it would speed back up again when asked to, or when it was mentioned Chris was going to leave.

Several batteries went dead at numerous times in the house, and every team member experienced a different feeling in the place.  Chris stated he felt a very calm feeling and a feeling of being welcomed, Diana used the words awesome and amazing, Becky, at times felt apprehensive, and Steph felt a strong sense of foreboding, and a sense of anticipation and dread.





Villisca Shhh

Cliff Leave


Villisca 005

Villisca 008

Villisca 010

Villisca 011

Villisca 018

Villisca 020

Villisca 001

All in all, this trip will not forgotten by any of the members that were there.  We ended up leaving Villisca around 4:30 a.m. (with no sleep) and headed home.  Was it worth it?  Yes.  With so many experiences how could it not be?  The team who visited would like to recommend it to anyone interested.  We would also like to return to the house someday and see what else we can find.

Kentucky Investigation Trip August 2, 2008


On August 2nd, team members and co-founders Rick and Becky took a weekend trip to Louisville, Kentucky. We went to Waverly Hills for a two hour tour and investigation. While there, neither of us had any personal experiences or captured anything on video or audio.  The tour was fascinating and the building is awesome. Rick decided to walk the entire length of the Death Tunnel and wished he had not done so.

We spent the next night at the Haunted Jailers Inn in Bardstown.  This was a functioning jail until 1987, with iron bars on windows, 30 inch thick stone walls, and a heavy steel door slamming behind. It may not sound like the typical tourist accommodation and Jailer’s Inn is anything but typical. The historic Jailer’s Inn offered a unique way to “do time.”

We were allowed to investigate anywhere we wanted to in the jail, unoccupied rooms, cells, and the grounds. We stayed in a upper room that at one time held several “cages” for prisoners in that part of the jail. The room is now called the Garden Room, and is supposed to be one of the most active rooms.

Notes left by other guests speak of the room being haunted by a young boy who may have been the son of one of the jailers. There was a nightgown hanging in the room that was supposed to provoke the spirits if tried on, and notes left under a loose stone on the fireplace.

While in that room, during an investigation, the EMF detector went off repeatedly by the beds and at several places where no electricity was present. We checked for electrical sources and there were none to be found.

At times, the beeps seemed to respond directly to questions. When we left the room to investigate the rest of the building we kept the EMF detector and DVR going. Upon review of the audio, we heard that the EMF detector had went off two different times, while the room was vacant.

We spent some time investigating the room next door which once had shackles in the floor and was used for the murderers and rapists. The room still retains the original rough hewn ceiling, and was a creepy place.

We also did an investigation of the original jail cells that are still in place.

Behind the jail house is the Pioneer Cemetery. Here stone slabs rise from the ground and several of Bardstown’s most prominent citizens lie in repose.

During the night in the Garden Room, both Rick and Becky were awakened by sounds and what seemed to be voices. Becky also felt pressure on the quilt covering her.

A place we investigated with spirits of a different type was the Maker’s Mark distillery. At the end of the tour, they let you sample the unfinished and finished product.

On the way home, we stopped at Patti Starr’s Ghost Shop in Lexington. Patti is a wonderful person, and her shop is stocked with anything you might need for paranormal investigations.

Case Status: Closed

Private Home Moline, IL July, 2008

A woman contacted us from Moline, Illinois with reports of strange activity in the home that she, her husband, and her small baby was occupying.  Here is her initial report to us in email…

We are interested in your investigation but we are gathering our information to present to you with some details. Basically we have been at the house for almost 8 years. A presence was felt soon after but never threatening. We know there has been a death in the driveway of our home within a couple of years of us purchasing the home. “It” comes and goes but increases if we do improvements to the house, like he is checking on us or something. It is located mainly in one bedroom and through the hallway and rarely in the living room or kitchen. We were fine with “it” for awhile but lately more things have happened. My son was in our bedroom playing and suddenly got very scared and was looking at the corner of the room and ran to me in the doorway. I told “it” that it was fine to be here but do not mess with our child so then I walked into my son’s room and a diaper box that was sitting up suddenly fell over by itself. My husband had an experience in the living room where lots of toys suddenly made noise by themselves but I was going to get more information about that. I have more incidents but those are the most recent.

A team of Steph, Becky, Chris, Sarah, and Diana was assembled and arrived at the home to do the interview and walk through around 6 p.m.  The home itself was small so it did not take much time for Chris, Sarah, and Diana to be shown the son’s bedroom where most of the activity seems to occur and then the hallway and second bedroom as well.   The only other rooms of the house are the living room and kitchen, which are conjoined to form almost one big room, the bathroom, and the outside deck area of the home.

During the interview with Steph and Becky more information was acquired and also more details discussed with some of what was already told to us before.  The wife started the interview and the husband joined in after the walk-thru was finished with the entire team witnessing the rest of its duration and completion.

The previous owner who had died in the house had been found out on the driveway already passed on from a heart attack.  That owner had suffered from diabetes and eventually went blind before death.  His wife remained in the house shortly before selling it to a contractor who then sold it to the present owners.

Most of the experiences seem to be that the woman feels watched some of the time and actually sees things pass from the corner of her eye.  She will ask if her husband is there when she sees a form walk behind her across the hallway but he will not be.  She has felt a presence pass her in the hallway including the slight breeze accompanying it but no one was there.  She does talk out loud to it whenever it seems to involve the baby or issues related to him and has gotten angry only when the presence seemed to affect her son.

The man of the house will see shadows that quickly move from one room to another, but there is no shape to them and they disappear very quickly.  One day the husband saw something pass outside of the window, as if something was walking down the driveway then saw something appear to stop in front of the window and kneel down to look inside at him.  A face was seen in the window but it was not clearly outlined, best described as how a person may see their reflection in the water or as a charcoal drawing.  The form then “stood” back up and was gone.  There was no one that he knew of outside at the time of this experience.  He also heard toys begin to play by themselves in a toy box, first one then another and another and there was no one in the room to physically turn them on as they are manual toys.  The gate outside has also opened by itself for the man and the son to walk thru and this can only be done by physical means as it is not an easy gate to open.

A team of Becky, Steph, Chris, Sarah, Diana, Amy, Jacque, and Pam arrived back at the house at around 8:30 p.m. and split into teams of two with four people in each group.

Lead investigator Becky went into the home first with her team while lead investigator Steph and her team stayed out in the deck area of the house.  The two owners remained inside the living room in the house.  Becky’s team consisted of herself, Chris, Amy, and Jacque while Steph’s team included herself, Sarah, Diana, and Pam.

While inside the house Becky’s team first went into the son’s room and conducted an EVP session there while also checking for any fluctuating magnetic activity or temperature changes.  While in the room Becky and Chris did notice some fluctuations of both things in a stable area but nothing else happened to make the activity substantial.  The team then exited the room and returned back to the deck area.

Steph’s team then went inside the home and also went to the son’s bedroom, where much of the same activity was conducted… Steph did most of the EVP session and Sarah and Diana monitored their EMF meters.  Sarah, Diana, and Steph all had their voice recorders running and Pam videotaped the group and room while this was being done and also took some pictures.  No activity was experienced in this room so the group decided to go to the parent’s bedroom and conducted another EVP session.  Before leaving the room, Steph placed her Digital Voice Recorder in the son’s bedroom to continue playing while the room remained empty and after finished in the parent’s bedroom, Sarah left her Digital Recorder in there for the same reason.

The entire team remained out in the deck area of the home for about 30 minutes to give the recorders some time to record anything unusual.  During that time Steph and Amy went outside in the driveway to do another EVP session using Amy’s recorder, and took a few pictures of the area.  There were neighbors out in their yard at the time, so that particular session was hard to conduct.

The team decided to call the investigation as they felt they had done all that they could do considering the size of the house and the fact that the owners had remained in the living room during the investigation so only a few rooms could be investigated during the night.  The team left the home around 10:00 p.m. with no personal experiences reported from any of the members.


After going through all of the evidence, nothing was found that was unexplained or viable.


We concluded just from our one investigation that we could not find anything paranormal in the residence.  This does not mean that nothing is there or that any experiences haven’t happened to the owners, we just didn’t find anything to aid the unexplained nature as to what they have experienced.  For now the case is closed, unless the family decided to contact us again for another investigation.

For now the case is closed, unless the family decides to contact us again for another investigation.

Case Status: CLOSED

Private Home Eldridge, IA June 28, 2008

MVP was contacted by a couple in Eldridge experiencing several unsettling experiences in their small apartment in which they felt they needed some sort of explanation for.  This was their initial report…

We have had many experiences here. We have had cupboard doors shut on their own, or open. We had one time where it sounded like a bunch of boxes falling in one of the kid’s rooms but there was no boxes at all, even scared the cat. Bobie being pushed out the door downstairs, left marks that I took pictures of. We hear footsteps from time to time. We have had something just loudly whisper our names in our faces while trying to sleep, making us sit up straight in bed. There have been times where we have a plate in our hand and all the sudden this force comes from nowhere and knocks it out of our hand. I was sitting by Bobie one time as she went to put a cookie in her mouth, it was like an invisible force just smacked it out of her hand. I sat there speechless, shocked, and in awe. Things have been moved, or disappeared. It has been quiet lately. We are not afraid, just want to know who it is, what they want, why us, things like that. We believe in the supernatural because we have both had experiences all of our lives. We are enclosing some pictures, the one with the TV if you could blow it up, it almost looks like a worm or snake type thing.

The couple also reported that the activity had been quiet as of late and that they had also put a crucifix up not too long ago as well.  If the two things are connected it is not known.

A small team of Steph, Rick, and Becky arrived at the apartment to conduct an interview and do a small walk-thru of the residence.  Steph interviewed the man and woman while Becky took notes and Rick witnessed the interview.  None of the children were present at the interview nor during any of the investigation that followed.  The team was shown the “hot spots” of the apartment such as the kitchen, side bedroom, and bathtub.

More information acquired in the interview was that the couple had lived in the apartment for about four years and the incidents began to start about six months after moving in.  Upon researching the house the couple discovered from their landlord that the previous occupant had been abusive to her children, locking them into closets in the apartment literally and finally the children were indeed taken away by DCFS.  They have not discussed their experiences with anyone else that live in the complex nor has anyone else said anything to them about any experiences of their own.

In addition to the incidents mentioned above, the owners also reported seeing a black shadow moving from one room out into the hallway and into another room around the same time every night.  Also, that one of their cats repeatedly stares at something in the hallway around the same time at night and makes a ruckus trying to get out of the front door.  Eventually, the cat calms down and does not repeat the same incident the same night.  The other animals of the house do not seem to do this at all.  A few of their children’s friend who have stayed in the house have reported not wanting to stay again and not feeling comfortable in the apartment although they had no prior knowledge of the experiences.  The woman of the residence also reported feeling that something is always watching her in the bathtub while she is taking a shower and that she refuses now to take a shower alone without someone in the bathroom with her.

The apartment consists of two bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen, and living room area.  Only a small team would be needed to investigate due to the limited size.

Rick, Becky, and Steph returned back to the apartment around 8:30 p.m. with the additional members… Chris, Diana, Amy, and Sarah.  After discussing which members would perform the investigation, Steph, Chris, Amy, and Sarah decided to stay in Eldridge while the other three members left after a short conversation with the owners to do work on another investigation.

The team started out by doing a walk-thru of the place seeing if anything in the apartment contained any strong EMF readings that could be noted and found nothing out of the ordinary.  Chris felt a heavy presence in one of the bedroom’s closets, and the members could see the marks where the previous owner had put locks on the outside of the closet doors.  Steph stood in the bathtub by herself to see if she felt anything unusual, and conducted a very short EVP session there.  All of the animals in the apartment were rounded up and taken out of the two bedrooms so that the team would know where they were at all times.  A DVR was placed in the son’s bedroom with the door shut, and another in the closet of the other bedroom where Chris had felt the heavy air.  This door was also shut so that the outside noise in the other rooms would be diminished.

An EVP session was performed out in the living room and kitchen area with all of the members present after which the team split up into teams with two going into each bedroom shutting the door behind us.  Sarah and Chris sat in the side bedroom, where the couple said the most activity occurs, and Steph and Amy in the other bedroom.  Both teams performed an EVP session and after about 20 minutes met back out into the hallway.  It was decided that the team would leave the apartment for some time while leaving all of our DVR recorders running at different points in the apartment to see if anything would be caught.  Sarah left her DVR in the kitchen, Steph left hers in the son’s bedroom, and Chris left his in the closet of the side bedroom with an EMF detector also in the room lying stationary on a table that was away from anything that could set it off.

After the team returned back into the apartment from outside, the team and now the couple of the home moved back out into the living room and conducted another EVP session with the man of the home also asking questions to see if anything would respond to him.  A flashlight was placed in the hallway strategically facing the room where the owners usually saw the shadow and the members also kept a look out for anything unusual there while the EVP session was going on.

While sitting in the living room the EMF detector that had been left in the same place as when we had left did go off on its own a few times, usually only a beep or two but nothing else happened and the detector did not go off on cue.  The rocking chair, that the couple also reported seeing rock before on its own in the room also did not move during the time we were watching it.  The team wrapped up the investigation around 11:00 p.m. while meeting Becky, Rick, and Diana out in the parking lot to discuss anything significant from our concurrent investigations.


After reviewing everything received from that night on the Digital Voice Recorders, other than a few random EMF sounds there was nothing to report.  This also includes pictures from various cameras.  It must be said that there were five cats and one dog in the apartment and it was also windy that night, so many sounds on the DVRs had to be doubted due to these facts or were debunked.


Although MVP did not get anything substantial to support anything paranormal or unexplained in the house that night does not mean that anything does not happen there or perhaps will continue to happen to the people who live there.  We informed the owners that they are free to contact again with any questions or if they feel that they are in danger in any way and we can conduct another investigation for them.  For now the case is closed.

Note: We did not include a picture of the outside of the apartment since it is part of a complex and we didn’t want to disclose anything that we did not have permission for from anyone else in the complex including other residents or the landlord.

Case Status: CLOSED


The couple has since moved from the location and all the activity has now stopped.  They are very happy that they can now have peace.