Private Home- Camanche, IA October, 2009

The investigation started at 7:00pm with a walk through of the residence. At the time there was no one living in the residence. We toured the basement, main floor, and upstairs rooms. The home appeared to be an older home with original limestone foundation. During the tour the home owners relative stated that in the past someone heard the sound of children playing upstairs when no one was up their and Dana a family member had been vacuuming the steps that go to the upstairs and had a feeling of the hair on the back of her neck being pulled.

Sally & the home owner’s relative started the investigation by turning all the light out in the home and went to the basement. Sally set up a controlled experiment with a toy tractor. The position of the tractor was marked and a photo was taken. We listened in silence and conduced an Evp session. A recorder was left in the basement while the investigators went to the upstairs of the home.

Upon going to the upstairs of the home we sat in the front bedroom first. Another control experiment was set up using a ball and a marker to show placement. An audio recorder was placed in the hall as well. While in the front bedroom an Evp session was conducted. Both the home owner’s relative and Sally experienced multiple cold spots as they were sitting on the floor. The both had stated that they only felt the cold from their shoulder to their hands. Their legs and head were not affected by the temperature changes. The windows of the home appeared to be replaced from the original; meaning that they seemed not to be creating a draft. Sally & the home owner’s relative also saw lights twinkling in the closet that were debunked and explained to be headlights from the distance shining through a pine tree.

Sally & the home owner’s relative moved to the smaller back bedroom for a short time. Sally asked a few more Evp questions and they moved downstairs to the living room.

In the living room Sally decided to experience with a pair of dowsing rods. She stated that if anyone in the room who wanted to communicate that a series of yes or no questions. She asked the rods to cross yes and go apart for no. The questions with responses are listed below:

Was this your home? Did you live here? Yes

Was that you who pulled Danas hair on the step? Yes

Is there more than one of you here? No

Do you like when kids come to play? Yes

Do you feel you are trapped here? Yes

Do you have brothers and sisters? Yes

Did you follow us into the basement? Yes

Did we hear your voice in the basement? Yes

Do you know how to cross over? No

Do you want to? Yes

Do you want us to stay here with you? Yes

Do you want us to leave? No

The investigation was concluded after Sally & the home owner’s relative sat in the living room for a while. Sally tried to get an audible response from whoever my still be in the home.

Upon review of the evidence of collected and the clear response of the dowsing rod experiment: I believe there to be paranormal activity in the home. The evidence points to the presence of a young girl.

A copy of the audio was given to the owners of the home.










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