Private Home Camanche, Iowa November 14, 2009

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MVP received a call from a woman in Camanche who wanted our help with a possible paranormal situation in her home. We were glad to oblige, and a team was sent out to the home on Saturday, November 14th to conduct an investigation. The team consisted of Becky, Steph, Diana, Sally, Stephen and Bob. After meeting and introducing ourselves to the woman of the home and her children, we began the interview and walk-thru process.

While Steph, Becky, Diana, and Sally conversed with the woman and children of the home, Stephen and Bob conducted the walk-thru looking for possible high EMF detections and any other items that could cause disturbances that could be mistaken for paranormal occurrences.

During the interview the following experiences were said to have taken place in the home during the nine and a half years in which the family had been living there.

* When one of the daughters was very young, she had an imaginary friend she called “Hopes”. “Hopes” she stated, was her sister from before, rode a train, and lived in the woods. She often wrote “Hopes” on her school papers and played with this “little girl“. This phenomena ended when the daughter reached about five years of age.

* This same daughter feels uneasy in her bedroom, often experiencing a feeling of being watched there. She had heard breathing before in her room – described as a huffing type of breathing next to her bed.

* Recently, both daughters were in the living room and heard a voice whisper something about “Loving Will” while they were watching a TV program that contained celebrities.

* Most of the experiences seem to revolve around the woman of the house. She has heard a voice call out “Mom” many times in the home but she is either alone or her daughters were not the one who had called. She had also heard a little girl in the basement seeming to “pout” but when she looked no one had been down there with her The mother has also heard footsteps but when checking who it was no one was there as well as hearing a “phantom” phone ring. She has heard what she described as someone “crawling into her room” and felt something sit on her bed but it was no one she could see or touch.

* Lilacs has been smelled in the house. This was the favorite flower and perfume of her mother that had passed away a few years before.

* Outside a water spigot seemed to turn itself on, a toy had been moved out into the middle of the floor when no one claimed to move it, and the dog has been barking incessantly at seemingly nothing, especially recently. The cat of the home does not display any strange activity.

* Husband ( although he is skeptical of any paranormal activity) and the woman had heard children giggling when there were no children around.

Stephen and Bob reported some high EMF spikes in the daughter’s bedroom and in an area in the basement but nothing else unusual. It was decided to set up the night-vision camera in the parents’ bedroom of the house facing down the hallway towards the daughter’s room as a wide range of the house could be captured in this position. Taking our audio recorders, EMF detectors and thermometers we set out around the house to investigate.

We began in the basement, conducting an EVP session and Steph had a very close encounter with a mouse. Stephen reported hearing footsteps with his parabolic coming from above. We then moved upstairs and conducted an EVP session in the kitchen and living room, asking several questions and requesting to play with the little girl in several different forms. After spending some time doing this, the team split up on the first floor, with Diana and Stephen going into the daughter’s bedroom, Sally and the woman of the house going into the other daughter’s bedroom, and Bob and Steph going into the parents’ bedroom to watch over the monitor and camera. Note: these bedrooms were all in the same hallway and the doors were all open. The team could see and hear each other easily during this time if needed.

After some time we decided that the one daughter should be invited back into the home in case an entity might feel more comfortable or attached to her and Diana and the daughter stayed in her bedroom alone, while Stephen sat alone in the kitchen (open door to the hallway and in sight of Steph and Bob from the parent’s bedroom).

After spending some more time in these rooms doing EVP sessions and trying a few different techniques, Bob and Steph decided to move the camera downstairs into the basement and leave it to stand alone, while returning to the parents’ bedroom to monitor the camera down below. Note: the camera can pan around in a circle by remote control held by the investigator.

After feeling as though everything was tried to that we could, the team made one more trip to basement to wrap up, and three of the members reported feeling a light-headed dizzy type of feeling followed by a headache out of nowhere in one specific corner of the basement. None of these claims were related to one another and were all separate reports although it was the same exact place in the basement. We were not certain if these feelings were paranormal or  just because of the high EMF readings in that section.

After thanking the woman and her daughter for allowing us in the their home and making our way to our own homes, we all looked forward to reviewing our audio and video we had captured.

There were not many personal experiences by members’ during the investigation, the only one being by Diana and the daughter of the home late in the investigation. Diana reports… “We were sitting in her room and we started talking about her grandmother and asking if *grandmother’s name” was here and I got a substantial hit on my K-2 meter. Before this my K-2 meter had sat there for a long time and never went off. I thought that was a little odd.”

After reviewing our audio and video evidence we did get two possible EVPs, both taken in the daughter’s bedroom. One of them was taken during the walk-thru of the home and was not a direct response to any of our questioning. The other one, the whisper in the daughter’s bedroom, happened when we were investigating, and the mother was showing Diana and Stephen the colored light that was in there. That EVP was in direct response to the mother turning on that light.


voices jordan’s room

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whisper jordan’s bedroom


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The conclusion of our investigation did not bring up any solid evidence with the exception of the two EVPs, which we believe might indicate something unexplained going on in the home, particularly the girl’s bedroom. We would like to set up another investigation there, and focus our efforts on that room to see if we can find anything further.


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  1. I’m one of the daughters who lived (still lives) in this house. I’m trying to listen to these EVPs so I can write about the experience. The EVPs won’t play, is there any way to get these sent to me so I can listen to them again?

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