Private Home Erie, IL June 25, 2008

MVP was contacted by the owner of the airport to do an
investigation of his private residence. The previous
owner was murdered by his wife( she is in prison now)
while he was in bed. In the last 10 years the new owner
and his wife have both had some strange things happen
to them. The two dogs really act like they are watching
someone at times. The couple has heard footsteps and
unexplained noises. One night, he put his boots side by
side on the floor, when he woke up, the boots had been
moved to form a perfect square. Also that night, the two
dogs were making a lot of noise, but he didn’t check on
them as he thought they were just playing around. When
he went to let them out of the room in the morning, he
saw a piece of trim was lodged into the door frame like
someone was trying to keep the door closed.

When the female owner was home alone one day, she
heard a voice call out asking if anyone was home. She
immediately checked outside for anyone on the
property or on the driveway but there was no one
around at all. There was also no one in the home with
her. Another time when she was alone in the house she
was in the hallway when she felt a presence “scare her”
by touching her sides and making a grunting noise as if
it was playing a kind of game that her husband usually
does when he is home.

Downstairs in the basement, the male owner also
reported seeing a pair of legs walking behind him in a
mirror as he was going into the office. There was no
one else in the basement at the time. The female
owner as well as the daughter in the home had seen
this as well. None of them discussed this with the
other ones until it finally came out and then each of
them reported seeing this apparition in the mirror.


A team consisting of Rick, Steph, Becky, Chris and
Sarah was formed to do an investigation on June 25,
2008. Steph and Becky conducted interviews with the
family while Chris, Rick and Sarah did a walk-thru
of the home. The house consists of a main floor with
living room, dining room, kitchen and bath and a
finished basement with a family room and office.


MVP arrived with voice recorders, EMF meters,
temperature probes, digital cameras, and a night
vision camcorder.

The team started the investigation in the main
bedroom where the former owner was killed. We
conducted several EVP sessions and did sweeps of the
room. Next we moved to the other bedrooms, where
several members experienced a heavy feeling in one
of them.We next moved to the basement and continued
the investigation in the family room and office. No one
on the team reported any personal experiences until
almost the end of the investigation.

While in the office, Chris noticed that a model plane,
hanging on a wire, had begun to slowly rotate. He
checked for drafts, air leaks or fans and could find
nothing. After the plane had slowly rotated a turn and
a half and began moving as if on his command, Rick
snapped several photos and went upstairs to retrieve
the camcorder.


Meanwhile, Becky, Steph, and Sarah all heard a knock
coming from the main floor while they were in the
basement. The owner said it sounded like when the dog
jumps off the couch, but both dogs were by him. They
went upstairs to check it out. While sitting in the living
room they heard a second thump come from the back
girl’s bedroom.They went down there and heard a third
thump that sounded like it was from the front of the
house again. They decided to go into the main bedroom.
While in there asking for a sign, Becky handed her
recorder to Steph and went to the bathroom to get a
drink. While standing facing the mirror and sink, she saw
a flash of movement out of the corner of her eye and
heard a loud noise. When she looked for the source of
the noise, she found that an air freshener can had come
off the vanity and hit the toilet and fell on the floor. This
scared her very much as she knew she was no where near
it to have knocked it over. Becky asked the homeowners
if it had been sitting on top of the toilet or on the vanity
and they said they always set it on the vanity, because
 it can fall over on the toilet. Chris checked out the
vanity top and saw that the edge of it was raised, so a
can could not have been placed on the edge and tipped

Back at the downstairs office, Rick and Chris asked the
plane to move again, and Rick recorded video of the nose
of the plane slowly moving to face him and then stop.


Plane Moving - Bump from Bathroom
heavy breath


INCONCLUSIVE. The team plans a return visit to this
location at a later date and at a later time at night,
as the personal experiences seemed to begin late.

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