Private Home Muscatine, IA #2 Investigation May 10,2008


Because of the EVPS we recovered on audio and the flash
of light on video, we decided to drive to Muscatine to
present the evidence to the clients and conduct another
investigation. Steph, Rick and Becky arrived at the house
at 5:45 PM and sat down to present the couple with the
audio and video evidence

The husband and wife both recognized footsteps from the
audio as ones they had heard, and thought one of the
EVP voices sounded familiar. They stated that since the
last investigation, the light in the living room still turns
on by itself and they have heard noises from the upstairs
apartment and basement when no one was around. The
husband seemed validated by the evidence and the wife
seemed a little frightened. The team agreed to return
after 9 PM and conduct another investigation.

After doing an investigation at Greenwood Cemetery,
specifically the Blue Angel, (see Mini-Investigation
Notes)  the team returned to the house at 9:20 PM.
Equipment consisted of three DVR recorders, two EMF
meters, one digital thermometer, one mini-DVD
Night-vision camcorder and two digital cameras.

The first area we investigated was the upstairs front
room where we had heard whistling and laughing
before, and where the symbols had appeared on the
chair. After doing an EVP session and taking pictures,
the team moved on to the upstairs kitchen. Becky
left her audio recorder behind in the front room.

In the kitchen,  the whole team experienced a feeling
of unease and Steph started feeling cold. She was
able to record about a 10 degree temperature fluxuation
on the digital thermometer in her area. The team did
some EVP work and checked for EMF readings. Rick left
his audio recorder in the kitchen and we decided to
investigate the upstairs living room next.

In the living room, Steph ran the video camera, and Rick
and Becky did EVP work with Steph’s audio recorder.

We moved back to the front room to do another sweep
and to sit quietly for awhile and try to feel out the
place. Stephanie was sitting on the floor and she heard
blantent footsteps. We thought it was her moving, but
it turned out it wasn’t and she felt the floor boards move
as well.  While sitting there, Rick thought he saw a black
shadow move in the hallway and Steph had also sensed
something behind her while in the room.

Next, we took some readings in the hallway and went
back to the kitchen area. Entering the kitchen, Rick
and Steph felt an overwhelming pressure and started
to experience headaches and dizziness. Moving to the
corner area next to the refrigerator intensified the
feelings. Both Becky and Steph felt uneasy, and the
hair stood up on Rick’s arms. It was decided to leave
audio recorders in the hallway and bedroom and the
camcorder running in the kitchen pointed towards the
hall. We took the extra audio recorder downstairs to
record evidence.

Downstairs, the team conducted investigations in the
son’s bedroom and the couple’s bedroom. No activity was
recorded, and Rick or Becky felt no spiritual presence
centered in these area. Steph however thought she felt
something briefly in the son’s room.  While downstairs,
noises were heard from the upstairs above.

The team gathered up the equipment and ended the
investigation at 11:45 PM.



2 Whistles


Footsteps Beside Steph


Long Whistle

Loud Noises-Bangs while Alone

Noises while Alone


Nothing was caught on video, although the bangs we
heard while downstairs were recorded.


The team feels that there is activity of some kind in
the house, centered in the upstairs apartment. The
owners have promised to keep us updated on any
further activity.

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