Private Home Muscatine, IA #3 Investigation June, 2008


We decided to do a third investigation as a team at the home, as the evidence from our second investigation was just too strong to ignore and we wanted to see if we could finally bring some peace to the family. The husband and wife had already reviewed the evidence from the last investigation on our website and on May 29th had called and spoke to Stephanie about some seemingly escalating activity at their home.

The husband felt like he had been choked one night as he was lying in bed, and his wife had experienced some scratching on her bed pillow as well as something big flying by her head in her bedroom when no one was in the room with her. The husband’s brother, who had been staying with them, also had an experience where something had woke him up in the night by poking him in the side. Both the husband and wife had heard some more noises from upstairs since we had been there and the wife felt more and more uneasy with the situation. Rick, a lead investigator suggested to light some candles in retaliation but that seemed to make things worse so Steph suggested putting a cross up in the bedroom just to gain strength from. We assured them that we would be back the next weekend and Steph let them know they could call her if they really felt the need to.


A team consisting of Steph, Becky, Chris, and Christi arrived a the home around 7:30 p.m. to do another walk-thru for the members that haven’t been there before and for the team to talk to the family to gather again what had happened since the last investigation. While leaving the home, members Steph and Christi both experienced an intense headache that they both felt come on while they were in the home and disappated quickly after leaving the home. Neither one of them had been experiencing a headache before and it did not come back for the rest of the night.

The team visited Greenwood Cemetery again in Muscatine then returned to the home around 9:00 p.m. Equipment consisted of a digital camera, three DVR recorders, one EMF meter, and one digital thermometer.

After doing a quick sweep in the basement, the team did an EVP session in the downstairs bedroom while waiting for the upstairs occupant to leave to go to work.

While upstairs the team decided to investigate the attic first, then move to the front room, where we had gathered many of our EVPs before and where we had experienced the footsteps during the second investigation. After conducting an EVP session, the team then moved on to the kitchen, where another EVP session was conducted as well as using the EMF meter and digital thermometer. The team then decided to leave our digital recorders running upstairs by themselves while we all went downstairs as this was a way that we had caught some unexplained noises on the recorders before. Steph left her recorder running in the hallway, Becky in the front bedroom with an EMF lying next to it as well, and Chris left his in the kitchen.

After returning upstairs, Steph did some comparing of noises to the “loud banging” noises that we had heard in the second investigation recording when the recorder had been left in the same place in the hallway on a case of water bottles that had not been opened. After comparing sounds what is believed to be heard in that EVP is the sound of a box next to the case of water being hit or shoved repeatedly against the wall and then a DVD falling over as the sounds match uncannily alike. This would result in the manifestation of physical strength of the entity as there was nothing up there to hit the box like recorded.

As a team we then decided to split up, Chris and Stephanie went to the kitchen and conducted an EVP session there and Becky and Christi conducted an EVP session in the front room. While Becky and Christi were doing their session there was an instance where the EMF meter went off once out of the blue after which Christi believed she had seen a shadow out in the hallway around the same time. They also heard footsteps out in the hallway at one time but this was not caught on the recorder. Steph and Chris thought they heard a noise coming from inside a small closet in the kitchen but had no further experiences. After about a half hour the team switched places and then decided to call it a night at around 11:20 p.m.



After reviewing all the DVRs nothing viable was caught on this investigation.


We as a team believe due to the evidence we had gathered on our first two investigations that there is something unexplained going on in that house. We hope that the cross is keeping the maliciousness away or perhaps whatever is going on just didn’t show itself this evening. One of the investigators believes that perhaps the entity in the house is feeding off of negativity between some of the members of the house and if that would cease so would the increasing activity. Another investigator feels that the spirit in the house is male and is possessive of the house, and also a little “old-fashioned” with a high rebellion about being taped and being told what to do (especially from women). We will continue to keep in contact with the family and told them to keep in contact as well, for as long as they feel safe we feel as if though we did our job. As of now we have no plans to return, but we do feel as if there are some things we have taken away from the home in Muscatine that are unexplained.

Case Status: Closed

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