The possible dangers of investigating the paranormal

Clients – the human factor.
Oftentimes the most dangerous thing you’ll face in an investigation will be clients themselves. Remember that you and your fellow team members are volunteering to walk into a stranger’s home who you do not know. Many clients and those claiming to experience paranormal problems are susceptible to mental illness, drug addiction, alcoholism or other factors. You may find yourself in their home and completely at risk.  Many clients may be experiencing psychological duress from the spirits that may haunt them. There may be partial or full possession, depression and other factors you may become aware of after you are at the location. You need to use caution at all times.

When you stick your head in the spirit world, it may follow you home and disrupt your life. Many investigators deal with sudden urges and obsessions, a sudden onset of mental illness, intense times of depression and spiritual oppression. Your family may suffer attacks from the spirit world. Your life may suddenly be filled with traumatic events or unexplained accidents. You may find yourself physically ill and sick with no medical cause or explanation.

During investigations if you experience a spiritual contact you may pick up on and feel the emotions and memories of another entity. Feelings of anger, rage, sorrow as well as memories that are not yours.

Spirit communication
EVPs – any time you are attempting to collect or play EVPs you may be welcoming the spirit world to affect your life. In the same way that a ouiji board or séance opens a door to communication with the spirit world, the simple act of asking questions of a spirit in an EVP session can open the same doors. In playing back EVPs, the vibrations of the spirit voices captured often attracts other spirits. Many times novice investigators will play back the EVPs they’ve just captured while walking back to their vehicles. The spirits whose voices they’ve captured find a valid reason to follow them home in their vehicles. It is recommended that you listen to your recordings after leaving a haunted location in order to prevent hitch hikers. Upon leaving a haunted location every investigator should make a statement that they do not give permission for any spirits to follow them home. This should be done multiple times to help ensure that nothing tags alone, follows you home and essentially disrupts you life.

Television and media portray provoking entities in exchange for evidence, on a frequent basis. This is dangerous. Provoking a spirit can lead to a spirit attack. You should treat all spirits with respect. This is common sense. Put yourself in the spirits position. If I was in the spirit world and you walked into my home and provoked me, in order to capture your evidence, I would be upset and probably follow you home and disrupt your life as much as I could.

Never use Ouiji board, séances, magic or witchcraft during an investigation, as you may put everyone present at risk. Even professional mediums and psychics using these spiritual communication methods during investigations have shut them down after something evil slipped through. These methods have been attributed to most high level hauntings, inhuman and demonic cases that are referred to clergy and demonologists.

These are just a few of the possible dangers of the paranormal.  Exploring the paranormal can be a fun and rewarding hobby, but it can also be dangerous.  Do research. Be prepared just in case you find yourself one day facing the Dangers of the Paranormal.

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