Do you think your home may be Haunted?

Thinking your house may be haunted can be a scary thing! But
keep in mind that a spirit is just a person without a body. Not there to
hurt you, just to get your attention and maybe some help. If you think your
house may be haunted, here is a list of possible signs. .

Do you hear unexplained noises? Footsteps? Heavy breathing? Do
these happen when you are the only one home?

Do lights turn on and off on their own? Do you leave a room, then
come back and the light is on? Or the opposite, lights being off when you
know you turned them on?

Do you have furniture move, or doors open and close by themselves?

Do you have items disappearing, then reappearing hours or maybe
days later? Do you put something down, and then come back and it’s gone?
Or put in another location?

Have you ever noticed a spot in your home that is unexplainably
colder than anywhere else?

Do you ever experience a feeling of being watched? Or the feeling
that someone else is in a room with you when you know you are alone? Do you
have pets that act oddly about a room or spot in your house? A pet that
refuses to go in a room?

Have you ever encountered any out of place odors? Perfume or

Have you ever heard unexplainable whispering, shouting, or heavy

Have you ever had your hair or clothes tugged with no visible

Have you ever seen a shadow that can’t be explained or figured out?

Have you ever seen an apparition?

The most overt sign would be an actual physical assault. Have you ever
been pushed or shoved by someone or something you can’t see? 

If you start to notice anything you can’t explain or figure out, try
keeping a journal and writing down every experience. Try to find real world
reasons for any phenomena you experience. Faulty plumbing, loose or uneven
floorboards, loose hinges on doors, things like that. And try to keep in
mind; ghosts very rarely hurt people, so try not to be too afraid! 

Written by : Jordan Johnson

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