Object Attachment

 One of the strangest, yet unproven, phenomenon that occurs in the
world of the paranormal is object attachment.  It is believed that people
can attach their residual energy to a favorite object such as a chair,
desk, table, etc...  There have been cases out there where people have
experienced paranormal activity shortly after purchasing an antique.  In
most cases this activity is residual, but in some, intelligent hauntings
followed.  An example of this could be someone purchases what they think is
an antique vase, they get it to their home, and suddenly paranormal
activity starts happening in thier home.  What they have actually purchased
was an urn.  People have been known to sell urns to consignment and antique
shops after the contents have been emptied.  Museums can also be places
where activity occurs due to object attachment.  In an episode of Ghost
Hunters, TAPS visits a museum that had an exhibit containing artifacts from
the Titanic.  Since the exhibit went up, the museum had been experiencing
all kinds of strange occurrences.  It was concluded by TAPS that they
believed the artifacts may contain the residual energy of the souls who
perished on the ship.  So the next time you think of purchasing an antique,
consider the fact that you may be bringing a ghost into your home.

Written by Steve

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