Ghost Hunter

  Ghost Hunter: For all intents and  purposes is someone who
Hunts ghosts right? That is the defining question. Do we hunt ghosts or do
ghosts hunt us? As we know from all the paranormal programs out there that
ghosts rarely work on cue and the eager investigator may (or may not )end
up with a clear evp at the end of the night or an amazing picture of a full
body apparition.  With a little lucky  for our efforts we may catch a quick
 glimpse of a human shape in the flir camera or on a real good night the
shadow people may let themselves be seen, but hide just at the edge of
darkness and shy away at every attempt to communicate. The main thing that
defines us as hunters of ghosts is how we present ourselves to the client
as well as our brethren in the field. Personal satisfaction that our team
may boast the most pics or the most evps on our website is a real badge of
honor of course, but something that is often lost in the midst is the fact
that we are all people, we will return home to our family that evening and
enjoy the comfort of others. As we investigate with the living it should
always be in our hearts and minds that the ones we hunt will never walk the
path that we do ever again.

written by Bob Brading

Evps, Photography And What’s In Between

Paranormal research is based upon the theory that life goes on even after
death. From the beginning of recorded history Spirits, Apparition’s and
Ghost’s have been seen by people of all religious faiths and from all
walks of life. With the beginning of the technological age these echo’s
of the past have been captured on both audio and video recording devices as
well as still pictures taken with both digital camera uploaded to a
computer and film cameras that when developed show an unknown presence that
you're sure was not there before. Our ability to see the world around us is
limited by what our eyes are able to relay to our brain and sometimes we
are not aware that the light we see or the sounds we hear are just a small
part of the natural world that surrounds us. The devices used to capture
such Ghostly images and sounds operate on many different levels of the
spectrum in both light and sound,and sometimes the hereafter passes in
between. Evp (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) are the voices in the background
of some recordings that may call out for help,answer questions, or advise
you to hastily leave the place they once called home.The way we hear
everyday sounds is that our ears pick up all the sounds around us and then
translate this information into a form your brain can understand. One of
the most remarkable things about this process is that it is completely
mechanical. Your sense of smell, taste and vision all involve chemical
reactions, but your hearing system is based solely on physical movement.
The theory of electronic recording and evps is that the method of recording
is based on electricity and magnets,for example the magnet your voice
passes over through a microphone may be close to the frequency an evp is
captured thus leaving its imprint on the recording device either
electronic(digital)or Tape(analog),both devices use electromagnetic
microphones.The same may be said with spirit photographs,the light we see
and the light that a camera translates into a picture also varies.The light
we see with our eyes lays between the infrared and the ultraviolet spectrum
and is called visible light, by using a prism visible light can be observed
as being  Blue, Yellow, Red and Green the light on either side of that can
only be seen with the aide of a device designed to operate on this
frequency the F.L.I.R  camera (forward looking infrared) is designed to see
in the infrared spectrum.Some animals also see in the infrared spectrum
such as some reptiles.Pets such as dogs and cats have also been reported to
be highly sensitive to paranormal activity and may in fact may be able to
see things us humans can not.
Written by Bob Brading