Bellevue Indian Mounds

On a spur of the moment I called Bob up and asked if he wanted to take a small road trip to Bellevue and take a visit to the Indian Mounds at the state park. Needless to say I was picking him up about a half hour later and we were heading north and arrived at the bluff top park just before sunset.

We did a session of EVP and lots of pics as we walked along the path next to the mounds and tried to spark a reaction to our visit there. We stayed for just over a hour and it was good and dark with a bit of fog rolling in when we packed up and left back to Clinton.

I didn’t find anything¬†on my camera or Voice Recorder but I do know that Bob captured what appeared to be a orb picture in a place that wasn’t condusive to reflections i.e..dark woods with nothing reflective to be seen by either of us. Ill let Bob show and discuss what he found when he gets a chance to get it posted.

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