Lions Club Muscatine Presentation

Team members Becky Conner, Steve Danielsen, and Bob Brading did a fantastic job representing the group at a presentation for the Muscatine Iowa Lions Club on April 15, 2010. Becky was contacted by George, a homeowner in Muscatine that MVP has investigated for 4 times in the past. He is a member of the Lions Club and wanted MVP to do a presentation for his group.

The presentation started with Becky making introductions and giving a brief history of MVP. Next Steve demonstrated some of the equipment that we use in our investigations to try to collect scientific evidence of the paranormal. Bob had created a 3 page handout that consisted of a flyer on the front page that had our website, youtube address, and contact information, and a multiple choice quiz of pararnormal terms on the second and third pages. Bob made a cd of 19 of our best EVPs from various investigations and Steve played that while Becky explained where each was from and what we believed was being said or heard. The presentation ended with a question and answer period and we had good audience participation for that.

We enjoyed ourselves and believe that the audience obtained a better understanding of our group and the paranormal in general.

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