March 2010 Investigation Private Home Davenport, Iowa

In March 2010, Mississippi Valley conducted two investigations at the home of Kelly in Davenport. Kelly had contacted us for validation for a presence she felt was in the home.  Kelly thought of this woman as Helen and she was believed to be a past owner of the home. Kelly experienced lights, radio, and tv going off and on, and at one time felt she had been grabbed around the ankle, while walking up the stairs. She told of painting at the house and as she went to turn off the light in the entry, the extension pole crashed to the floor in the kitchen.  She also reported experiencing a really heavy  feeling.  Like that feeling that someone is watching you, but really heavy.
MVP conducted the first investigation with members Becky, Stephanie, Steve, Bob, Bryce, Sally, and Paul being present.  Because of possible contamination of evidence, a second investigation was scheduled for the following week. This investigation consisted of Becky, Bob, Steve, and Diana.

Personal Experiences from both investigations

Becky- In the right bedroom, we all heard a very loud noise after I asked for anything there to go closer to the emf to make it go off. I thought I saw a shadow out of the corner of my eye, out in the hallway. Steve, Stephanie, and I all heard an unexplained noise out in the hallway.   Stephanie and I both saw a very bright light flash on the lower part of the bedroom wall, right above the mopboard. I thought I saw a dark shadow pass in front of Steve. It seemed to block him out for a second, to the point where I could not see his light colored hat.

Bob- The only experience I had was seeing what looked like something going past the door frame at the top of the stairs on the second floor, I’m still not sure what it was, like the edge of something medium to light/brown only a few inches of it as it went past the door frame,I stopped at the top of the stairs and called out to see if anyone was upstairs and there wasn’t….?

Stephanie- I did see the small bright orb of light go across the wall once in the main bedroom upstairs collaborating Becky and Steve’s claims.

Steve- I did see the little balls of light in the main bedroom, and had something pulling my hair in the basement.  The hair pulling has yet to be determined being the fact there were several cobwebs hanging from the ceiling.

Steve- 2nd investigation: We were in the middle of a direct K2 conversation with something that was there in the house, when suddenly I lost all control.  I felt a cold sensation ride up my back, then out of nowhere I felt an overwhelming sadness that overtook me.  When asked what was wrong I abruptly answered “I don’t know.”  It was as if something took over my body and my emotions for what seemed to me like minutes, in reality it was like 5 seconds.  I had an experience similar to what a psychic medium would have.  I cannot explain it much more than this.  All I know is I will never forget the experience as long as I live.

Diana-  As for personal experiences the only thing I can say that I witnessed was the direct K2 conversation that we had going on. Which was awesome and I really do believe that Kelly has something there…….. I finally got through audio this weekend and I did have something weird happen, even though I didn’t catch anything tangible on my audio, I noticed when I went to listen to it, the last half or at least the last 1/4 of it didn’t record anything at all…….even though it says it recorded 3 hours of audio I bet there was only about 2 hours total that I listened to and it showed a full battery and my DVR isn’t full by any means it should have had plenty of room on it. But the last hour I left it up in the bathroom by itself while Steve and bob went up to the attic and Becky, me and Kelly went downstairs. Then Steve and Bob came back down to try to recreate the K2 session from earlier and that whole thing should have been on my audio and it wasn’t. Another thing I thought was weird is the fact I remember specifically when I went up there to get it while we were packing it up I remember seeing the red light on it and turning it off… so why didn’t I get anything?



diana light this is the audio of Diana seeing the pinpoints of light that Bob captured on film.




thump and voice


female laughing kelly’s house

voice 2 kelly’s home

voice 3 kelly’s house

female voice calling out


*Photos and video do not claim to be proof of the paranormal

Green and Blue pinpoints of light we were seeing

Green light enhanced

Blue light enhanced

Green and Blue lights circled


white orb

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