Private Home Investigation Illinois City, Illinois

Mississippi Valley Paranormal was contacted by Jim, the homeowner of a home in Illinois City, regarding activity in his home.
The following are some of the claims of activity:
This place has been haunted for a long time there were incidents during my grandparents time but the recent events have continued on for the last 25 years.  The serious haunting began with night visits to the bedrooms with heavy breathing and the room turning so cold you would have thought you could see your breath, that progressed to the bed being pushed down and waking you from a sound sleep, then to being shoved or poked.  This went on for some time then it finally slowed to today only an occasional event maybe every 6 months. We have a dog that is occasionally bothered and will jump up and bark at it or sometimes you can see her looking as if she sees something.  Drawers have been pulled open in front of a room full of people, pictures slammed down, lights being turned on or off, toilets flushing, clothes dryer being turned on.
The most current events are as follows you will hear conversations as if you can almost understand them but not quite, keys missing for 2 months then turning up in the middle of the living room floor.  This week a pile of change on the counter was there at 4 AM but missing at 8 AM with no one in the house.  The serious events with in the last few months have happened in the garage with myself and brother in the garage about to close it up after a projec. We heard a loud meow from the attic and thought it was a cat that had gotten in I went up to shoo it out and was calling it.  The noise got really loud came up to me then went past to the other end of the attic. There was no cat up there I told my brother and came down.  After I got down a popcorn tin was thrown from the attic and hit me, I threw it back and told it this is my garage.  This last month my brother went to the garage when he turned his back to leave he heard a noise, turned and the drawers on the big tool box were open he went and closed them before he got to the door they were opened
again.  He caught a glimpse of an old man walking past the door then
disappeared. My sister saw someone standing behind her as she looked at her reflection in the window.  She moved to see if it was a fluke but only her reflection moved when she looked behind her no one was there.

A team consisting of Becky, Bryce, Steve, Jordan, Paul, and Bob started the investigation with Bob and Steve setting up video equipment. A voice recorder was set in the basement next to some Native American artifacts. We then conducted an EVP session in the dining room/ kitchen area. During that time, we all experienced seeing the lazer light beam going out twice, with no explanation for it and no reoccurence of it at any other time.

The members split up with Jordan and Becky staying in the house, Bryce and Steve in the garage, and Bob and Paul in the wooded area. During the night, the members switched teams and did a thorough investigation of the home and grounds. All members experienced unexplained noises.

Becky and Bryce both reported hearing conversations through their headphones, but nothing was caught on any dvr. When Becky was sitting in the recliner, in the living room, it felt like something pushed on the back of the recliner. She also reported smelling the scent of flowers while sitting at the dining room table. Later during the night, Bob reported a floral scent, as well, and was not aware of Beckys earlier report of it.  Bryce reported that in the Garage he heard the sound of something hollow being hit (a storage drum possibly), movement of the attic ladder, and 2 meows from a cat that was unseen and not captured on audio. In the woods he heard the sound of a branch breaking, but this could have been an animal.

The team concluded the investigation after 3 hours.

The following unexplained audio was captured:

deep voice cleaned

help me



thump garage

unknown voice

very faint whisper garage


whisper garage




DVR set next to Native American artifacts

View of the basement with mist
Same view of the basement without the mist.

4 thoughts on “Private Home Investigation Illinois City, Illinois”

  1. Great Evidence! Becky, how could a person, like myself, become part of M.V.P? I live in Dubuque and have always been interested in the paranormal. I have my own equipment and have conducted a few smaller scale investigations. I’m looking to become a member of a paranormal research group and was wondering if you had any openings? Thanks again and keep up the good work!

    Adam Fuller

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