Conducting a Proper EVP Session

In most paranormal investigations, investigators conduct what is
called an EVP session.  These are conducted in hopes to receive a vocal,
visual, or audible response from whatever may be lurking there.  There are
a few rules when conducting a session that every good investigator should
follow.  1.  Keep your questions short and to the point.  2.  Allow 15 to
20 seconds between questions to allow for response.  3.  Note any and all
sounds heard by "tagging."  Tagging is making a vocal note of any sound
heard by the investigator.  When going over audio, if you come across a
voice, whisper, or sound that was not tagged, you can note it as possible
paranormal.  4.  Try to keep your questions on an interpersonal level. 
Remember that you are speaking to what once was a person, who doesn't know
you or why you are there.  5.  Try to refrain from provoking at all costs. 
You never know what or whom you are dealing with.  Provocation is only used
when absolutely no signs of activity have been noticed the whole night. 
Some investigators believe that provocation is the only way to get results.
But think about it from the other side of this.  If you were a ghost,
would you want to cooperate with anyone demanding things of you or trying
to anger you?  Provocation can also be dangerous if dealing with a
malevolent or demonic entity as I found out on our Clinton investigation. 
6.  Try to refrain from coughing, sneezing or clearing your throat during
an EVP session.  If you have a cough that is difficult to control it is
best not to participate in the session.  7.  Try to eliminate any and all
outside contamination, by allowing other investigators or clients to know
that you are conducting a session and to be silent at all times during.  8.
Allow only one person to ask questions during the session, this way it
eliminates any confusion and keeps the conversation between the
investigator and the ghost.  9.  Most importantly, use your senses.  Your
sense of hearing, sight, smell, taste, touch, and even intuition.  You
never know what you might miss if you close yourself off to these things. 
10.  Think outside the box, don't ask the same questions over and over. 
Whatever you may be talking to might become bored.  Use historical
references, talk about the weather, maybe talk about an event that happened
at the time when the spirit was alive.  If you follow these 10 simple
rules, you should be able to conduct a picture perfect EVP session.  Happy