On August 28th, at 7:00 pm,  MVP will be returning to the East Moline Library. The group held a presentation and public investigation on July 17th

and it was a big success.  Some surprising results from the investigation will be revealed when the group returns on August 28th for

a reveal, new presentation and another public investigation. If you would like to be a part of the fun, please contact Tami at the library at


Private Home Muscatine Iowa #5

MVP returned to this Muscatine location for the 5th time.  This was one of the more active cases we’ve had leaving us all scratching our heads a bit (and of course planning for our return investigation). EMF levels at times were a lot higher than normal and seemed to dissipate and return for no apparent reason, Wiring being a culprit for a majority of the EMF it still could not explain a lot of the activity we experienced and we believe merits further investigation to accurately pinpoint the exact source. Team members present were Jordan, Stephanie, Andrea, Chris, Paul, and Bob.  During our time there Chris and Stephanie lead the group as we toured the house with tenants and we set up IR cameras and audio recording devices in some of the hotspots throughout the home. Chris with Cell sensor(EMF detector) Paul and myself took the first session in the upstairs kitchenette and were delighted to have what appeared to be responses to some of our questions using the cell sensor as a communication media. We mounted an infrared night vision camera in the main kitchen area part of the night where dishes had been reported to have been moved and dumped but had no luck in capturing anything there. We switched groups during the night to give everyone a chance to investigate, new member Andrea of Dubuque IA, Stephanie and Jordan were the second group to investigate the upstairs area with similar results. Reports so far have lead some to believe that an older male spirit may perhaps be responsible for some of the activity but that has yet to be proven. Several pictures (that are posted here) were also taken during the night that yielded some interesting results as well. It is our belief that this case needs to be looked into further and a return investigation planned, special thanks to George for inviting us to investigate its always a pleasure to return to Muscatine also known to some as “Pearl button” capital of the world. This case brought about some unexpected events that I think deserve a mention also .It was brought to our attention by a fan Kathy at “Culvers” in Davenport IA that more people are following our site and becoming fans of Mississippi Valley Paranormal and we would just like to welcome all of you who take an interest in our work and take a second to just say “Thank you”.

Personal experiences:

Stephanie- The EMF detector was set on the line between the kitchen and hallway and was sitting there dead for a good 5 minutes or so (since we arrived upstairs).  I asked it several questions with no results.  When I specifically asked if “it” wanted us to leave the EMF detector went off with about three to four beeps then went silent again.  It remained silent for the 30 seconds or so it took for us to leave the upstairs in accordance. Later in the evening, myself and other team members asked it to come near the detector, in which it would start going off.  Then I asked it to back away from it and the detector stopped.  This happened three or four times with everyone on the team as a witness.

Photos are for entertainment only and do not make claims of paranormal activity.

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