On June 26th, 2010 the group returned to one of our most active
investigations in Rock Island Illinois.
Skellington Manor, otherwise known as the Rock Island Masonic Temple was
built in the late 1800s and was home to many area masons.  The temple was
built as a way to join outer lying factions to one central location.  Since
Free Masonry has been deemed a secret society, it is unknown as to what
these masons did here.  The investigation started with a short tour given
by one of the owners.   We then met in the ionic hall to assign teams and
ready our equipment.   While in the Ionic hall, terry was looking at some
old books that were on a shelf, some of them dating back to 1848.  He had
set his recorder on the shelf and began asking if whatever may be in the
room minded if he looked at the books.  Shortly after asking that, his
recorder battery was drained to nothing.  He said that he had brand new
batteries in the recorder, so this was noted.  Upon further review, no EVP
was caught at this time.  Terry then decided to tell us a little about Free
Masonry as his ex-wives parents once belonged to the society.   While he was doing
this, a knocking sound was heard, and a brief cold spot was felt in the
corner near the old fireplace.  The building was not air conditioned so
this was peculiar to find this cold spot.  Nothing more happened at this
We then divided into two teams.  Team 1 was Steve, Terry, and Chris
with Chris as team leader.  Team 2 was Bob, Paul, and Andrea led by Bob.
Team 1 went to the basement and team 2 went to the second floor.  While
investigating the basement, Chris was looking at some old books that were
in an old locker known to be a hot spot for activity.  While he was looking
at the books and speaking aloud to whatever may be there, a loud gurgling
sound was heard and an orb was caught on video.  The gurgling sound was
found to be coming from a floor drain and the orb turned out to be a fly.
Terry claimed that he had started to feel strange, and somewhat cold while
in the basement so Steve decided to take over with an EVP session.  While
asking various questions nothing strange seemed to happen until a question
was asked about a specific Masonic officer.  Terry asked if this officer
was present, and an EVP response was caught.  Terry and Chris then decided
to go into another room in the basement while Steve decided to stay and do
a little isolation experiment.  While alone in the room, Steve started to
do some minor provoking.  While doing this a loud bang was heard.  Chris
Immediately contacted Bob on the second floor via radio.  Bob said that
they had heard the sound too, but were unable to figure out where it came
from.  It sounded like someone banging on a pipe.  Steve continued the
provocation by telling whatever was there to come and get him.  Right after
this was said, a faint laugh was heard by Terry and Chris.  Later in review
it was found that a male laugh or chuckle was caught on audio.
On the second floor Team 2 reported nothing strange except the loud
bang.  Outer doors were left open due to the building not having air
conditioning.  This created a lot of noise contamination which made
investigating difficult.  Team 1 then went to the second basement, and Team
2 went to the third floor.  While in the second basement an EVP session was
held with little results.  Team  2 had the same on the third floor.  Teams
were then switched up.  Team 1 was now Bob, Terry, and Steve on the third
floor, and Chris, Paul, and Andrea on the second floor.  While on the third
floor, we noticed that there was quite a commotion outside with the police.
We heard police sirens for about an hour which made things very difficult
so all we did was sit and monitor the IR camera that was pointed down the
hallway.  Again things were quiet as far as activity goes.  We then decided
to all join together and hit the most active floor in previous
investigations, the 4th floor.  This floor of the building was dedicated to
the Eastern Star and Rainbow ladies auxiliaries.  While on the 4th floor an
EVP session was held.  Immediately after questions were asked we all heard
what sounded like a chair sliding across the floor.  We could not determine
what moved or where the sound came from.  It was very loud, and the sound
was caught on audio.  Nothing else was experienced after that, so the group
decided to wrap.  Even though the building was inactive this time, we still
believe there is paranormal activity happening within the building.  We
believe that the activity was brought out by the construction of the
haunted house that the owners host every year, and the recent remodeling of
other areas of the building.  EVP evidence and pictures to follow.


female voice and footsteps second floor skellington(2)

sliding sound third floor skellington

skellington basement response to chris