East Moline Library Investigation

Tami Cox at the East Moline Library contacted Becky regarding MVP
conducting a presentation and public investigation at the library. The
group went into the library, prior to a public investigation to try to get
a feel for the library and any possible paranormal activity. Tami reported
past occurrences of books moving, stuffed animals flying off the shelves
and a possible chair moving from a previous investigation. The group then
concentrated on the areas of reported activity. The first public
investigation was held July 17th. During this time, MVP held a presentation
and introduced guests to the group and some of the equipment being used.
Team members broke off into smaller groups of themselves and guests to do
the investigation. The results of that investigation were then presented to
guests on August  28th when the group returned for a 2nd public
investigation. MVP would love to thank Tami for the opportunity of doing
the presentations and investigation. Everyone in the group had a fantastic

Personal experiences reported:
(personal experiences are not proof of paranormal activity)

Diana commented  that she thought she saw something streak between the
bookcases once, towards the end of the investigation, but Terry had just
taken a picture so it might have been a reflection and she wasn’t sure.

Steve says his personal experiences included hearing knocks in response to
questions and a response with his flashlight that was not caught on video.

Bob captured some audio that sounded like books being moved around, when
they were all downstairs.

Terry wrote  that he had a creepy feeling a few different times in the
area where the hooded thing was seen. They would dissipate as soon as he
said something. He did hear one lone tap at times from the wall near where
the book appeared to move from the first visit. He thought it could have
possibly been bricks cooling, but it did stop every time he went over
there. He also heard some small noises behind him when he left the room a
few times, but has nothing to prove any of this as paranormal.


(photos are only displayed as photos of interest, not proof of paranormal


this is a link to the audio of the books seeming to move


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