Private residence Moline, Illinois

Chris was contacted by a co-worker in regards to our group conducting an investigation at her home. Her main reports were of escalated activity since her daughter had turned 16. Clients reported unexplained voices, lights and electrical appliances going off and on, doors opening and closing, and objects moving. Terry, Paul, Jordan, Becky and Andrea formed the team of investigators.

The team concentrated on the upstairs rooms, since that is where most of the reports of activity took place. A videocam was set up in the hallway in hopes of capturing the reported shadow. The team split up into different areas of the upstairs so that they could monitor any activity, but remained in sight of each other. Several EVP sessions were conducted, before asking the clients children to participate, one at a time, in hopes of producing any of the reported paranormal experiences.

Personal experiences reported are as follows:

Terry writes “I had almost no personal experiences. I did feel a heavy feeling when I was upstairs alone taking photos and video before the investigation started. I also heard the light bulb above me tap, two different times, but it didn’t strike me as paranormal. I was able to capture some EVPs.

Becky reported that my dvr was not functioning during the majority of the investigation. The only personal experience I had was watching the flashlight go off. After we had been talking for about 5 minutes, Jordan said something about we were going to leave, so turn it off, she was too lazy to and the flashlight went off and then back on.

Andreas’ personal experience was at the end of the investigation when she was standing near Becky and felt really cold on her left side, to the point of having goose bumps.


9 29PM becky laughs then whisper

10 23PM all of us in far room, whisper

chill out

I wouldnt do it

that’s not working

light goes off

The family reports, to Chris, that activity seems to have ceased since we investigated.