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MVP conducted an investigation at a daycare center in Davenport after one of MVP’s members was contacted through a friend about some strange things happening there. For business purposes the daycare asked to remain completely anonymous on the name and the location where the investigation took place.

We arrived at the daycare around 6:00pm to start setting up the equipment and to do a walk through to learn more about some of the reported activity that has been going on there. The team members present were Becky, Steve, Bob, Sally , Diana, Stephanie and Andrea. While we were all sitting in the main room of the daycare, Becky, Steve, Diana and Andrea heard what sounded like a female child’s voice say something with what sounded like 3 words, with the last word being “OK”. Several of us looked over simultaneously to the same part of the room when we heard the voice. Some of the reported activity that has taken place there are doors opening and closing on there own, radio’s being turned on with the stations changing at random, a man’s voice being heard when there is no man present, a baby crying when there are no babies there at that time, toys being knocked off of shelves along with big industrial sized cans of food that were found on the floor in the pantry when they were previously on shelves. Loud banging on the doors only to find no one there when opened, footsteps being heard and one of the daycare employee’s reported the feeling of being followed around as she was walking. After doing the walk through and interview with the employee’s of the daycare IR cameras and audio recording devices were set up in the reported hotspots in the daycare. Right before the
investigation started, one of the employee’s of the daycare reported being touched on her backside after doing the initial walk through and said it was the first time she had every been touched.

Team members divided into two groups consisting of Stephanie, Bob and Diana who took the first session in the basement. An EVP session was conducted with Bob taking pictures. A couple of knocks were heard that sounded like they were coming from shelves that had toys stacked on them while asking some questions, but nothing definite. A
K2 meter was also placed on the table during the EVP session, but it also had no activity. The other group consisted of Becky, Steve, Andrea and Sally who stayed upstairs to investigate. Half way through the investigation the groups switched locations so that every team member got a chance to investigate all the rooms in the daycare.
It is our belief that this case needs to be looked into further and a follow up investigation is planned.  CASE STATUS: OPEN

Team member personal experiences:

Andrea- The only personal experience I had was the brief faint scent of baking bread when the clients sister asked me if I smelled it at the end of our investigation.

Stephanie- Felt a little light-headed while walking into the blue room by myself at the start of the investigation.  The feeling passed but I only felt that sensation the whole night while in that room right after conducting the intervew with the client.
Myself, Becky, Diana, and Bob were on the main floor in the “blue room” conducting an EVP session.  After my statement to “make a noise in the other room if you would like” or something to that effect all of us heard a noise in the other room that was distinct and pretty loud.  I thought it sounded like something fell onto the ground but we didn’t find anything later.  That noise was not repeated.
Myself and Becky were watching Sally’s camera later in the night after it began to have malfunctions occur noted by Bob.  The camera would “lose signal” and go black then come back on and repeat.  It seemed to be doing this at regular intervals but was not doing so earlier in the night.  While I was looking at the camera all of a sudden I saw a very big bright ball of white light appear in the room and travel through it.  This was about the size of a beach ball or bigger and very very bright.  It appeared to change directions and had a trail behind it as well.  We have seen bugs before and both Becky and I agreed that we didn’t think it was a bug and defintely not dust or any light from the outside.  The bright ball of light appeared for about 4 seconds or so.  Becky noted the time we observed this after a short delay as about 8:05 p.m..  When we later asked Sally about her camera and the malfunctions that had occured we discovered that the camara’s batteries completely drained at 7:59 p.m. and the camara had turned off then.  It did not record what me and Becky saw.  Whatever it was that we saw had occured right at the moment or shortly after the batteries were completely drained.  Sally had put brand new batteries in before this investigation and she said it usually takes a week or more for the batteries to completely drain.

Bob- I also was witness to the event in the blue room, it sounded like someone dropped something on a table just a few feet from where i was sitting, I did not see anything only heard the sound but it was close by.
Steve- My personal experiences included. While in the blue room taking EMF readings, I noticed that the atmosphere of the room had changed. I had felt dizzy and sort of like a pressure on my head. I noticed that while walking I was staggering. It almost felt as if someone was following me around the room. I then left the room to go into another room and the feeling followed me in there. After leaving that room to go into the kitchen the feeling ceased. Also, while in the blue room at a later time, I had caught the smell of baking bread. It lasted for about 5 seconds and was gone. There was no food lying around nor was there anything near by resembling a bakery. While doing the interview with the client, I heard what sound like a women or a child’s voice join into the conversation. I did not recognize the voice as anyone in the room and the voice was heard by 4 other investigators that were in the same room. I heard 2 word one of them being the word “OK”.

Diana- During the interview with the client, I heard what sounded like a woman or a child’s voice say something. I could not make out what all was said, but I did hear the word “OK” at the end. 3 other investigators heard the same voice and all turned our heads at the same time in the direction of the voice. Later in the investigation, when we were in the blue room, I felt a little dizzy and light headed but the feeling didn’t last long and I didn’t have that feeling anywhere else in the daycare. Also, the blue room had a very heavy feeling in it and at times I did not feel comfortable sitting in there. I was witness as well to the sound of something being dropped on a table or floor while sitting in the blue room, but didn’t see anything, just heard the noise.

Becky-During the interview process, I heard what sounded like a female child voice say “Are you okay?”. I immediately looked towards Andrea, because it seemed to come from her direction and I was wondering who she was talking to. But when I looked over there, she was just standing looking out the window. I saw several other members look in that direction after I had heard the voice, so I asked Andrea if she had just said something and she said she hadn’t. I then asked Stephanie and she denied saying anything either. This voice was heard by Diana, Steve, Sally, and myself but we did not all hear the same thing.

I was filming members setting up and was walking towards where I had seen Steve. When I got to the entrance way of the blue room I smelled a very heavy floral smell, like lots of flowers mainly carnations, but the smell went away. I went to step down into the blue room and felt a heaviness upon entering it. This heaviness soon went away, as well.
While I was watching the monitor for Sallys camera, towards the end of the investigation, Stephanie and I both noticed a very large, bright ball of light streak down the screen. It had a tail showing as well. This was much too large to have been dust or a bug.



Baby Room Voice 2

Basement Response

female moan nursery daycare


get away

gruff whisper under my talking daycare

kitchen sound

Knock (2)



name daycare



response knock

two moans basement daycare

unknown whisper daycare

whisper basement daycare

One thought on “Anonymous Daycare”

  1. From all the evidence collected, I would have to say that there is a very strong female presence there, and it seems to be intelligent. There is also I believe to be a male presence but not as strong. In the last evp whisper basement, it sounds like a male voice saying “we’re dead.” As if he wanted us to stop asking questions. The female presence does not seem to be malevolent in any way, just curious. I think she enjoys the children being there and has no problem letting people know she is around.

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