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On November 6th, 2010 MVP conducted a follow-up investigation to a private home in Illinois City, IL with permission from the owners. People present at this investigation included Steph, Steve, Diana, and Terry. After arriving at the house a little after 7:00 p.m. we first conducted an interview with the owners to gather any recent experiences and/or if anything has increased in the home since our last visit.

Jim reported hearing various growls around the house including in his bedroom at the foot of the bed. Things had been moved, for instance a catalog on the kitchen table being opened after leaving a room when previously it had been closed. There was a Halloween bowl that is set off by movement that has gone off by itself when nothing was around. Shadows were seen outside. The owners were particular interested in the EVP we gathered the last time the team was there of a voice stating “help me”. We thanked them for allowing us back and told them we would do what we could do.

Since the team was so small and the house is on the smaller side we all stuck together the whole night so that we wouldn’t have to worry about noise contamination from each other. Steve set up his video camera on a tripod in the room off of the kitchen to film directly into the kitchen. Terry also set up his camera from the front room towards us in the kitchen and we put various audio recorders around the house as well as had at least one with the group the whole time. As an experiment Steph set up the Halloween bowl that sensors movement in the kitchen on the opposite end from everyone else to see if it went off.

Steph also placed a closed catalog on the kitchen table and verbally asked out loud to show her something in it if they wished. Steve also set some coins on the table to see if any would move or disappear

We started an EVP session in the kitchen and later moved into the living room in the front. Steph sat in the chair that Becky had felt push her forward last time with the others on the couch and chair in the other parts of the room. We then moved into the bedroom in which the growls were reported in and conducted an EVP session there. Lastly, we all moved to the basement where it seems had the most activity for us all night.

After coming up from the basement we moved into the side bedroom upstairs by the bathroom that seemed to hold the most “pull” from various members of the group. No one seemed to like that room too much which was never really explained, just more of a feeling.

Personal experiences:

Steph – Every time I stepped into the doorway of the bedroom upstairs by the bathroom I felt lightheaded. Every single time and it would come on immediately and strong. I felt this way nowhere else in the house. At one time out in the front room when everyone was walking into the front bedroom I suddenly felt as if something was behind me and I hurried everyone into the room as I wanted to get there so my back was no longer facing the room we were coming out of. Downstairs there was a blatant noise that came after I asked “would you like those artifacts to be reburied in the grounds?” Everyone heard it as it was loud and sudden. It did not come again at any other time in the basement although there were a few lighter ones here and there. We agreed that the lighter ones were probably just the house settling but not the loud noise we all heard as it could not be easily explained.

Steve – Felt the heavy feeling in the bedroom off of the living room. While interviewing the client I saw a flash of light in the corner near the bedroom but did not know what to make of it at the time. While in the bedroom off of the living room I felt as if it was hard to breath in the room and that the atmosphere was heavy. Also while in the basement I, along with everyone else, heard the loud knock in response to Steph’s question.

Terry – Hair felt almost electric when we first got there. And, pretty loud bang in the basement that was obvious, and heard by all. Thought it had a different feel when we turned the lights back on at the end of the investigation.

Diana – I can’t say that I had many personal experiences except when we were downstairs and when Steph asked if the artifacts that were recovered from the land should be buried again and there was that loud bang and I felt a cold breeze on my right side as I was sitting on the couch. I also had a creeped out feeling when we were in that bedroom off of the kitchen and I heard what sounded like something being moved or dragged and I felt like there was someone standing behind me.


9 33 do you want them to rebury the artifacts Bang

female voice illinois city

whisper illinois city

7 57 Help

help him

motion bowl

We want to thank Jim and his sister again for letting us come out into to home.  We cannot explain scientifically everything that has happened in our investigations in the house so we believe there is something going on. We don’t feel that it should be feared but want to extend our help at any time the activity starts to feel threatening and they do not feel safe in any way. For now, the owners have just found a way to deal with the experiences in the home and are (semi) peacefully living side by side with the activity.

As a side note….If you plan to set up a sensored Halloween bowl with a big moving hand and a very loud noise when it goes off at a paranormal investigation remember that it is there and where it is. Also remember that it may go off when taking pictures. That thing scared the heck out of many members during the night as it went off (by natural means) and may have been responsible for several underwear changes among us all.

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