Investigation of private residence Colona, Illinois

On November 20th 4 MVP investigators were sent to a home in Colona,
IL.,in which multiple claims of paranormal activity were reported by the
current resident.  These investigators included Steve, Terry, Stephanie,
and Chris.  This resident has two children, and in a situation where children
are involved MVP is quick to respond.
     Upon arrival a quick walkthrough was done revealing no unusually high
EMF except in the kitchen from the stove and microwave which is common with
such appliances.  A pre-investigation interview was done to find out any
and all claims of activity.  Claims included seeing multiple shadows on a
frequent basis in the hallway.  A massive black shadow was claimed to be
seen  by the client at the foot of the bed upon waking up in the middle of
the night.  One other claim was the smell of incense at first being subtle
and later filling the entire apartment.  Cabinet doors were said to open by
     Steve set up an infrared cam in the bedroom where the large shadow
figure was seen, with a good angle of the hallway and bathroom where other
shadows had been seen.  The group decided to start in the living room with
the client not present.  The client had a few small animals which were
observed closely for any changes in behavior during investigation.  An EVP
session was held in the living room yielding no results.
Terry did however see a shadow of a person pass in front of the children’s
bedroom window. In an attempt to debunk this Chris went outside and walked
past the window and the same shadow was seen.  He had also reported that
the client and a friend were out there at the time.
        We then split up and went into the two bedrooms.  Chris and Steve
were in the master bedroom, Stephanie and Terry in the children’s bedroom. 
A second EVP session was held.  During this session  Steve claimed to have
seen a large shadow pass along the hallway wall heading toward the
bathroom.  Steve then noticed the busy street outside and it was believed
that the passing cars’ headlights were causing shadow play in the hallway
where many shadows had been seen.  Terry also reported seeing a small
shadow low to the floor which was explained away as probably being the same
thing.  No EVPs were recorded at this time.
     Deciding to have the client return to see if the activity was
centered with her, we reconvened in the living room to do one last EVP
session.  While conducting EVP Steve again reported to have seen a small
shadow peering around the doorway of the hall looking right at him then
ducking around as he attempted chase.  This shadow  was believed to be the
result of a trick of the eye as nobody else saw the shadow as 2 other
investigators were looking in the same direction.  It was after this we
decided to wrap it up.
     Upon further evidence review no audio or video yielded results.  No
shadows were caught nor EVPs.  The claims of the incense smell can be
explained by the fact that the apartments are all side by side and may
share the same duct system.  A person burning incense 3 doors down could
possibly work its way through the ducts and make its way into many of the
apartments.  This is just a possible explanation, not a fact, due to not
being able to test the theory.  
     Our results concluded that no paranormal activity could be detected
at the time of the investigation, but  due to recent activity reported by
client after the group leaving this case remains open and may require a
second investigation to make certain of such.  It is suggested by this
investigator that the client have the microwave and stove shielded for EMF
output as this may be the root cause of heavy feelings experienced in that