New Liberty Iowa Private Home Investigation

In November, we were contacted by a couple in New Liberty that wanted MVP to conduct an investigation at their home. Unfortunately we had to reschedule a couple times due to the weather. On January 8, 2011 a team consisting of Becky, Bob, Paul, Andrea, and Chris met at the home to interview the couple and perform a walk through of the areas of reported activity.

Reports of activity included doors opening and closing, loud noises, footsteps, lights going off and on, objects moving on their own, the baby appearing to be frightened of something in her room, bright lights, and shadows.

Chris and Bob set up camera, lap top, and real time audio in the babys room, Andrea and Paul went to the basement and Becky was in the living room with the homeowner . Becky started an evp session and at times involved the homeowner in it. Becky did hear what appeared to be a whisper at one time and the homeowner reported shadows out of the corner of his eyes. After a while, Paul and Andrea concluded in the basement and came back up to the main floor and joined Becky and the homeowner. Andrea decided to try out her “ghost box” that she had made and the group proceeded to do another EVP session involving it. There was a question that Becky asked, why would you want to hang around this house, and Andrea and Becky thought the response sounded like “spirit”. Becky then asked, “so you can’t pass over” and it sounded like a long drawn out “no” in response. After reviewing the audio during the box session, there did appear to be some responses to our questions. We do not consider the ghost box as proof of paranormal activity, but find the responses interesting.

Personal Experiences:

Bob: A strange event did happen at the New Liberty investigation that none of us could explain at the time. Upon leaving the babys bedroom, I tagged out loud the fact that I was opening the closet door to allow whatever may be in the house to move freely. I left the room and went downstairs to get some equipment and returned upstairs to get with Chris on our EVP sessions. I began my EVP session alone in the room as Chris was monitoring the audio in the room across the hall, on his laptop. I was startled to notice that the door in the childs room was now closed and almost seemed to be slowly swinging back open. The door moving could have been caused by shadows from headlights, but I have no explanation as to why the door was completely shut. This was one of the claims of the owners, that it has happened before.

Audio (contains EVP and “ghost box” sessions)


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