Davenport Iowa Home Investigation

Our most recent investigation held on February 12th, 2011, was at a private residence in Davenport Iowa. Investigators present for this investigation were Becky, Bryce, Stephanie, Steve, and Bob, as well as Bob’s 16 year old son Andrew. Upon meeting the clients we introduced ourselves and proceeded to do our initial interview as a group about activity they claimed had been happening recently. We also talked with them about the general history of the home.

Along with the clients recent experiences it seems the house itself has a long history of paranormal occurrences dating back several years. One of the claims we discussed was the frequent sound of footsteps on the upper floors to which they had no explanation due to the fact the it was evident that there was nobody else in the house at the time. Another claim was the sound of disembodied voices heard by several people who frequent the home, and once again upon investigation by the client it was obvious no other people were present but the home owners. It was reported that a dog that visited the home would stand barking at the foot of the steps at something unseen, and that it would not set foot up the stairs even when being physically encouraged. A cat that had also been present would also never set foot upstairs. A general EMF(electromagnetic field) sweep of the home discovered high EMF levels in some areas but this could also be caused by home wiring. This seemed to have no effect on our investigation.

Personal Experiences:

Steve reported feeling as if someone was blowing on the back of his neck. When doing an EVP session he saw his EMF meter started to spike and then got the feeling of static and cold chills up his back. The upstairs room had a high base EMF reading of .3 to .5 and had EMF spikes from .3 to .9 then had a big spike to a 2.3 and heard the chair creaking during the same EVP Session. While doing the interview he reported hearing several times a female voice sounding like it was coming from upstairs. Bryce, another team member also heard this. Steve also reported heard footsteps. Steve quotes… “While Steph, myself, and Bryce were in the small room on the second floor I saw a shadow pass the doorway. Originally we thought we had debunked it as the shadows of cars passing, but audio confirms that when I mentioned seeing the shadow an EVP was caught of a woman saying “uh huh” This then followed by another EVP saying “I’m OK”. I also heard the loud crash that came from the attic when we were doing the interview.”

Becky reported hearing a female voice saying what sounded like 2 words, prior to Stephanie speaking. This was caught on several audio. She also had the feeling that her arm was being pushed, while in the attic. She witnessed unexplained scratching, popping, creaking sounds on the 2nd floor and in the attic.

Our audio evidence revealed what seemed like a woman’s faint scream coming from within the house along with several unknown knocking and creaking sounds. With the entire group present on the second floor, we heard what sounded like a computer chair behind a desk being moved but found no evidence of proof to that.

Steph reported that she felt a few breezes by her while on the 2nd floor, like someone has walked past but no one was near her. She also felt that something hit her flashlight when it was sitting on her lap as if it had been tapped hard. It is a mag light so it is quite heavy and there had to of been some pressure to move it about half an inch. She heard a few noises not caused by the team that was also caught on audio. She said she thought she heard someone coming down from the attic steps when she, Bryce and Steve were on the 2nd floor but it could have been sound being carried from the attic.

Bob also felt this cold breeze while he was in the attic area, but it seemed to dissipate quickly.

A recent claim by the resident was made the day after our investigation concerning the front door, when he reported he was attempting to leave the home and the front door was jammed not allowing him to leave. Upon saying a prayer the door was free to open. As a fact to the door claim Bob can confirm it was not swelled or jammed in any way because he witnessed firsthand the night of the investigation that the door itself would not stay closed unless locked completely and sprung open when not locked at all.

Our overall opinion of the home is that it does seem to be highly active and does merit further investigation as to which we are eager to attend.



7 40PM female then odd echoed sound

8 25PM whisper under Steph maybe get out you had just asked

9 05PM whispered help me

9 10PM this is the best I can clean this up sounds like open this something

9 27PM wanna go downstairs YES

background voice



i’m ok

Interview – Sharp Thump




Two weeks later, MVP returned to the home to do a reveal of their investigation.  This was followed by another investigation that included a couple of the people in the home.

Personal experiences from this investigation:

Bob writes: my personal experience was in the kitchen, myself and tenant had
just went downstairs to investigate the first floor. I was sitting in the
chair in the main entrance area and he went into the kitchen for a drink but
was only in there for a few seconds, he only turned on a small light over
the sink poured a drink and left the room. He walked into another room
by the kitchen and was in there for a few seconds and we both heard a
loud crash coming from the kitchen. Upon investigating the sound he
noticed that a glass pan lid had either fallen or was knocked out of
the dish drainer. As we both commented on the lid we were surprised
to see that the ceiling fan that had not even been turned on was rotating,
this lasted for about one and a half minutes. The blades of the fan kept
a consistent but slow rotation but after a minute or so started to slow
down. The strange thing is that after the fan stopped the blades began
to rotate in reverse several times before stopping completely.
Myself and another tenant did hear several shuffling sounds from the
attic as we first went up there but did not catch any on audio or video.

Steve writes: My personal experiences include.  I was in the basement
with one of the people who work there doing EVP when I noticed
that an area on the landing of the steps had started to grow dark.
I asked the person with me if they saw this as well? They said yes.
We then watched as the area on the steps grew very dark.  A black
mass shadow had engulfed and blocked out all ofthe light coming
from an outside window as it slowly passed.  The shadow
seemed to have form.  The air became heavy and the feeling of static
electricity surrounding me became apparent.    Shortly after seeing the
shadow we both heard a noise coming from the top of the stairs.  Upon
returning upstairs we noticed that the door to the basement which had been
left wide open was now completely shut.  The door does not move on it's own
and is quite heavy.  An evp was caught shortly after seeing the shadow in
response to me asking if it was still there.  Also while doing evp in the
upstairs apartment, I was doing some mild provocation, when a disembodied
male voice was heard by Becky and myself.  The voice seemed to say "Shut
up!" as if it was responding to my provocation.

Becky writes: I felt fluttering on the back of my leg, similar to how a
cell phone would feel if it was vibrating. While Steve was doing some
mild provoking, it sounded like a voice responded by saying “shut up”
 When I was sitting downstairs, I heard a creek then the chimes and
then the cell sensor beeped just once and registered about
.3. I called out to Steve and then Bob, to validate it then went to
the door to tell Bob about it. When they came into the room,
they checked the cell sensor and it was elevated and on 2, it then
beeped one more time.

another whisper upstairs
basement activity
female lauging behind our voices
reply to becky davenport home
slight whisper davenport home
that will do