Davenport Iowa apartment investigation

In march MVP was contacted by a woman claiming paranormal activity in her apartment.  A team of Bob, Andrea, and Steve were sent to investigate the apartment in hopes of finding the cause of this activity.  When we arrived, we introduced ourselves and conducted a pre-investigation screening where we found out more about the activity happening in the home.  Claims of whispered voices, the feeling of someone sitting on the bed, a lamp turning on and off by itself when unplugged, and footsteps being heard made up the list of activity recently happening.  It was thought by the client that this may possibly be the ghost of her step-father who recently passed away.  The activity started out as subtle things here and there, and increased in frequency in recent months.  The client spoke of a bed that was now being used by the clients’  son that had belonged to her mother and step-father before they died.  It was this bed that some of the activity seemed to surround.

After the interview, a short walk-through was done by Steve and Bob, looking for any unusual levels of EMF.  It was concluded that no high levels were found, and that the apartment was pretty EM safe.  The clients left the apartment and we started our investigation with an EVP session.  During this session, a motion detector had gone off in the master bedroom.  Upon further inspection, it was decided that the detector was set off by our own movement.  We then decided to separate and sit silently in hopes that activity would pick up due to our mere presence.  While doing this we noticed that footsteps could be easily heard coming from other units in the building which sounded like they were in the apartment itself.  This could explain the footsteps being heard, but the client claimed it sounded like the shuffling of feet across the carpeted floor of the master bedroom.  No other activity was witnessed at this time.  We decided to check out the lamp that was said to turn itself on and off while unplugged.  It is a touch lamp, meaning that in order to turn the light on it must be touched.  We tested to see of other objects besides a human finger could turn the light on and off.  We found that only a human finger could trigger the lamp.  We were unable to recreate or debunk the claim of the lamp, nor did the lamp display any paranormal behavior during our investigation.  We then decided to call it a night returning the home to the clients.
Upon evidence review, there was no evidence caught on audio, video, or photos at the time of the investigation.  In conclusion we feel that we do not have enough evidence to support anything paranormal happening in the apartment at this time.  Should activity increase MVP would be glad to attempt a second investigation, but until then we officially declare this case closed.  As always we thank the client and her family for their cooperation and for allowing us to investigate.