Davenport Investigation May 2011

On May 7th, 2011, MVP performed an investigation in a private home in Davenport, IA by request of the home owners. Members present include Becky, Steph, Diana, Steve, Terry, Bryce, and Bob. After eating dinner at the Food Court in the local mall we arrived at the home around 7:00 p.m. with our gear and our high spirits.

After greeting the home owners and their cats’ Steph, Becky, and Diana conducted the interview with the two women who reside in the home while the rest of the team did a walk-thru throughout the residence ending up in the basement. The reports from the occupants include hearing noises such as footsteps, muffled talking, and each hearing her name called to which no one else was present. One of the women of the house claimed to have seen many different people inside and right outside of the home, including the former owner of the house who had passed away in the present living room of the home. When she sees these people, they are solid images not see-thru, do not seem to see her, and usually are only there for a few moments. One example of this is when they first moved in the home the owner was moving some things in and when she opened the bedroom closet there was a young woman there bending down towards the floor. The woman she saw was solid, had brown hair, and seemed to be picking something up. When the owner glanced away and then looked back, the young woman was gone. She has seen this young woman again in different parts of the home. There had been some strange incidents with a clock in the home as they both report the clock showing one time and then “fixing itself” later to say the correct time. The cats in the home tend to act strangely at times, one in particular who seems to stare and interact with “nothing”. The smell of perfume has been smelled suddenly and then was gone, as well as a smoke smell in the home.

From summarizing the interview the two most probable spirits of the house may be the former owner of the home who died there several years ago, and one of the woman’s mother, whom she was told by two different mediums was there watching over her.

We began the investigation with Becky, Steph, and Diana upstairs and Steve, Terry, Bryce, and Bob in the basement. The sound carried strongly throughout the house so each team needed to be aware of this and tag his/her audio appropriately. We had the owners turn off the heater/cooler in the house to get rid of the noise and to lesson temperature changes. The girls sat upstairs in the living room first using EMF meters, conducting an EVP session, and listening for any odd noises. After some time Becky and Steph moved into one of the bedrooms while Diana stayed in the living room which is in sight of the bedroom. Downstairs the men conducted several walk-thrus with the EMF meters and also conducted various EVP sessions.  Steph and Diana moved downstairs later in the evening with Terry while Steve, Bob, and Bryce came upstairs to sit with Becky. After an incident with a K-2 detector downstairs, Steve and Bob came down to also check out the occurrence.

Personal experiences during this investigation include…

Becky – I heard a female voice say something in a “sing song” manner with my own ears. This was captured on audio (see EVPs). I also saw a small white bead of light in the front bedroom.

Diana – I felt nothing until me and Steph went downstairs to the basement and the K-2 meter started going off. That was weird because up to that point it had not gone off all night. I honestly don’t believe those hits were caused by static. The thing is we were just sitting there. We were not even walking around it to be the ones creating the static. Something was making it go off and I don’t believe it was all static. I honestly believe something was there…maybe the woman’s mother.

Steph – I heard a few noises upstairs one particular in the bathroom that all three of us girls heard as it was quite loud. While downstairs I also witnessed the K-2 meter going off suddenly and out of nowhere. It had been sitting there dead for hours and then it lit up like it was trying to get our attention. It seemed to answer questions as it would light up on cue when asked and also go dead while asked to move away. I also believe it may be the mother of the owner and I asked it specifically four different times if it was her name and three out of the four gave me a direct and strong hit. It did seem to be constant at times too, so I am on the fence if it was paranormal or static but it is definitely something very noteworthy.

Terry – While in the basement, it felt like something lightly touched my back. This was while I’m trying to figure out if my shirt just bunched up on me and is captured in the “Yeah I’m mad” EVP (see EVPs). Also in the basement a remote control seemed to have slid off of a shelf by itself and was witnessed by all four male members of the group. A few EVPs were caught during that as well (see EVPs). Later downstairs, while Steph and I were on one side of the basement and Diane was on the other, her K-2 meter suddenly started going crazy. We started asking questions and seemed to get responses. This activity started with no camera or digital recorder near it to make it go off. I slowly added a camera and a digital voice recorder was placed next to it and it seemed to make no difference. We got some of this event on video (see video clips).

Bob – I found the basement area in the storage room to be a little strange and it felt like somebody was in there with you. While the men were downstairs we each did a five minute EVP session in that storage room with the door shut and both Steve and I commented on hearing shuffling and/or a popping sound coming from around the window area. Once while filming it seemed that a small black glob of some kind flew past the doorway but upon reviewing the camcorder footage I was unable to see it. I also witnessed the K-2 meter appearing to respond to questions later on in the investigation.

Steve – While doing EMF sweeps in the basement I felt the presence of something watching me. I attempted to immediately ask for responses. While doing this I felt the back room fill with what felt like static electricity which made the hairs stand up on my neck and arms. Later while doing an EVP session with Bob, Terry, Bryce, and Bob, we felt the the room fill up with static and heard something fall off the shelf. Upon further inspection we noticed that a remote control had fallen to the floor. None is us were near the shelf at the time when it fell. This came shortly after I asked for a sign of its presence. This area turned out to be the same area in which the K-2 meter was going off later in the evening. Several times we had seen plastic bags that were hanging from the ceiling move in different directions. This could have been caused from a draft or from movement upstairs but one seemed to move when I asked for something to move an object. When doing an isolation session in the back room I heard something moving about near the furnace.

All in all I think this home warrants another investigation if the owners would indeed like us to visit. There are a few EVPs that are definitely unexplainable and we would like to take a look in the basement again as the K-2 meter cannot yet be fully proved or disproved. MVP would like to thank the two woman for welcoming us into their home and for being so forthcoming, kind, and gracious.

8 16PM whisper just before remote falls from somewhere

9 01PM few things going on here

female voice after steve says pooltable




something over bob’s voice

voice while terry is talking after he says do that again


loud whisper then sliding and remote falling

big whisper basement

yeah… I’m mad




K-II 3 times

k-II likes cats and is not Fred



Paranormal Science. Real or Pseudo?

Just want to take the time to address skeptics on the science of paranormal investigation. Many would call what we do a pseudo-science. Well, when you label something pseudo you are already convinced that what is being studied is false or does not exist. On the contrary, we have plenty of evidence to support the existence of paranormal happenings. What we are trying to achieve is to answer how these things happen. Is a ghost a manifestation of our inner spirit doomed to walk the earth for eternity? Or is it a residual memory of our former selves left as a reminder for the living? Or could a ghost just simply be a concentration of some sort of intelligent energy? Some may say that paranormal science is new and pioneering. On the contrary, paranormal investigation and science goes back as far as the 13th century, maybe further than that. It has just been recently brought to light by the airing of television reality shows. Its popularity is growing day by day. Why? I think we all want to know what happens after we die. Some of us, just want answers for paranormal experiences of our own. Most mainstream scientists scoff at the idea of paranormal science because our instruments are crude and evidence sketchy at best. May I remind them that at one time the same could be said for their sciences. Medicine for example, went from leeches and blood letting, to MRIs and organ transplants. So those who scoff now, may be enlightened when equipment and knowledge becomes better and greater. After all we use the scientific method that most sciences use. Observation, evidence gathering, theorem, measurement, experimentation, etc… Still sound like a pseudo-science? What do you think?