Paranormal Science. Real or Pseudo?

Just want to take the time to address skeptics on the science of paranormal investigation. Many would call what we do a pseudo-science. Well, when you label something pseudo you are already convinced that what is being studied is false or does not exist. On the contrary, we have plenty of evidence to support the existence of paranormal happenings. What we are trying to achieve is to answer how these things happen. Is a ghost a manifestation of our inner spirit doomed to walk the earth for eternity? Or is it a residual memory of our former selves left as a reminder for the living? Or could a ghost just simply be a concentration of some sort of intelligent energy? Some may say that paranormal science is new and pioneering. On the contrary, paranormal investigation and science goes back as far as the 13th century, maybe further than that. It has just been recently brought to light by the airing of television reality shows. Its popularity is growing day by day. Why? I think we all want to know what happens after we die. Some of us, just want answers for paranormal experiences of our own. Most mainstream scientists scoff at the idea of paranormal science because our instruments are crude and evidence sketchy at best. May I remind them that at one time the same could be said for their sciences. Medicine for example, went from leeches and blood letting, to MRIs and organ transplants. So those who scoff now, may be enlightened when equipment and knowledge becomes better and greater. After all we use the scientific method that most sciences use. Observation, evidence gathering, theorem, measurement, experimentation, etc… Still sound like a pseudo-science? What do you think?

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