MVP Members at American Ghost Hunter Screening

Steve and Ryan Buell



On Tuesday June 7th, I attended the American Ghost Hunter movie screening at the Blackhawk Hotel in Davenport, Ia.  In attendance was Ryan Buell, Chad Calek, Serg, and other members of PRS and AGH.  The meet and greet was awesome!!!  Being able to actually talk to Ryan Buell was my highlight.  Asked him some great questions about how he investigates, and the Paranormal State show in General.  Many may think that Ryan and the group might be arrogant as other celebrities.  But it was just the opposite.  They were gracious, and open to any and all.  Ryan seemed a little introverted but a regular guy like myself.  He gave me some great information about digging up history and information on sites, etc…

I guess what suprised me the most is that Ryan Buell is just as skeptical and scientific as many of us in the field, even though his show does not seem to reflect it that much.  They showed us some incredible evidence not shown on TV, and the lectures were very informative for paranormal investigators.  I learned a new way of questioning when doing EVP that I plan to use on future investigations.  The small crowd made it a fantastic opportunity to really get to talk to these guys.  It was more  than a learning experience for me, and I look forward to attending more conferences in the future.
One of the neat things about the movie is that most of it was shot here in Iowa.  Chad Calek is from the little town of Persia, Iowa some 40 miles east of Omaha, NE.  I even learned some history of downtown Davenport I did not know before.
The move is hard hitting and down to earth.  It shows the true side to ghost hunting as a whole, what we are really here for.  It is about the human experience.  Dealing with tragedy, and the demons that come with it.  The movie was based on Chad Calek’s family and his mother’s struggle with the demons resulting from a horrific accident with his father and a haunting in the home they live in.  Chad was caught in the middle of all of this and Ryan Buell lent a helping hand as any true friend would.  This movie reminded me of why I became a ghost hunter, and why I am bent on helping those plagued by the mysteries of the paranormal.  All I can say is for an independant film this movie really hit home.
After the screening, there was a Q and A session.   Needless to say, the room was silent.  No questions.  I swear to God this movie hit everyone in that room like a freight train!  I mean when the room was asked for questions, there was nothing but eerie silence, that means this movie was good!!!  In my opinion this is the best independant movie dealing with the paranormal I have ever seen, bar none!  And to know that it was done by a local makes it even better.  I will remember this experience for the rest of my life.  Well worth the 100 dollars I paid for it.
Chad Calek speaking about American Ghost Hunter
Chad Calek American Ghost Hunter screening
Ryan Buell from PSR speaking about American Ghost Hunter
Becky and Chad Calek
Diana and Chad Calek
Becky and Sergey Poberezhny
Diana and Sergey Poberezhny
Becky and Ryan Buell
Diana and Ryan Buell
Diana and Becky putting Ryan Buell on the spot!