Farrar School Investigation August 2011


In 1919, C.G. Geddes agreed to donate 6 acres of his farm to merge the area’s one-room country schoolhouses. The school boards voted and created the Washington Township Consolidated School District.

The cornerstone inscribed with the year 1921 was set and the dedication ceremony commenced on April 1 1922. The schoolhouse filled with citizens from miles around. An orchestra played on stage in the auditorium as a banquet served the hundreds in attendance.

Not all citizens were behind the new building with its $100,000 price tag. One disgruntled citizen refused to attend the celebration calling it a “monument to the arrogance and vanity of the school board,” with its boiler heating, electric lights, and indoor bathroom facilities.

On May 3 2002, once again, the band played, a banquet served the hundreds in attendance and sadly, the 80-year-old schoolhouse closed its doors for the last time.

The old school sat empty until December of 2006 when Jim and Nancy Oliver purchased the building. It became their home with hopes of slowly restoring
the school to its original appearance and layout.

On August 27th MVP members Diana, Steph, Becky, Andrea, Steve, and Bryce visited the haunted school in Farrar Iowa for an overnight investigation.


Hallway:  This photo was taken by Steve using a full spectrum digital camera after hearing noises coming from the end of the hallway when on his way up to change a tape in his video recorder.

Gym:  In this photo, also full spectrum.

Stairs:  Nothing paranormal in this photo.  This was just taken as an example of full spectrum photography.  This camera is able to photograph in light spectrums unseen by the naked eye.  Infra-red and ultra-violet spectrums.  It is believed that ghosts can show themselves in these spectrums of light.


Steve writes:

As far as personal experiences with Farrar. Many times throughout the night when going up to change tapes in my video camera, I along with Bryce heard shuffling, sounds of things being dragged, and even sounds of someone running down the hall. When we reached the floor all would stop. We also encountered this phenomenon when investigating. The noises would come from the floor above or below, never on the floor we were on. During set-up, me and Bryce went to the third floor so I could set up my video camera. We were on the end where the two classrooms that were hot areas, the breathing room and the emf room. I felt uneasy, heavy sensation, it was hard to catch my breath. There was audio to confirm my experience. I simply felt as if something was there watching everything I was doing and not liking it. The presence was strong, yet I was the only one to experience the feeling at this time. While investigating on the second floor, I felt the wind from something passing me in the hall, as if they had ran down the hall past me. While in the stage room I along with Bryce heard a disembodied sigh that was caught on audio. On the second floor boys bathroom I witnessed a k2 conversation with something that was in there with us. While in the Gym, both Bryce and I heard a large boom or crash coming from the above floors which was also caught on his audio. In one of the third floor classrooms as well as the hallway, I felt as if I was touched by something on three separate occasions. Two times it felt like cobwebs, the first time I was touched I felt actual pressure on my arm as if someone was holding on to it trying to get my attention.

Becky writes:

I heard unexplained noises in the office area, gym area, and 3rd floor classrooms at the end of the hall. I witnessed the K2 going off in response to questions being asked in the 2nd floor boys bathroom. While in a classroom on the 3rd floor, with Stephanie and Diana, Stephanie mentioned how the hallway seemed to be getting dark then light. I started watching that area as well and told her I could see what she meant. Right after mentioning that, I noticed how something white appeared to block the doorway. Stephanie said “what the heck” and that is when I realized she must be seeing it too and I said “oh my God” and gasped and she screamed.

Diana writes:

Not only did I feel creeped out the whole night, but the 3rd floor room where you saw the apparition was where most of my personal experiences happened. I saw the door way getting darker right before you and Steph actually saw the arm and shoulder come through the door way. After that I heard noises beside me and come to find out later after listening to the audio I think he was standing on my side of the room close to my recorder.  Steve and I also heard a very faint woman’s scream very early on in the evening when we were all sitting in one of the classroom’s on the 3rd floor. Unfortunately it was not caught on audio though.  I heard lots of bangs through the night and saw the K-2 meter light up in the boy’s bathroom on the second floor a few times like it was responding to a couple of questions that were being asked. I got no audio from there though.

Bryce writes:

Only real personal experiences I had was: Various noises heard in Gym with Steve and Andrea. Audible sigh heard by myself and Steve in the stage room. Various noises heard coming from 3rd floor with Steve. Two successful K2 sessions in 2nd floor boys bathroom.

Stephanie writes:

Early on in the night everyone in the group was in the third floor classroom at the end of the hall.   We were all sitting in the dark in different places in the room, I was in the back right corner.  All of a sudden I felt very uncomfortable and like something was to the left of me.  It got very dark and the feeling literally got closer and closer to me until I could not bear even glancing in that direction,  I literally felt like something was standing right next to me on the left and that it was invading my space.  The feeling was not a good one, almost like a predatory feeling and I could not bear it any longer.  I told the others I couldn’t sit in the dark anymore and had to turn on my flashlight.  After awhile the feeling subsided but then came back again even stronger and seemed to like getting very close.  I finally asked Diana, another team member to switch me spots.  That experience was not pleasant for me at all.


Later in the night myself, Diana, and Becky were all sitting in the third floor classroom opposite the one we were in earlier. We were all in the same area of the room, next to each other, and facing the wall with the hallway door. We started provoking and the hall got very dark.  It seemed to form there, and for a time being, the darkness blocked out the wall on the other side of the hallway that we could see previously (we ruled out the moonlight and clouds).  Me and Becky happened to be looking at the doorway when something seemed to form there and a white partial apparaition appeared to walk in the room toward us.  I saw a white-like shoulder and chest area and what looked like an arm.  I couldn’t speak really but heard Becky gasp and felt Diana grab onto me.  This made my mind snap that what I was seeing was real because then I believe that they were seeing it.  I reacted.  After that, I felt literally frozen and could not move.  We stayed in that room unable to really leave as I felt that that presence was still in there with us.  Later when we listened to the audio, we heard breathing at that time that was not our own.  I did not like that precense at all and feel that it showed itself because we ticked it off.  I did not want it to physcially attack me, so I did not continue to provoke.


Throughout the night I heard a few odd noises and a big unexplainable bang in the breakroom when Becky, Diana, and myself were in there.  While in the boy’s bathroom on the third floor the EMF meter did appear to answer a question without a doubt.  I asked “does my swearing offend you?”  It gave an obvious yes.  I attempted not to swear the rest of the night, I said attempted.

Andrea writes:

I was the first person at the school since I drove myself, so I got to do the walk through with Ms. Nancy. After she showed me the hot spots & told me some of the stories, I was allowed to go ahead a do a solo walk through. As soon as I walked into the place I felt a tightness in my chest & found it somewhat hard to breath. I do have asthma but it’s allergy induced & as long as I’m not around cats I’m fine, I saw no cats. The one room that caught my attention straight away was the 2nd floor boys bathroom, I just got a creepy freaked out feeling in that particular room. This is the same room that later in the night Steve, Bryce & myself were in when we were getting what appeared to be intelligent responses to some questions on our K-II meter. Later in the evening I was in that same bathroom with Becky, Steph & Diana when we got more hits on the K-II. Stephanie had asked if it didn’t like the fact that she had used a certain “swear” word & it lit up as if responding to her question. She tried not to swear the rest of the night. LOL!  I was also in the gym area when Steve, Bryce & I heard the loud banging noises coming from somewhere above us. Overall, I felt like that building had quite a bit of activity. I feel there may be both residual & intelligent there. Can’t wait to go back.



farrar light anomole 2

farrar light anomole





breath shut



child voice bathroom1

deep breath


Gym Noises 2

Gym Noises

intake of breath



strange sound1

thump or footstep

voice (2)3



voice farrar

whisper boys bathroom

slight whisper farrar

distant voice

third floor classroom farrar voice

right now

Farrar 3rd Floor-Help Me

Farrar Gym-Shut Up

GO 3rd Floor Farrar-amplified

Voice 3rd Floor Farrar-amplified

We conclude that  we believe there is paranormal activity happening in the old school, and that it is possible it may be linked to the cemetery across the street.

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