Undisclosed Business Davenport, Iowa October 2011

Steph, Diana, Becky, Steve, and Terry were asked to investigate a business that wishes to remain undisclosed.  Claims of activity included: Shadow figures that are seen moving around in dark areas, footsteps being heard, objects going missing and making noises, lights, televisions and radios turning off and on, doors shaking, misty smoke appearing in a bathroom, hearing a name called, and phones ringing and showing that it was coming from a location where no one was at.  The team went on a walk through of the location and then split into teams to investigate. One of the employees and her daughter helped in the investigation.


Steve said: I was in the bathroom with the employee’s daughter. I asked for a sign of presence, and nothing. Upon leaving the bathroom I heard shuffling coming from the back area of the bathroom. In another area, I heard one of the seats creak and it sounded like someone had stepped up.

Terry said: During walk through:

1)Saw white light moving a few times in rooms just beside us. One room had no windows, and the employees daughter saw that one as well.

2)Heard male voice. Sounded like it came possibly from the rest room behind us. I believe Becky heard it as well.

3)Saw overhead lights (4 of them) blocked out, or turned out then back on. Happened very fast.

Terry during Investigation:

1)Several bumps, thumps, and odd noises. Not sure if they are normal for the building. A few seemed as if they were a response, but nothing conclusive.

2)The employee and I both saw the light blocked out by something moving from our right to the left at the end of a hall. Steph heard a noise at that time from that direction, but was not looking that way.

3)Felt a few cold spots that seemed to vanish as soon as I turned or spoke.

Was a very interesting investigation for me. Felt as if someone was following me and possibly messing with me. Had several possible EVPs that sounded just like my voice, but I’m sure I didn’t say it. Disregarded those for the time being. I did include one 3:59AM How’s your picture Terry. Sounds a lot like me, but different enough, (also sounds like person in 4:00AM HISTORIC BUILDING) and I never talk in the third person. I had taken a few pictures right as that happened, but he could be referring to the photo called UNKNOWN FIGURE. I took that on a whim. I will take around 50-70 pictures over the night just in case. The figure is hard to make out many details as it was quite far from camera in a mostly dark room. I hope to go back soon. On investigation, and just a normal visit as it’s the type of place I would be allowed in for recreation.

Becky writes: I seemed to hear an unexplained male voice, during walk through, when Terry heard it. I also heard some unexplained voices in the larger area of the building. Diana and I experienced the cell sensor going off after being stationary and quiet.


3 59AM hows your picture Terry

4 00AM it’s a historic building







3 30AM female help me near end whisper in middle maybe CJ


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