Rock Island Illinois home October 2011

MVP was contacted by a mother that was worried about possible paranormal activity in her home and the affect it might be having on her 2 ½ year old daughter. The mother reported seeing a fuzzy looking shape of a cat. The daughter has recently been waking up screaming and pointing at various areas of her room and saying “mommy I don’t like that little girl over there”. Her toy shopping cart has moved from areas that it had been set. Objects have been moved and footsteps are heard while in the basement. The mother reports being comfortable with the paranormal and growing up with paranormal experiences.

Becky and Diana conducted an interview of the mother while Steve, Terry, and Chris went on a walk through of the home and began setting up equipment.

The majority of the activity seems to be in the daughters room and the basement, so we stayed together as a team and started our investigation in the daughters room. A cell sensor and K2 was used to determine emf levels and the daughters room was found to be very high in EMF as were other areas of the home and the basement. High levels were found at the wall where the little girls bed is at. Diana placed a cell sensor in the little girls toy shopping cart and the team started a EVP session. At one point, the cell sensor beeped while in the shopping cart. Diana then began a question and answer session and seemed to get what appeared to be at least 4 intelligent type responses using the cell sensor. Throughout this session, various team members reported hearing unexplained noises. The team then split up with Becky, Bryce, and Terry going to the basement and Diana, Steve and Chris remaining in the upstairs area. At one time Becky and Bryce seemed to hear footsteps but believe they were debunked as to Steve possibly moving around at that time. We believe there may be some kind of unexplained activity taking place in this home because of the audio that we captured. We also talked to the mother about the high EMF and suggested they move the little girls bed to a different wall and possibly contacting an electrician about the high levels to see what can be done to correct it.

The mother reported, a week later, that they did move the childs’ bed, but she continues to wake up and experience problems. MVP is available to do a return investigation, if the family feel it is needed.


Becky- Minutes after I turned on my recorder in the little girls room, I commented about hearing a voice and Diana verified that she heard it as well. This was caught on audio.

Steve- While doing walk-through I heard something move in the child’s bedroom then felt a cold spot go by me. It seemed to move. Also when setting up my video camera in the child’s bedroom I felt a cold spot near the hand that was holding the camera. I had heard a couple of footsteps but did not catch them on audio.

Terry- I saw a small, fast light zip across the wall twice and, a few unexplained noises. I also witnessed the cell sensor activity.

Chris- I did hear what sounded like a doorknob being played with or jiggled when Diana and I were in the girls bedroom. It sounded like it came from the hallway leading up to her room,Diana said she thought she heard it also. Also when we were in there I heard 2 light knocks behind me which would put them in the closet door area of the girl rooms. Then when we were all downstairs, I saw what I thought was a shadow moving left to right across the bar as I was sitting on the couch. Was hoping I caught it on video but was not able to validate it. What is weird is that it happened shortly after I caught a light anomaly above the bar or right on the bar.

Diana- As for personal experiences, I didn’t have many. I thought I might have heard a voice upstairs and Chris and I heard some strange noises while we were sitting in the little girl’s bedroom, almost like at one point we heard a doorknob wiggle. I think I might have had some interaction with something when I asked questions. The cell sensor would light up in response to my questioning. I guess it could have been coincidence since the EMF levels were so high in there. I had nothing on audio, but what was really weird is that for a little while my DVR was on and supposedly recording but I got nothing on it. No white noise nothing. It is like it went blank for a about 15 minutes, but it never actually got turned off………….not sure why or what to make of it or why that would happen. It was when we were sitting in the little girl’s room.  At one point upstairs, before we went downstairs I saw a ball of light pass in front of the bed in the master bedroom. It went from left to right very fast, but there was no one in there. Again, I’m not sure if I was seeing some sort of reflection for some of our equipment or what. Whatever it was though, seemed to have its own light source though and moved extremely quickly.  Downstairs, I really didn’t have any personal experiences, except when I was sitting at the bar, I felt a little weird and I felt like I was trying to look through a hazy window, my vision was blurry. I asked Terry to sit there and I moved to a different chair and then I felt fine.


7 36PM Cell sensor and Male voice that Diana and Becky hear

7 57PM male voice

9 06PM odd noises upstairs when everyone is in the basement

9 18PM sound upstairs when everyone is in basement

9 20PM unknown voice


get out rock island home

light up

little girl shouting, whistle, wooh, go away


female voice2

weird voice2

whistle bedroom


light anomaly ri house


(note: we do not claim that photo contains anything paranormal)


MVP returns to the home

MVP was asked to return to the Rock Island home, after some shielding of the electrical wires had been done. There were a lot less personal experiences and what we caught on audio was mostly


Personal Experiences

Bryce: Only real personal experience I had was both me and Terry seeing movement in the living room from the dining room, as well as seeing the red light, both occuring without cars going by.

Erik: “While we were in the basement Steve and I heard a strange bumping noise which sounded like it came from behind me. I managed to capture it on audio. also in the basement Steve and I heard what sounded like one of the chairs rocking which I also captured on audio.”
“While in the little girl’s bedroom we all heard what sounded like
someone exhaling. Terry and I both managed to capture this on audio.
also, in the little girl’s bedroom the air felt thicker than the rest
of the house.”
“I don’t think it’s paranormal, but I will add that my
allergies want haywire while I was sitting in the girl’s bedroom then
were fine as soon as I left to another room.”

Becky: I saw a red light appear briefly in the living room.

Chris: The only experience I had that night was a breath,that seemed to be right next to my right ear. It happened when me Steve,Eric and the owner were in the daughters bedroom. Eric and I believe Terry both captured the breath on audio. Not sure what it was but it did startle me that’s for sure.

Terry: I saw several “lights” move very fast in the living room area while in the dining room. I was looking at the mirror in the bedroom and saw red lights move. I later realized that the lights

were from the clock. Believe I caught the movement on audio. Thought I heard a small child’s voice once.

Steve: While doing an EVP session in the girl’s bedroom I, along with everyone in the room heard a breath come out of thin air directly to my left which was right near my video camera. However the breath was not picked up on camera audio, nor my recorder. I believe that only one of us was able to catch this on audio. Towards the end of the investigation, I was sitting alone in the boy’s bedroom when I saw a dark shadow about 4′ in height pass by the hall closet door headed towards the girl’s bedroom. The shadow actually looked to me like a head and shoulders. It blocked out over half of the door from the middle to the floor. While in the basement at the beginning of the investigation, I heard what sounded like one of the rocking chairs in the basement creak as if someone had sat down. These chairs are leather and the noise sounded more like someone sitting down on a leather piece of furniture. The evening was actually fairly quiet except these few isolated events. I feel that the repair made to fix the EMF bleed-though into the girl’s bedroom took away a much needed energy source for what once was lurking in there. I believe that it is possible that it has moved to other sections of the home, considering very little if anything was caught in that bedroom the whole night. At this time I don’t believe the presence to be malevolent in any way. This may just be some sort of residual activity.

Audio (this is just a sample of some of the audio caught on our return investigation)

7 25PM noises then female(1)

7 29PM No Beep

8 06PM possible small voice then FRED


Breath we all heard enhanced