Private Home Investigation Rock Falls, Illinois

On December 10th a group of MVP investigators set out to Rock Falls, Il to a home which has been claimed to have paranormal activity for years. Present were investigators Becky, Steve, Stephanie, Terry, Chris, Erik, and the two homeowners. Before the investigation the group chose to meet at local restaurant to discuss the case. Claims of full bodied apparitions, voices, and footsteps were among the many things experienced by the homeowners. When we arrived, we were met by one of the homeowners who then gave us a tour of the home. The master bedroom seemed to be the epicenter for most of the activity experienced in the home. We learned that the home was once a small apartment housing unit, and that most likely several people had lived there once before. The home seemed to be very old, perhaps built in the late 1800s to early 1900s. While touring the home, the owner told us of an experience he had with a full bodied apparition in the master bedroom. It was claimed that he had seen a young boy wearing knickers, which was a popular style for boys in the 1920s. He claimed that the apparition looked right at him, appeared to pick something up off of the nightstand and proceed to walk through the closed door to the bedroom into the hallway. Also the apparition was claimed to have been seen in the kitchen or dining area of the home, by a nurse. It was also learned that the master bedroom area along with two adjoining rooms and closets used to contain a small apartment with a kitchen and bath.


After the tour the team met back in the living room to gather equipment and conduct a pre-investigation interview with the clients. While this was going on, Steve set out on his own to do some base EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field) sweeps. It was noted that the base EMF in the living room was high, along with the kitchen area. The upstairs as well seemed to have a high base reading of a .5 with the lights on. With the lights off the upstairs EMF went flat. While in the master bedroom doing a base sweep alone, Steve heard a disembodied voice of what sounded like a small child or baby. There was a digital recorder present in the room at the time and this voice along with Steve’s reaction were caught. After meeting with the group once again, we set out to the upstairs to begin our investigation in the master bedroom. While in there the team was met with a heavy feeling, the feeling you get when you are not alone. Once again the base EMF was flat, and no unusual EMF spikes were recorded at this time. Once again the disembodied child voice rang out, and was heard by all members of the group and was also heard several times throughout the night. What was strange about it was that not all group recorders caught the voice. The team spent about 30 mins. investigating the bedroom, then split off to other rooms. A spirit box session was held in the bedroom yielding no results. Also no audible responses to questioning as well.


The team investigated the upstairs for about an hour, then met once again in the dining room and kitchen area of the home which was on the main level. Once again, a spiritbox session was held yielding no results, also no results to direct questioning. The basement of the home was not investigated as there are no claims that go along with it. The team wrapped up and set out for home.


After evidence review several EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) were caught. Many of these EVPs seemed to be residual in nature as they did not seem to be direct answers to questions and just seemed to be blurted out phrases from an event in another time. There was one possible response to a question Becky had asked in which a very faint female voice was caught. In conclusion we believe that the home is experiencing a residual-style haunt. A residual haunt is actually a naturally occurring phenomenon in which voices, and sometimes images of the past can be seen or heard. Living history as you will. This phenomenon is set off by high levels of natural EMF and minerals in the foundation of the structure or surrounding environment. These minerals such as limestone or quartz can record images and voices much like a tape recorder, and when coupled with an electrical source or natural EMF field can once again live to repeat the event over and over again. We believe that this home is experiencing the residual haunt at its highest potency. Residuals can last for years or days depending on the availability of conditions that support it. When the owner spoke of the boy walking through the solid bedroom door, this can be answered with the image that he saw was a past event playing out before him. The boy walks through a solid object like a door suggests that there was not a door there in his time. Most likely an open doorway. Residuals can do no harm because they are merely images and voices and have no intelligence what so ever. They can however be startling if you are not ready for it. Other than that we believe nothing that can be considered as intelligent paranormal is happening in the home at this time.


Evidence is as follows:

6 49PM Whisper

6 56PM Small voice Steve heard alone upstairs

7 18PM Child voice we all heard






whispering in kitchen rock falls

whispers in the back room

who is that

knocking and wierd voice in rf home kitchen

someone saying lick

Dubuque Iowa private home investigation

MVP was contacted by a concerned mother about possible paranormal activity in her home and on December 3, 2011, Becky, Diana, Steve, and Bryce traveled to Dubuque, Iowa to help the family.
According to the family, the house was built around 1890 and they have lived in the home for a year-and-a-half. According to the mother, her oldest son, who is 9, sleep walks and some of the things that he says and does while he is sleep walking is frightening. Other reports include sounds of people walking around on the upper floor of the home when no one is up there as well as doors that open on their own, including a latched cubby hole above a closet that will open on its own.
The team arrived in Dubuque around 7PM to conduct an interview with the family. During this time, team learned that the father doesn’t believe anything is happening in the home. Following the interview, the team toured the house with the mother pointing out “hotspots” of activity while Steve and Bryce checked the house’s electromagnetic fields for any irregularities, noting that there was a high field in the living room that seemed tied to the electrical wiring, as well as around the electrical box.
Around 8PM the investigation commenced. Becky and Diana went to the second floor where the family’s bedrooms are and Steve and Bryce went to the basement. While in the basement, Steve and Bryce noticed unusual EMF activity around the washer and dryer, but also noted that the main water line entered the house at that area as well. It was also noted that when an appliance or the furnace turn on, there is a surge in the EMF field that was detected in both the basement and the second floor. Becky and Diana reported no unusual occurrences on the second floor.
After about forty-five minutes, the team converged on the second floor where Steve conducted a ghost box session. We also invited the mother and father to sit in with us as we conducted the session. While the validity of a ghost box is up in the air, several responses to our questions are suspect. The investigation wrapped around 10PM.
No one on the team reported any notable personal experiences and only one audio or video anomalies were found.
Posted below are some of the ghost box responses and MVP does not consider this true evidence.



Spiritbox responses:

spiritbox hi

spiritbox reply 2

spiritbox reply bryce 1

spiritbox reply me 2

spiritbox reply what comes after four