Dubuque Iowa private home investigation

MVP was contacted by a concerned mother about possible paranormal activity in her home and on December 3, 2011, Becky, Diana, Steve, and Bryce traveled to Dubuque, Iowa to help the family.
According to the family, the house was built around 1890 and they have lived in the home for a year-and-a-half. According to the mother, her oldest son, who is 9, sleep walks and some of the things that he says and does while he is sleep walking is frightening. Other reports include sounds of people walking around on the upper floor of the home when no one is up there as well as doors that open on their own, including a latched cubby hole above a closet that will open on its own.
The team arrived in Dubuque around 7PM to conduct an interview with the family. During this time, team learned that the father doesn’t believe anything is happening in the home. Following the interview, the team toured the house with the mother pointing out “hotspots” of activity while Steve and Bryce checked the house’s electromagnetic fields for any irregularities, noting that there was a high field in the living room that seemed tied to the electrical wiring, as well as around the electrical box.
Around 8PM the investigation commenced. Becky and Diana went to the second floor where the family’s bedrooms are and Steve and Bryce went to the basement. While in the basement, Steve and Bryce noticed unusual EMF activity around the washer and dryer, but also noted that the main water line entered the house at that area as well. It was also noted that when an appliance or the furnace turn on, there is a surge in the EMF field that was detected in both the basement and the second floor. Becky and Diana reported no unusual occurrences on the second floor.
After about forty-five minutes, the team converged on the second floor where Steve conducted a ghost box session. We also invited the mother and father to sit in with us as we conducted the session. While the validity of a ghost box is up in the air, several responses to our questions are suspect. The investigation wrapped around 10PM.
No one on the team reported any notable personal experiences and only one audio or video anomalies were found.
Posted below are some of the ghost box responses and MVP does not consider this true evidence.



Spiritbox responses:

spiritbox hi

spiritbox reply 2

spiritbox reply bryce 1

spiritbox reply me 2

spiritbox reply what comes after four

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