Rock Island, IL Private Home Investigation

What is it about the city of Rock Island, Illinois and the amount of claims of paranormal activity? We’ve had our share of requests for investigations in this area and this turned out to be another interesting case.

Chris, the homeowner, requested an investigation after attending the 2 investigations that we conducted at her daughter Mellissas house, also in Rock Island. Chris told us the following claims of past paranormal activity in her home but has experienced paranormal occurrences in other locations as well.

Some of the claims of activity were seeing a small shadow going up and down the stairs, having her name whispered or other people hearing what they thought was her voice talking to them, the sound of cupboards being opened and closed, a strong floral smell, and her daughter seeing the apparition of a young girl in the driveway. We were anxious to attempt to give Chris answers for what might be happening in her home.

The team consisted of Becky, Steph, Diana, Sally, Steve and Chris. The homeowner and her daughter also were present and assisted in the investigation. Cameras were set up in an attempt to catch the shadow person and emf detectors and recorders were also place in all of the hot spots.

Personal Experiences:

Becky: While down in the lower lever, after Sally and Diana commented about feeling like there hair had been touched, I felt like something had brushed across the side of my foot. Also while downstairs I witnessed the cell sensor seemingly responding to questions and answers and the flashlight going off and on, on command about the same time Steve was having the same thing happen to him upstairs.

Steph: While sitting upstairs in the living room I heard the cell sensor in the middle bedroom begin to go off by itself. I also saw the reflection on the red blinking light on the door of the bedroom. The EMF meter had no reason to be going off and it lasted about 30 seconds to a minute the first time. A little bit later in the night, the cell sensor went off again by itself. This time Steve got up and went into the room. It still continued to go off. When he asked “it” to step away and make it stop it did slow down. When asking if “it” wanted him to leave to make it go faster it went faster,

I also noticed that the flashlight in the room went on and off by itself about two times. Again, I did not see the actual flashlight from where I sitting but saw the reflection of the light on the door. The flashlight went on and stayed on for about 30 seconds then went off by itself. There was no mistaking what it was.

I also saw a shadow coming out of that bedroom later that seemed to block out about half of the door. It moved slow and seemed to come out of the room and turn left.

When I was in the middle bedroom later in the night I noticed that the recorder was dead and I saying to Steve that I hoped that it recorded the earlier activity. While stating this the EMF meter went off again for about 5 full seconds. It did not do so again but I feel that was strange as it seemed like it was trying to get our attention or tell us that it had drained the recorder.

Sally: Bears Room Basement- Feeling of my hair being touched on top of my head

Cold spot on my right side sitting next to Becky, goosebumps on right arm not left immediately after Becky said she felt something touch her foot.

Basement Office- I saw small black shadow moving under workbench. Feeling of my hair being touched on top of my head intermittently.

Steve- While investigating in the basement, as we were getting ready to do an EVP session I noticed a tall shadow peering around the corner to the stairs just watching us. I had asked Chris to move his arms and sway back and forth to see if it was his shadow I was seeing, and the shadow remained still. This was also seen by the client’s daughter before I had even mentioned what I had seen. A few minutes later the shadow appeared again, only this time I could only see the head peering around the corner in the same spot. Shortly after that it had disappeared once again. About five minutes after it had faded out, Chris went to take a photo down the hallway, and as he pointed his camera in that direction I saw the leg of the shadow once more back away from the corner as if to avoid the flash from Chris’ camera.

While investigating on the main level of the home, I witnessed some cell sensor activity along with my flashlight turning on and off. While investigating the cell sensor activity a little closer, I entered the bedroom asking if whatever was there could step away from the cell sensor and go back to the flashlight. Shortly after asking this, the cell sensor stopped beeping and I then heard something sit down on the bed.

While doing walk-thru I felt a strong energy in the client’s office which we labeled the “Asian room”, as there were several oriental figurines and art fixtures. I felt anxious, and a slight headache immediately when entering that room. Once I left the room it subsided. No high EMF levels were found in that room, which made the feelings I had seem strange and unexplained.

Diana- My first experience was sitting in the bedroom, with Chris the owner and Becky and Sally were sitting in the living room and I heard a female laugh. It wasn’t real loud, but loud enough that I heard it and asked Chris if she heard it and she said no. I asked Sally and Becky if they heard it and Sally said no, but Becky had heard it too.

I also felt like my hair was being touched, pretty much throughout the entire night. It was more consistent when we went downstairs, but felt upstairs as well. It was a real light touch and felt like I had put my hand in a light socket pretty much the whole night. Tingling on the top of my head and a couple of times I got faint and light headed. I know Sally felt it too.

In the room downstairs that had the tools in it, we got pretty good K2 hits and they seemed to be responding to questions at times. Saw, with my own eyes, a flashlight turn on by itself when we asked for it to happen and at the same time Sally saw a shadow figure under the tool desk, the k2 meter went wild and I had that tingly feeling on my head again. At one time, downstairs as well, I thought I heard a very faint humming or singing that was female sounding.

Chris- When all of us were down stairs. I was sitting on the bench and I could see down the hallway towards the bathroom. All of a sudden a white ball of light appeared ( the size of a pea) down by the register in the hallway. It was gone as quick as it was there,it was very bright. A few minutes later a not as bright but much bigger white mass. Around a foot tall and a foot wide appeared in the door way of the bathroom down by the floor. Stephanie came over by me and sat so she could see down the hallway also. Later we both seemed to see movement around the bathroom door,just was not sure if it was just our eyes playing tricks on us. Then we all were upstairs and Steve had just asked for someone to give us a sign of your presence. Right after that we all heard a popping or knock sound and he asked for it to do it again. Very soon after that the cell sensor starts going off and beeping. Steve asks for it to stop the beeping and it slowed down and then finally shut totally off a minute or less later. Kinda weird because there was no reason for the cell sensor to be going off like that. The cell sensor was in , I believe the granddaughters bedroom. Soon after that we were all sitting in the living room,and i seen something brighten up that bedroom and the hallway. The first time it was for a second and then came on again. I asked what was that and if everyone else could see it also,Steve realized that it was his flashlight in the bedroom. It had turned on by itself and back off and back on again,me and him started to walk towards the hallway. We got to about the doorway to the hallway,and it turned off and we felt a cold spot and I got this huge rush of chills run through my whole body. Pretty cool, lol. Later I was in the Asian room by myself doing a evp session. Heard a knock and what sounded like a tap on the window behind me. Seemed like it was in response to my questions,have them on audio. Owners daughter was in the bedroom right next door and also heard the knock as it sounded like it was on the wall in between us. All and all a great investigation with a lot of weird things happening. Would love to go back again.

Audio Evidence:







asian room voice

growly voice asian room

male voice over Becky ri home2

male voice saying Chris maybe

something under my voice asian room

voice 2 ri home 2

voice asian room

whisper II asian room

who’s that, look at me, no


tap on window ri home2

cell sensor fun ri home2

*Additional audio to follow soon