Davenport Business Third Investigation

We were contacted by Alex, a former employee of a Davenport business that we had investigated twice in the past. Alex claimed that the employees of this business were still experiencing paranormal activity and wondered if we wanted to do a return investigation. This building had been active in the past and we were excited about getting the chance to go back to it and also bring members that had never investigated there before.

The business is located in an old 3 story home in Davenport. There had been a report of a past suicide in the attic area and numerous reports of activity from footsteps, screams, voices, ceiling fan turning on, dishes moving, etc.

We allowed Alex and 3 others to join in our investigation in hopes that employees might gain responses like they had in the past. The home seemed to be fairly quiet and calm, but most of us did experience unexplained shadows and voices. Steve conducted a very interesting spirit box session that appeared to have intelligent responses to most of the questions asked.

We investigated the home thoroughly for about 2 ½ hours and submit the following personal experiences and audio.


Diana- As for personal experiences, I really didn’t have many except right before were were getting ready to split up and start the investigation I thought I saw a shadow of some sort shoot by and go behind the copier behind the wall in the conference room downstairs. This happened as I was talking to Steve and he was explaining the footsteps they heard and what they sounded like from the previous investigation. The only other personal experience I had was when we had that spirit box session and we were getting pretty direct responses when we were asking questions.  At one point we even asked who was laying on the couch and it said the name of the person. Pretty cool.

Steve- While upstairs investigating in the large room I heard a whisper on two separate occasions. My recorder caught one of them. Other than that no other personal experiences.

Becky- On several occasions I heard either a voice or noise out loud that was caught on the recorder. When we were getting ready to wrap up, Terry and I both saw the shadow pass by that sounded like the same shadow Diana had seen earlier.

Terry- I saw a shadow(or something) move in the exaction location Diana has seen one earlier.

I also heard a female talking twice, but couldn’t make out what it said.


7 12PM don’t ask where we are whisper

7 19PM possible whispers

8 00PM 3 in basmnt

8 02PM 3 in basement Becky front room rest upstairs

8 18PM unknown voice everyone is upstairs Steve in background

9 53PM answer to what year is it







another audible whisper

f yeah

audible whisper davenport business


knock then whisper

possible child voice nah nah na nah nah singing


spiritbox reply are you still here

spiritbox reply attic

spiritbox reply did it

spiritbox reply people

spiritbox reply teresa

spiritbox reply to k2

spiritbox reply to me

spiritbox repy to do you like the kitty

spritbox reply did you lock the cat in the closet

spritbox reply to my name

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