Lisbon History Center Investigation

On February 11th, 2012 a few members of Mississippi Valley Paranormal traveled to the small town of Lisbon IA to investigate a small museum there. The curator of this museum along with other employees had experienced some strange happenings revolving around a military exhibit. Claims of activity included the shifting of a display case that included various military items of the civil war era and others, medals, etc… Also there are 4 Civil War era items there that sit upright on the floor that are claimed to have fallen over when nobody was there. Voices have been heard, and the apparition of a sea captain had been seen in the front section. Doors were claimed to have been opened when they were shut, and items have been scattered about for no apparent reason.

The team arrived at the location at about 7:00pm, and met with the curator for a walk-thru tour. We then set up our video cameras and readied our equipment for investigation. The investigation started out with two teams, one upstairs in the museum area, and one downstairs in the basement. EVP sessions were held in both areas. Later the teams switched places and EVP sessions were held once again. We then met back in the museum for a quick spirit box session which yielded no results. The museum seemed quite quiet that night. So we thought.


Steve: While investigating in the basement I had heard a whisper right into my ear. I could not understand it at the time, but seemed very real. I also noticed that in the area of the military exhibit the temperature seemed much colder than in other areas. I recorded a 5 degree difference in that area with my MEL meter.


Stephanie: In the basement while with Bryce and Terry I heard what sounded like a voice coming from the Walkie Talkie. It may have been interference from outside but it was very strange as it seemed to be directed towards us. Also while reading the Bible downstairs I heard something move in the vicinity I was in. I was sitting on a table with a lot of stuff on it and it was from the table I was on. I was not moving at all and there would be no reason for anything to shift on the table. It seemed to be very close to me. I also heard what sounded like a faint scream while in the basement.

Becky reported no personal experiences.

Diana: When we were downstairs I heard a couple bangs and knocks but that was all and upstairs while I was sitting at the table I thought I heard footsteps behind me and a shuffling like sound. I’m pretty sure Becky heard the footsteps as well because we both turned around and commented on them. Also right when we got there before we started investigating I was walking toward the war display and I heard a female giggle and I asked where Steph was because I thought it was her and she heard me ask it and she popped her head around and said it wasn’t her and I know it wasn’t me or Becky. So I’m not sure who was giggling but I definitely heard a giggle……….and it was female.

Bryce: Not many personal experiences, just a couple sounds heard in the basement with Steph and Terry.

Terry: Heard what sounded like a scream in the basement. Also, I Heard something move when I was alone in the farming area. Could not figure out what it was

Chris: My personal experiences were not much. When Steve ,Diana and myself were in the basement,heard some knocks or taps. Also we all heard a whisper which i captured on audio with us all reacting to it. The only other thing was a shuffling noise with a footstep that happened right behind me.


8 13PM whisper when no one in back area

8 17PM 2 whispers

8 18PM something laugh with Steph

8 40PM unknown male voice

8 41PM walkie disturbance no one seemed to_

9 02PM crazy whistle affects walkie

basement ding



high pitched sigh




Singing shortened amplified repeated





whisper in basement


laugh and sigh lisbon


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