Private Home Davenport Iowa

MVP was contacted to perform an investigation at a private residence in Davenport Iowa. The families claims of activity included these from their email: The husband has felt a presence and looked to see what his daughter was looking at and saw the figure of an old woman disappear into the wall, lights turn off, doors open, toothbrushes turn on, objects falling down, unexplained voices have been captured on audio, deadbolt on door slammed shut, young daughter calls two spirits by name calling one Gooka and the other Guy. Guy she says got in a motorcycle accident and was wearing a helmet but his face is bad. The couple also noticed some unexplained footprints under their bed.

While MVP listened to the claims, all members and the couple heard an unexplained noise like something falling or paper rustling and some of the team reported hearing the faint sound of a young childs voice. The couple left the home and the team consisting of Bryce, Becky, Terry and Steve went about setting up equipment in an attempt to capture any evidence of paranormal activity.

The team started out with a evp session in the living room area and then broke into groups of Steve and Becky staying on the main floor and Terry and Bryce continuing to the attic area. Later on the team rejoined for a spirit box session and continued investigating.



Becky- I witnessed the sound of something falling or moving while we were still all in the living room area talking to the couple. During the walk through of the attic I thought I heard a rustling sound over to the side.

Terry, Bryce, Steve- reported hearing the same falling or moving sound during initial walk through.

Terry reported feeling a cob web type feeling, several times during the night.


7 08PM 2 whispers

7 13PM whisper

7 36PM tobacco whisper

7 53PM connection to Lena

7 57PM who is this talking


how many is here spiritbox two

its hard

shortkid voice

spiritbox answer to becky

spiritbox hello

spiritbox nobody here

spiritbox reply to message

spiritbox you got me



whisper bedroom


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