Private Home Investigation Geneseo, Illinois February 2012

Mississippi Valley Paranormal was contacted by a family, in Geneseo, with claims of unexplained paranormal activity that they wanted investigated further.

Some of the claims included feeling like being tapped on the shoulder, being punched on the shoulder, feeling like someone was sitting on the bed, sound of dishes or something moving in the kitchen, tv turning off and on, door opening on its own, sound of footsteps, shadow appearing in upstairs window, light being on in upstairs window and no one being up there, and hearing voices.

MVP members Becky, Steve, Terry and Chris listened to the claims and were taken on a walk through of the home before the home owner left the residence for the investigation to begin.

Cameras were set up and recorders and cell sensor placed in various areas of the home in hopes of validating or debunking the claims that were made. The team started out with a group EVP session in the lower level basement area. During this time various noises were heard and some unexplained voices that seem to have been caught on audio. Team members also reported seeing shadow movement.  Team then split up and concentrated on the other levels of the home.

Throughout the night the team seemed to experience unexplained noises, shadows, and voices.  We were hoping we would be able to validate them when reviewing audio, and indeed some of them were caught. The house seemed to be fairly calm and quiet while we were there, but we all know that doesn’t always  tell the story as to what might be going on.


Becky and Steve– did hear a disembodied voice that seemed to have started to speak while in the living room and this was caught on audio. Becky also heard a jingling type sound that was caught on audio, while up in the parents bedroom.

Terry– Thought I saw movement up in living room from basement

Heard a voice twice in the basement.

Could have sworn the office door moved a few times when I was alone in there.

Heard several unknown noises when upstairs

Chris– Not a lot of personal experiences,heard a few unexplained noises. Thought I saw a shadow movement upstairs from the basement.

Steve– Seeing shadow movement in the upstairs hallway from the basement.



7 35PM faint whispers upstairs all of us in basement

7 36PM faint whisper upstairs all of us in basement

8 03PM loud whisper upstairs all of us downstairs

8 10PM loud whisper upstairs then Tommy’s turn all are downstairs

8 36PM noise I heard that no one else heard

8 39PM high pitch noise Becky heard(1)

8 48PM humming just after I said how quiet it was in there

9 01PM whistle response

9 12PM Whistle response


growly sound and shhhh





very faint female voice geneseo



Geneseo home knock with mad sigh2





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