Private Home Investigation Aledo, Illinois

On February 25th three members of MVP set off to Aledo to investigate the claims of activity in a home there.  Shortly before setting out on this we had learned that a blessing had been performed by a Catholic priest and it was believed that the entity had been pushed out of the house into the backyard.  We had arrived in Aledo at about 6:00 PM, and decided to eat at a local restaurant and go over the claims.  Claims included a statuette that was said to turn on it’s own, footsteps, bangs and knocks, being touched, and a black mass shadow with a purple outline that was seen at the top of the basement steps.  The sighting of the apparition is what made the client seek out a house blessing.

     After the client interview the team prepared to investigate the home.  But since a house blessing had been performed and due to the client’s religious beliefs we were not allowed to perform EVP sessions as we normally would as she felt that it would be inviting whatever had been pushed out back in.  So we had just set out digital recorders and sat listening and feeling out the surroundings.  The team had a few personal experiences to report, but not much came out in audio or photographs.  Here are their experiences.
Diana:  I can’t say I had any except for the knocking on the patio door while we were sitting at the dining room table in the kitchen. I heard several “knocks” coming from the patio door, but other than that, I didn’t experience anything.
Becky:  While sitting in the dining room, I witnessed a knocking sound coming from the area of the patio, several times.
Steve:  Out of all of us I think I had the most to report as far as experiences.  I just happened to be sitting in a chair at the dining room table that was infamous for experienced activity.  While the client was explaining the claims of activity, I noticed a 7 degree temperature drop that was recorded on my MEL meter.  It was clearly colder where I was sitting, giving me goose bumps.  I had felt this exactly 5 minutes before the client had mentioned feeling cold spots while sitting in the chair I was sitting in.  I had not let on to anyone what had just taken place.  Also while the client was talking about the blessing that had taken place in the home, I had heard several knocks coming from the sliding glass patio door.  They kept getting louder and the last of the knocks was heard by all of us.  I had also been touched on several occasions while sitting in this chair.  Once poked in the back, touched on the hand, touched on the leg, and something brushed my left shoulder and bumped a small stand next to me.  I could feel it walk around my chair.  I had some odd feelings near an Easter display, kind of like a heavy nauseous feeling.  The chair I was sitting in was not antique, just happened to be in an area that was hot with activity.
Conclusion:  At this time it is difficult to tell if activity experienced is paranormal or not due to the lack of audio evidence.  Most of what happened there was chalked up to personal experience.  We believe there may still be a presence in the home of some sort.  The blessing may have weakened whatever may have been there, but not sure if it had been completely pushed out.  The case status is still open and may need future investigation if the client allows.  There were a few audio clips caught and are as follows.






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