Private home investigation Erie, Illinois March 2012

On March 10th, 2012 5 members of MVP visited a home in Erie, IL which was claimed to be experiencing paranormal activity.  The family had experienced several occurrences over the years in which they lived there, as well as others who had visited or lived in the home.  The team met at a small restaurant in Erie to eat and discuss the case.  At 7:00PM the team arrived at the home and met with the clients for a tour and to discuss their claims of activity.  A photograph had been submitted to the team by the client before the investigation that seemed to show some kind of image that formed in the bathroom mirror, and upon arrival it was claimed that the same image was just seen the previous day on the stove top.  But through inspection it is believed that the photo may just be the result of the matrixing of smudges on the mirror.  Matrixing is a phenomenon in which the brain can take visual patterns or aural sounds and convert them into pictures or words that the brain can comprehend.  Common examples of matrixing are the popular optical illusions we used to see in school science books, or maybe the magic eye posters that were popular for a while.  It was also learned that it was believed by the clients that the activity may stem from a fire that had engulfed a home that was next door to the property, in which an entire family had died with the exception of one male child who to this day still has the burn scars on his arms and face.  This fire was reported to have taken place in 1979, and an old newspaper was found in the clients’ home told the whole gruesome story.

Claims include, hearing footsteps walking up and down the basement steps, the sighting of the images in the bathroom mirror and stove top, the sighting of a mist or shadow crossing the living room and disappearing into the wall, bangs, electrical interference, etc…  After the tour and discussion of claims, the clients left the home for the evening and the team prepared equipment and took pre-investigation readings of EMF/TEMP.  The team then split into two groups.  Terry, Steve, and Erik went to the basement while Stephanie and Chris went to the upper level of the home.  This put a dead floor between the two groups in a way to prevent as much noise contamination as possible.  While in the basement Terry, Steve, and Erik heard what sounded like footsteps coming from above, however this was later debunked as the footsteps of Steph and Chris on the upper floor being heard through duct work.  This was a possible explanation for one of the claims made.  Eerie feelings in the basement were another claim.  The basement lighting was kind of wired strange by a former owner of the home who was an amateur ham radio operator.  However no unusually high levels of EMF were detected in the basement that could debunk eerie feelings.  No unusual activity was experienced in the basement by the first team, in fact it was rather quiet.  The team then met once again on the main level of the home and were ready to switch out positions.  Steve had gone to get his flashlight from his bag which was in the living room when he suddenly felt a wave of static electricity that left the hair on his arm and neck standing on end.  So at this time we felt it necessary to do an EVP and spirit-box session in this room.  Several responses came over the spirit-box, including a reference to the fire which happened over 3 decades ago.  Also in sync with these replies a K2 meter that had been placed on a chair had started to respond to questioning.  After activity ceased, the team once again split, this time Terry. Erik, and Steve in the upper level of the home, Steph and Chris in the basement.  Once again fairly quiet with the exception of a bang or two and a possible footstep being heard.  We concluded the investigation at this point.

After evidence review there were a few EVPs caught which are as follows this report.  It is concluded that there is some possible paranormal activity happening within the home.  As to who or what is causing such activity still remains a mystery.  Future investigations would be warranted at the clients’ permission or need.  Personal experiences are as follows.

Steve- As I was entering the living room to grab a flashlight, I felt a wave of static electricity go past me as if I had walked through something or something walked through me.  All of the hairs on the back of my neck and arms were standing on end.  I believe there is video footage of this event.  The best way I can describe the feeling is like putting your arm next to the screen of a TV set that is turned on.


Erik and Stephanie reported no experiences

Chris had heard a footstep and a bang while in the basement and in the upper level of the home.

Terry on several occasions had seen what looked like a light source coming from a back bedroom, also claimed to have seen a shadow pass Steve when he felt the static.  Also reported to have seen a small shadow about the size of a shoe move across the floor.

Audio and video evidence is as follows:

a bang erie home

anyone here No

female voice 1 erie home

fire fireman

footstep Erie home

possible response erie home

spirit box please help me

spiritbox i love you

thump or footstep erie home

voice behind ours erie

weird noise erie home

whisper basement erie




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