Private Home Rock Island Illinois

On April 14th, 2012 MVP returned to a home in Rock Island for a
second investigation.  Several EVPs were caught in this home before,
and shadows were seen.  The investigation started with two teams
including the client.  One team in the basement and the other
upstairs.  During set-up Steve heard what sounded like a whisper in
the spare bedroom.  Also a flashlight that was placed in the bedroom
seemed to light up on command, but vibration could have set this off
as well.  An EVP session was held in this bedroom immediately, but no
further occurrences happened at this time.  The team in the basement
experienced no activity as well.  A spirit box session was held in the
living room yielding a few seemingly intelligent responses.  A K2
meter was also placed in the living room as well and seemed to receive
hits when the spirit box was responding.  During this session Terry was
in the hallway and felt as if something brushed by his face, so he
took a photo.  A strange white mass was caught in the photo, and has
yet to be debunked.  The teams switched places, held EVP and spirit box
sessions but no further responses or activity were caught or
experienced.  The home seemed to be not quite as active this time, but
a few EVPs were caught.  We still believe that there may be some
activity happening in the home but it is sporadic.  If there is an
intelligent spirit, it seems to be friendly and not out to cause any

Audio is as follows:

9 06PM whisper



i’m here

spiritbox chris

what is your name